Bears Ranked #21 in the BCS and #22 in Latest Coaches and AP Polls

by TheeJack

Let’s keep this train rolling!

#21 in the BCS after Week 9

#22 in the USA Today Coaches Poll

#22 in the AP Poll

BCS Standings will be updated around 630 CST tonight…

Here’s a few highlights of the #22 Bears’ victory over Texas. With our recent domination of Texas in Men’s Basketball and this win, it’s starting to feel almost Teaff-like where beating Texas just isn’t that big a deal anymore. Great win Bears!

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October 31st, 2010 at 12:10 pm

Un-BU-Lievable!!!!! BEARS WIN! BEARS WIN!

by admin

Well only unbelievable to people who don’t follow this Baylor Bears program. Amazing effort by the defense, the offense and special teams overcome many obstacles all night long. Recruiting treasures abound from a win like this.

What a great time to be a BAYLOR BEAR!

So, here’s what just happened:

Thee Past

Congratulations on having your number retired on BAYLOR NIGHT Colt…

What’s that, 3 in a row Mack?

Thee Present

Thee Future

Sic ‘em Bears!

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October 30th, 2010 at 10:02 pm

UT Halftime Review (Darryl K) ROYAL Screwing – aka Safety Gate

by admin

Well here at, we’ve been watching Baylor and Big 12 football for a long time. We know what it takes to beat UT and the refs. We’ve seen it in basketball for years as Scott Drew basically had to pound Ricky Barnes into submission by 20 points so the refs couldn’t hand UT opportunity after opportunity to win the game.

Unfortunately folks, this is all about money and the NCAA doesn’t make much money if Baylor is walking into DKR and putting a beat down on the Longhorns.

That said, here is just a few of the plays we’d like to point out that gifted a total of 6 points to the sips (great job DEFENSE in keeping them out of the endzone):

The No Call Leg Whip

This was on the first fumble by Robert Griffin. Aren’t Heisman candidate QB’s supposed to get preferential treatment? Or even a fair shake in keeping them safe and healthy? Apparently only if you play at OU or UT (since A&M has never had a Heisman caliber QB, they wouldn’t know anything about this). Let’s go to the tape:

Here’s Briles after conferring with the officials and, as you can see, he’s jubilant. I mean, c’mon, there’s video evidence and stuff (and I’m not talking JFK Zapruder file style evidence). We’re talking many angles, high definition, more technology than it took to put a man on the moon. Great job on special teams men, we’re either getting a safety or the ball at the 1.

Ok let’s take a look at the UT player, after possessing the ball, after attempting to run it out of the end zone, after Mike Hicks tackles him and he goes down (in other words, wasn’t taking a knee):

Is he down? Is he taking a knee?

How about now?

Nope…Still not down. No knee has contacted the ground (or any part of his lower half for that matter because he knows if he goes down, he’s in the end zone and SCREWED – you know, that safety thingy.

And one last look just before the ball contacts the ground, AFTER BEING TACKLED IN THE END ZONE, and no part of his lower body is down and the football is still not out of the end zone.

That, my friends, is a text book safety and Baylor legitimately gets screwed by the officiating crew hell bent on making sure UT doesn’t lose 3 in a row at home for the first time since FDR was president.

Here’s the video:

Also, we’ve set the over / under on Personal Fouls against Baylor at 4 for the game. Surprisingly, there’s only been 1 so far on a “late hit” by Antonio Johnson.

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October 30th, 2010 at 8:06 pm

Weekly BUBE: Texas Horns

by Chucky

This week’s Bear University Blog Exchange (BUBE) is with the kind folk over at

Update: check out our answers to their questions at BurntOrangeNation.

1) The transfer of quarterback leadership was pretty seamless over the past decade or so (Applewhite–>Simms–>VY–>McCoy). What happened with the transfer of leadership to Gilbert?

Well, he’s a first-year starter, so it’s a little premature to be calling him a failure or anything like that, but things are not going well, obviously. As I wrote this week, however, it’s not that Gilbert is awful; he’s in an awful situation. Our coaches decided to adopt a “new identity” on offense this year, and then proceeded to do nothing to develop it. We have a poor conception of what we want to be, and an even poorer ability to make attempts to execute the ideas. One week after seemingly turning a corner in Lincoln, we devolve to a mess of an approach against Iowa State, chucking the ball 50 times en route to scoring 6 points through three quarters. Gilbert’s in an awful situation, and it’s not his fault that he’s performing awfully. We recruited a kid who is good at running a certain kind of offense, but not only are we not running that kind of offense, we’re not running anything coherent at all.

