Jarrod Johnson for Heisman!

by BearlyCoherent

One year ago today (coincidence?!? I think not)…Sports Illustrated introduced one of the greatest quarterback’s in Texas A&M history to the nation

Since that time, he lead his team to a 6-7 record in 2009, a crushing bowl loss defeat and has turned the ball over 13 times in the last 6 quarters of play.

Here are a few photos of his performance tonight in Stillwater. The photoshop contest starts here…

Option 1

Click to Enlarge - JJ for Heisman!! - Admiring his 3rd turnover of the game against OSU

Option 2

Click to Enlarge - Jarrod Johnson for Heisman with a seat on the 40 yard line @ OSU

Option 3

Click to Enlarge - Identify the guy that made this happen

Submit your caption ideas and farked photos to photos@theebears.com to get them loaded up on the blog.

One last photo from our friends on baylorfans.com

Click to Enlarge

Here are a few pictures that were submitted on www.orangepower.com. Greatness!

Click to Enlarge - Witness to the Hindenberg

Click to Enlarge - Witnessing the Signing of the Declaration of Independence

Click to Enlarge - Witnessing the Greatest College Football Hire in History!

Click to Enlarge - Witnessing Moses and the 10 Commandments of Baylor Tailgating

Click to Enlarge - Some Jedi Night Council Thingy

Click to Enlarge - A view from the grassy knoll

Click to Enlarge - One small step towards the Heisman

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September 30th, 2010 at 9:56 pm

We’re Famous!!

by admin

TheeBears.com is finally on Alexa!!! Our parents are so proud….

Suck it website #17,146,579! TheeBears.com kicks your a$$!!!

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September 29th, 2010 at 8:01 am

Notable Notes: 9-28

by Chucky

A few interesting tid-bits of info before the Kansas game from Thee Bears’ forced labor camp:

  • - Briles’ career record is 45-45 going into this game
  • - Last time we played Kansas was in 2007 @ Lawrence and they won 58-10 (damn we sucked that year: 3-9)
  • - Besides the beat down in Ft. Worth, our defense has only given up 1 TD
  • - The Stork’s next Field Goal will match last year’s total
  • - Griffin has 3 of our 4 rushing TDs
  • - Ganaway is averaging 7.8 yards per carry and Jay Finley is averaging 5.6 (I like this duo)
  • - Kendal Wright, Josh Gordon, and Terrance Williams are turning into RGIII’s favorite trio
  • - Willie Jefferson is scoring a touchdown on 100% of his catches
  • - Our offense is surprisingly close to balanced in non-conference: 126 rush & 137 pass
  • - Return men should fear Ben Parks’ tackling abilities
  • - Mikail Baker caught a pass in Baylor’s 36-35 win at Thee Floyd in 2006

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September 28th, 2010 at 3:38 pm

Kendall Wright – Rise Up!

by TheeJack

One of my favorite players…

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September 27th, 2010 at 9:40 pm

Will they go quietly or will they put up a fight? Re-cap of Bears vs Hoots

by TheeJack

The initial question in the title of the post was something this crazed Baylor football fan (ya gotta be crazy, right?!?) wanted answered on Saturday night. After putting the game which shall not be spoken behind us, I was anxious to see how our boys reacted.

While it’s tough to say we learned too much from the game Saturday night, given the competition level, I believe we can at least say this team is definitely not all hat and no cattle.

While this team appeared to be ready and waiting to smash someone in the mouth, which they did, early and often, to start the game, they played with no more discipline than they’ve played with in many, many seasons.


Baylor currently ranks 116th out of 120 in penalties per game averaging 9 per for 82.3 yards per. That said, we improved on both of those averages against Rice with only 7 flaggings for 65 yards. To be fair, we burned more timeouts in the first quarter than I believe I’ve ever seen a Div-1 team burn to void another 2 penalties. Danny Watkins had an obligatory hold, we had a false start, a couple of pass interferences and a delay of game. One penalty was called to try to make more room for our stud field goal kicker, “The Stork”, which was not accepted – he nailed it anyway…suck it Coach Bailiff.

Special Teams

Aaron Jones looked good again with just one miss. I actually have confidence this kid will put it through the uprights, but frankly, we left a lot of points on the field and gave him too many opportunities to practice. He continues to prove to be an asset that we haven’t had in a while.

Ben Parks had yet another tackle on a kick off. This one was negated by a penalty on Rice and was brought back. However, this is another disturbing trend which I haven’t yet seen improve under the Briles regime. Kudos to Parks for being willing to stick his nose in when he has to.

Statistic I found mathematically impossible to believe – Rice has not returned a kickoff for a touchdown in 26 years (since 1984) and last did it against Baylor. As many times as they’ve been scored against in those 26 years, you would think someone, someway, somehow could have scored a TD. You’d be wrong.


ALERT! ALERT! Shocking statistic about the be published. ALERT! ALERT!
Baylor is #12 in the nation in 3rd down conversion defense through 4 games. What’s hilarious though is that Florida International is #1 in the nation thanks to A&M’s at times inept offense.

What I saw before the rain delay, was a team that was flying around and looking for someone to hit hard. This eased up a bit as we built a lead, but hopefully it’s a precursor of things to come against improved competition.

I was hoping for another game where we didn’t give up a TD, but the prevent prevented that from happening as the Owls scored at the 4:14 mark of the 4th quarter. Maybe that was our thank you to Rice for them letting us have their spot in the Big 12.

Our secondary also did a better job of hanging on to the ball netting two interceptions.

Finally, our defense managed 3 sacks on Fanuzzi and put pretty solid pressure on him for much of the game.


RGIII took a step forward in backing up his Tim Tebow like words Saturday night. He had one interception, his 2nd of the year. Hey Grif, if you want to compare yourself to a Heisman candidate QB such as Jerod Johnson down in College Station, he through twice that many in 1 game. Actually that one game for him equaled your career total. And they say you aren’t an accurate passer.

Regardless, Grif completed 71% of his passes for 268 yards and ran it for 50. He should give Denard Robinson a call and talk to him about how it really isn’t that important that you lead the NCAA in rushing as a QB.

The overall attack was tipped towards the run with 37 rushes compared to 28 passes. We wanted to establish the run early and did so, averaging 5.1 ypc. Ganaway had 8 carries for 79 yards, mostly in mop up duty.

Kendall Wright had another solid performance (let’s not talk about the fumble. I’m blaming that on the rain) racking up 7 receptions for 106 yards. Josh Gordon also showed his speed and soft hands hauling in a 46 hard TD pass that Griffin put right on the money.

General thoughts and comparison to last year’s pre-conference

This year we’ve scored 108 points and give up 67. Last year, we scored 145 (aided by 68 points against Northwestern St.) and gave up 79). I’d like to think we’re saving some things for conference when the games really matter, but let’s face it, for where our program is, they all matter.

It seems we generally stall out on offense around 34 points under Briles. We left a lot of points on the board but I’m chalking much of that up to RGIII’s rust. Hopefully the past few games have helped the team develop a rhythm and get their timing down. We need to start strong (something we generally did in every game but TCU), but also come out of halftime strong as well. I’m not sure we did that in any game this season thus far.

When it’s all said and done, we are right where I expected us to be, 3-1. I expected more fight in the TCU game, but in a weird twist of events, that game may prove the impetus to help fuel our players to fight for that extra yard, hit a little bit harder and play with a little more pride than they will the rest of the season had it not went down the day it did.

We sustained a few injuries to key players (Tracy Robertson, as well as Odom and Bryan). Those guys are going to be missed while they get healed up.

The Big 12 is clearly down this year and the key question is, have we made any improvements relative to the general decline. The next 4 weeks are CRITICAL to this program and the future of Baylor athletics as a whole. We have to lay the groundwork by making a bowl this year and we’re still on target for my prediction of 7-5. If I had a mulligan though, after the first 4 games, I’d probably revise that prediction down.

For now, at least, it seems this team will go down swinging regardless…

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September 27th, 2010 at 9:23 pm

Big12 Box Score Recap

by Chucky

Where I spent 15 minutes looking at the box scores of our future opponents and make unwarranted assumptions about games I probably did not watch…

Wouldn’t it be something if our Bears could win the last Big-12 championship game? If there ever were a season for Baylor to not suck, it would be now.

The conference looks very down this season compared to previous years. It seems to have no clear direction from top to bottom. (however, the bottom is staring right at you Colorado)

UCLA 34 @ UT 12

WTF?!? UCLA had a total of 27 effing yards through the air. 27!!! The UT defense gave up 264 on the ground. UT also had 5 turnovers (4 fumbles and 1 INT).

New Mexico St 16 @ Kansas 42

Great job defeating one of the worst teams in all of college football. You did amass 501 yards of total offense which is somewhat impressive. What did Turner Gill did with all the player’s cell phones after they turned them in? Text recruits?

Texas Tech

Off this week. However, they did have tortilla practice at the stadium.


Off this week. PAC-10 is still trying to figure out how the return policy works.

UCF 13 @ Kansas State 17

KState had to come from behind and win on their home turf. Like the Baylor game at Rice, there was a 90 minute rain delay, which is probably why UCF ran for 252 yards of rushing.