2) Your offense is averaging 358yds/game passing and 136yds/game rushing, which is not dismal by any means. Are the 11 fumbles and 8 interceptions the sole basis for your losses, or are there deeper issues with this year’s team?

Total yards don’t tell you anything useful. More insightful are per-play metrics, and yes, they’re dismal. Texas is averaging 5.1 yards per play, 84th in the nation. We’re averaging 6.1 yards per attempt, 101st in the nation. And we’re averaging 4.0 yards per rush, 71st in the nation. Turnovers are a problem, but it’s a mistake to think of this offense as high functioning but for the turnovers. We’re both bad and turnover-prone.

3) I have heard a few Horn fans state that Mack is losing his edge and should step aside for Muschamp at the end of the season (very narrow-sited in my opinion). Do you think this is the general feeling of the fan base, or are most fans keeping Mack’s accomplishments in perspective?

Mack Brown is beloved and appreciated. The question is whether he has it in him to evolve. Throughout his career, he has done just that, and regardless of whether he should have done something about Greg Davis sooner, the fanbase rightly thinks that if he intends to keep coaching, he needs to make another big change – this time at offensive coordinator. If he’s unwilling to do that, well, I think a lot of fans will be disappointed to the point of wishing he’d just hand things off to Muschamp.

4) Are you concerned that Muschamp will bolt to Georgia if Richt is fired at the end of the season?

As I wrote on Wednesday, my concern is tied to how Mack Brown handles this disaster. If he handles it poorly, then the answer is yes: I’ll be concerned. It’s too soon to speculate much beyond that.

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October 29th, 2010 at 1:53 pm – Why?

by TheeJack

TheeJack was looking for a little inspiration for our next post after a demoralizing Rangers loss tonight. And I thought it would be great to give our fan (thanks Grandma) exactly what you asked for: Why do we blog?

Many of you are probably sitting there in your mom’s basement, opening invitations to your 20th high school reunion, while surfing (originally named, but it was already taken) saying, “Duh! It’s for the chicks!”.

I cannot lie, has made us bigger celebrities than we had ever dreamed, to the point that a KOT pledge wish he had our game. The Mansion is dripping with more talent than Ekpe Udoh’s yacht. However, we had a higher calling.

While I’m thinking about it, we would like to point out that the very year launches, Baylor goes to a bowl. We’re not asking for much credit or recognition here. We get all the recognition we want in the VIP at the Showtime club. We’re just making a statement of fact and the facts don’t lie:

2010 – is born
2010 – Baylor makes a bowl

Coincidence? We think not.

Art Briles, K*, Ian, Ann Richards…no need to thank us.

Back to our higher calling. Honestly, we know you don’t give a crap about that, so I’ll wrap it up with this. The fact is, we do this for you.

As a special thank you, the first 10 people that respond to this post will receive 10% off your next purchase at (not applicable towards limited edition signed “Chucky FatHead” – see image below).

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October 27th, 2010 at 11:20 pm

Conversation with UT football player

by Chucky

Exclusive conversation between Thee Bears and an anonymous, former & current UT football player (somehow it is the same player):

WTF Baylor?!? This is supposed to be a week off for us Longhorns. But nooooooo apparently you have decided to be relevant again. That means that Mack Daddy is actually making us practice this week. The last 10 years or so, he gave us the entire week off before playing Baylor. (Some donors and I were going to go on a trail ride too, so screw that idea)

Seriously, I’m not kidding. We did NOTHING the week before Baylor. That was Mack’s way of challenging us when we played you guys. He would say “if we practice, it will just be completely unfair, so I want you guys to go out and do whatever you want, but do NOT touch a football. I’ve already made arrangements with the county jail, and you guys have nothing to worry about.” Now that gravy train is over. Thanks a lot butt holes.

Also, listen up Bears, you better not beat us. If you do, Mack will go all Ricky Barnes on you. Coach Briles will not want to cross Coach Brown’s line (or Little Ricky’s line for that matter). The New York Times will run all sorts of negative articles against you, and make up all sorts of nasty rumors about you (cheating, shady recruiting, etc.). Which of course is why we did not get RGIII (damnit!).

Anyway, thanks for nothing, and I hope that at least Briles will be kind enough to make a place on his shoulder for Mack’s head if you do win.

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October 26th, 2010 at 2:00 pm

Coveted 6th win: check

by TheeJack

A performance as epic as Katy Perry’s SNL performance.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier than the Texas F’n Rangers making it to the World Series, the Baylor Bears ended their bowl eligibility drought and currently sit atop the Big 12 South standings after week 8 of the season. (cue the comments please and the crying. I like how your tears taste: “the Big 12 is sooo down this year” and “the Big 12 is only good if Texas, Oklahoma or Nebraska are on top” and the New York Times articles about “Baylor Cheats and none of the Big 12 coaches like Art Briles” – oh wait wrong sport and coach).