OK State

Off this week. I can’t wait for Coach Hair Gel to host Coach Long Sleeves this season.

Texas A&M

Off this week. No different then the previous weeks…

Oklahoma 31 @ Cincinnati 29

OU tried to lose this in the 4th quarter by giving up 17 points in the last 15 minutes. The OU defense recovered 3 fumbles and 1 INT. Landry Jones was 36-51 for 370 yards. OU had a very Baylor-esque stat: 13 penalties for 113 yards.

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September 26th, 2010 at 10:31 pm

Killing Time During the Rain Delay – Defensive Alignment vs Rice – Drive 1

by BearlyCoherent

Here’s a look at our defensive alignment on 10 plays of Rice’s first drive. At a minimum, it generally looks like we’re playing a little closer to the defender when the ball is snapped:

Play 1 - Click to Enlarge

Play 2 - Click to Enlarge

Play 3 - Click to Enlarge

Play 4 - Click to Enlarge

Play 5 - Click to Enlarge

Play 6 - Click to Enlarge

Play 7 - Click to Enlarge

Play 8 - Click to Enlarge

Play 9 - Click to Enlarge

Play 10 - Click to Enlarge

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September 25th, 2010 at 8:26 pm

Baylor 2010 Opponents Week 3 Re-Cap

by BearlyCoherent

Ok so this is late. Unfortunately, I’ve just now mustered up the strength to post something after that display of defense last Saturday that looked like the French surrendering to the Germans in World War II. Grant Teaff had to be rolling over in his office at the American Football Coaches Association after that display. I really hope he and Scott Norwood (or is it Brian?) went to lunch this week and had a nice heart to heart about DEFENSE.

Everyone has a bad game every now and then and I will continue to offer my steadfast support to this Baylor team (mainly because I love self-flagellation), but someone needs to get this team to show us something, on both sides of the ball, to keep us interested heading into conference. (since I can find a silver lining in most every situation, we apparently have a pretty darned good field goal kicker – thank you Aaron Jones – we at TheeBears salute you).

Back to the task at hand. It’s been a baby step process for me since Saturday to dig myself out of depression and hopefully our players have fared much better. They have a great opportunity this weekend to prove to Rice that we deserved the Big 12 invite instead of them.

Maybe Briles had a pep talk like this ready for them when they got back to Waco:

So how did the remainder of our schedule fare this past week:

Rice (1-2, 0-2 @ home) lost 30-13 to Northwestern

– Not the state school from Louisiana. Northwestern is 3-0 and beat up on Vanderbilt 23-21. Vanderbilt has one win this year against Ole Miss. Rice was down 27-3 at one point in the 3rd quarter.

This week: Baylor

Kansas (1-2, 0-1 away) blown out by Southern Miss

– Well the Turner Gill era is off to one hell of a rollercoaster ride. After knocking up top 25 Georgia Tech after an aggy like loss to North Dakota State in week 1, you really expected more from Kansas. Luckily, in this case, the trend is our friend and we get Kansas on one of their down slopes of their roller coaster ride.

This week: New Mexico State (nothing like playing a team from New Mexico to cure what ails ya. I sure wish we could get either of their teams on our schedule, but they’re typically too busy playing Texas Tech and Texas A&M every year to make time for us).

Texas Tech (2-1) lost to Texas 24-14

– Texas’ offense looks pedestrian. Texas Tech’s offense looks worse. Potts left the game early with what appeared to be an injury to his throwing hand. Maybe the QB carousel will find its way back to Lubbock this season as they work to implement the Tubberville system. If you like turnovers, this was a turnover extravaganza..not as bad as this, but you get the point:

For now, Mike Sherman’s Big 12 conference winning percentage is higher than Tubbs. (statue to be erected soon in College Station on taxpayer dime)

This week: @ Iowa State

Colorado (2-1, 1-0 @ home) wins against Hawaii 31-13

– Man does Hawaii miss June Jones or what?!? Not as much as Dan Hawkins misses Boise St though I bet. Colorado was down 10-0 and then finally got things going. I’ve already spent too much time writing about the 2010 Colorado Buffs. My apologies for inefficient use of internet bandwidth.

This week: Georgia – ouch

Kansas State (3-0) beats Iowa St 27-20

– This was was nip and tuck all game with K-State eeking it out in an epic Big 12 North battle. I sure can’t wait until we get to play all the North teams every year.

This week: UCF

Texas won 24-14 @ Texas Tech

– See the Tech writeup above. UT’s defense looks salty.

This week: UCLA

Oklahoma State (3-0, 3-0 home) wins easily against Tulsa

– Not much to say about OSU so far. They are 3-0 against a pre-conference slate that even a MWC team would be embarrassed about (Washington State, Troy, Tulsa with U La La waiting in the wings).

This week: OFF (plenty of time to prepare for Heisman lock Jerod Johnson next week)

Texas A&M (3-0, 3-0 @ home) wins 27-20 against Florida International (0-2)

– I’ve been looking forward to this little write up for several days now. The fail was strong here my friends. Just when you thought you were never going to enjoy college football again after our loss on Saturday, an aggy game kicks off. Yes that aggy team down in College Station. The Fanny Mae of college football. Constantly imploding and under-performing more than any institution of its size and financial means than any college institution in the country. Could they really lose to FIU? They’re supposed to compete for the Big 12 South title, right?

This game required A&M to reel off 21 unanswered 4th quarter points to seal this win and keep Jerod Johnson’s Heisman hopes alive (he again threw more picks in a single game than Robert Griffin has in his entire career by throwing 4 and was 11-31 passing). Seriously, has this guy beaten any top 50 teams while running the offense at Texas A&M? He’s following right in Reggie McNeill’s footsteps in the long line of solid Texas A&M Heisman candidate QB’s. Traditions run deep down there we hear.

Click to expand

The Shermanator had visions of Arkansas State floating through his head until he un-tucked his shirt and got his boys to get after it in the 4th quarter.

This hire is still one of the most amazing in college football history, but like any great government institution, he is un-fireable and will be around for ever as the aggy’s work to get other coaches not still coaching there off the payroll.

This week: OFF preparing for Okie State. Let’s hope they don’t have access to the FIU film. Could be a long day for the ags.

Oklahoma wins @ home against Air Foce 27-24

– Air Force mounted a comeback after being down 27-10 but came up just short. Air Force rushed for over 350 yards and threw it for 107 against the OU defense. Lots of nervous Boomer Sooners (why does that fight song only have 2 words?) in the stands on Saturday.

This week: @ Cincinatti

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September 23rd, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Bears vs. Hooters

by BearlyCoherent

Thee Bears hope to put their atrocious offense defense everything behind them and gain some confidence before heading into conference.

This game will be a good indicator of where the team is emotionally. Does this team and coaching staff have it in them to bounce back?

Rice started the season by going toe-to-toe with Texas for the first 15 minutes of the game, but were over powered and lost 34-17. While it was a close first half, UT was in the driver’s seat in the 2nd half. They then beat North Texas 32-31 and lost to Northwestern 30-13. On paper they look to be somewhere between Buffalo and TcU. :) I love text smiley faces.

They will be lead by Nick Fanuzzi at QB who has only 1 TD on the year and 2 INTs.

It does not appear that they have a primary back just yet, but Tyler Smith and Sam McGuffie will receive most of the carries.

Nick’s favorite receiver is Luke Wilson and McGuffie out of the backfield. And while I am sure all the other receivers are fine people, they really are irrelevant in football statistics.

An interesting note is that on the season they have 103 passing attempts and 104 rushing attempts, so either they are very balanced or they suck at both.


Reasons for Concern
Thee Bears are coming off an ass stompin’. Can they rebound from that and win handily, or will they be as emotionally volatile as my ex girlfriend?

Norwood will still be the defensive coordinator, and he will insist on giving receivers a 10 yard cushion.

Why Thee Bears will Win

They were embarrassed last week, and lost many, many fans – especially the band wagoners. They need a GREAT showing to gain momentum and fan support going into conference. If they want 40k at The Floyd next week, they will show up and play. If they want 20k, they will win by 7 or less and/or lose.

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September 22nd, 2010 at 9:52 am

Nebraska, Colorado come to terms with the Big 12

by BearlyCoherent

It was announced on 9/21 that Nebraska and Colorado had come to financial terms on when they will leave the Big 12 and how much it will cost each institution.

In the end, a compromise was made as both sides’ lawyers preferred settling out of court as opposed to taking their chances with interpretations of the law (remember 99% of lawyers give 1% a bad name).

Colorado has been rumored to have a payment plan from the Big 12 as well as a government bail out to help the 420 crowd up in Boulder manage their financial ineptitude and allow their woeful athletics program (kick ass ski team notwithstanding – 16 natty championships…a little respect please) to arrive in the PAC10/12 on time – (Baylor football program, don’t let me down on our road trip here in a couple of weeks).

We should note the joyful, open arms with which the existing PAC-10 members await Colorado (heyzuuuus, that was one ugly shotgun wedding…buyers’ remorse much?!?).


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September 22nd, 2010 at 1:03 am