Oh, did I also mention that, on a totally unrelated note, Scott Drew just got commitments on Thursday from 2 of the top players in North F’n Carolina? (somewhere Rick Barnes clutches binky and weeps and an aggy’s head explodes).

So yeah, we won on Saturday. We won by 5 and it should have been 30 (details below). The defense still has concerns, but they did just good enough to help us win 47-42. (and they did just good enough to ensure I won my $$$ on my bet!). Grown men wept in the stands and I heard at least 3 kids at Hillcrest were coincidentally named Robert Griffin IV.

Let’s break it down…

Offense: A

Ok so we scored 47 points. We could have easily scored 65 and won by 30 (yes, KState was gifted a touchdown when they didn’t get flagged for delay of game) if we could somehow manage to not get personal fouls for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct with 1st and goal inside the 10 and if the officials could understand the meaning of “ground can’t cause a fumble”.

Most certainly said officials received their associates degree from *insert name of any large state school degree mill here” and want to somehow stick it to Baylor for the limited career upside they have experienced from said shoddy education. We better in no way demonstrate emotion for any great play we make against UT next weekend or we will be put “in our appropriate Baylor place” repeatedly at the cost of 15 yards (signalling first down? 15 yard penalty? should we do it? no. pathetic? yes – eventually one of the top 5 offenses in America will garner a little respect, but for now, the world still thinks we’re “Same Ol’ Baylor”).

We’re glad 2008 Jay Finley is back for the second week in a row! I thought for sure he was going to go over 300 for the day but we started to try to burn clock in the 4th quarter and he probably wants to save some for the hated, arrogant Horns next Saturday. (hahahahah – Iowa State – hahahahaha. Too bad their marketing campaign with Mack Brown didn’t work last week. Would have loved for that to have been a sellout).

Defense: B

For weeks now, I’ve been lobbying for Baylor to get to play two second halfs on Saturday instead of the usual first half followed by the second half. For some reason, we’re night and day when looking at things half by half.

I’m in a state of confusion here as far as how to grade the Defense. On one hand, we held one of the best running backs in the country to 113 yards (ok maybe that’s not much to hang your hat on) but he only had 19 yards in the second half.

We sacked their QB (I can’t remember his name now because he wallows in obscurity somewhere in the forgotten wasteland of a state known as Kansas) 4 times. That’s solid.

We also gave up 21 points in the second half, but let’s look behind the numbers. The first TD was a Special Teams nightmare we were all expecting of a return for 100 yards. The second TD was on a circus play (is it only a circus play when Baylor does it??) that KState had to resort to to move the ball in the second half – still shouldn’t have happened; thank you for the run support from 40 yards away leaving the receiver wide open for a 70 yard TD). The third TD was when we basically went into prevent mode to make KState use up all their timeouts and run them out of time and retirement will just start looking better and better.

All in all, they did enough to help us win and quite honestly, if the offense doesn’t shoot itself in the foot on 3 separate occasions, we win by 30.

A win’s a win, but it would be really nice to not have to be nervous every time an opposing team is facing anywhere between 3rd and 10 and 3rd and 25. That’s auto-first down territory on most occasions with our D right now (how many more times can I endure watching a receiver catch a pass at the sticks over the middle for 16 yards on a 3rd and 16?).

Special Teams: C+

When Ben Parks is your leading tackler on kickoffs, we got problems. Ok it’s not that bad, but I’m glad he’s been watching Daniel Sepulveda highlights on YouTube.

Just when it seemed we were shutting down the #3 kickoff team in the country, a big steamin’ 100 yard turd gets layed on our newly refurbished astroturf. Since we don’t have a Special Teams coach, I guess this is to be expected from time to time, but Special Teams almost single handedly allowed KState to stay in the game. Thankfully, their defense is worse than ours.

Crowd: A-

The only reason I don’t give an A++ is the tarp should have been off for this game and I’m convinced even if sunny and 75 was forecasted, we’d have only had about 45,000 there.

For you pansie asses that left after the rain delay, you missed an electric atmosphere. The 30,000+ that stayed were loud and rowdy. I even saw a fight in the stands! The student side was rocking and they proved, once again, that if you put a good product on the field, Baylor can hang with any school as far as crowd participation and getting loud. They were screaming on every down (when we were on defense only of course) and forced a laughable THREE, yes THREE false starts in a row.


Let’s talk about Snyder first because I want to end this most excellent blog entry on a good note. Why is it that every other coach seems to be able to get away with BS that they would never let Baylor and Briles get away with. First of all, he was 30 yards onto the field complaining about how much time was run off the clock when they scored their last touchdown.

Secondly, he’s still the biggest douche in the world for his homecoming timeout call to score one last touchdown against us in 2002. I know he coaches at what historically is THE WORST Division 1 program in the country and he has to have a chip on his shoulder, but it’s a what have you done for me lately kind of world, and Baylor just handed your you know what to you Snyder. Welcome to having to play everyone in the south every year starting next year. Kansas State will be reverting back closer to their more historical norm in no time.

Enter new sherriff in town, Coach Long Sleeves himself, Art Briles. In just 3 years (probably would have happened in year two if Baylor hadn’t been decimated by injuries), he has us bowl eligible (yeah yeah yeah, we may not get to a bowl, blah blah blah – that ain’t happening folks) and is commanding one of the top 3 or 4 offenses in the NATION.

I’m glad I lived to see it because for a decade, the clueless administration made it seem it was never going to happen again. A lot of ghosts were buried on Saturday night and this train just keeps on rolling.

No we get to go play for seeding :)

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October 25th, 2010 at 7:43 pm

Griffin III gets some NFL mock-draft love

by admin

Some NFL love for RG3 from people who appear to take NFL mocks way too seriously (but we’re ok with that if it includes Baylor).

QB Robert Griffin III vs Kansas State – 26 of 38 (68.4%) 404 yards 4 TDs 1 INT

- Robert Griffin III led Baylor to its 6th win of the season and eligible for its first bowl since 1994. He led the Bears to several offensive personal and school records. He displayed the skills and leadership to work at the next level which is all the more impressive having transformed his game from a runner after breaking his leg last year.

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October 25th, 2010 at 2:45 pm

Summary of every story written post 6th win

by Chucky

Let Chuck save you some time and effort. Here is what EVERY single story you have read, or will read after Saturday’s win states:

- Baylor gets 6th win
- BU is bowl eligible, but not necessarily bowl bound (but bound is likely)
- Not had a winning season since ’95 (7-4) and haven’t been to a bowl since ’94 (Alamo)
- Big 12 is in complete chaos
- Baylor leads Big 12 South (insert cheap shot of choice about our schedule)
- BU ranked #25 in multiple polls
- They will go 0-4 over their next 4 games because they are still Baylor
- We play UT next weekend who is going to destroy us
- A&M still sucks

There you have it ladies and gentleman, Chucky has saved each and every one (ok, just one. thanks mom!) of you precious time and effort.

You can thank me later.

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October 25th, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Today is the day we’re gonna win!!!

by admin

Expecting 45,000 fans to pack Floyd Case Stadium @ 2:30 against Kansas State for Homecoming 2010 – the longest running and best homecoming tradition in the country, as we did, after all, invent homecoming.

The Art Briles led Baylor Bears are 5-2 and with a win tomorrow will remove the thorn from the side of what top to bottom is one of the elite athletic programs in the country. Baylor will be bowl eligible.

What’s that you say?!? That’s right, you heard me. The Baylor Bears will be bowl eligible. The names of the players on this roster will have done what many said was impossible. Their names will be important later, but the only name that matters tomorrow is BAYLOR. This effort is all about TEAM!

Our players are on a mission and like so many before them the last 14 years, they do not plan to disappoint. They display a swagger and confidence that, to steal a phrase from a certain elite Power Forward committed to Baylor, shows we’re “gonna be a problem”.

We’re talking about an offensive line that doesn’t allow the defense to get to the QB. We’re talking about a QB that will very soon and in the years to come be often mentioned in the same breath as the word Heisman.

We’re talking about receivers with speed and size to burn and while you’re worried about them burning you for 6, and yes any number of them can take it to the house in the flash of an eye, like this:

We’re talking about a stable of running backs that are averaging 5.46 yards per carry – for the season – good enough for 15th in the country.

We’re talking about a Defensive Line that averages 330 pounds on the interior and the #3 sack leader in the Big 12. Did I mention one of the hardest hitting safeties in the country? Yeah, lay out over the middle for a pass and then lay there while you wait for your teammates to gently pick you back up and get you to the sideline.

Briles is in year 3 of a huge undertaking and a huge turnaround – returning Baylor to the national prominence she’s enjoyed and deserved in the past. Year 3 is big in the turnaround of a program. This is just one more door that is waiting to be kicked in.

Victory tomorrow is the spark that ignites the fire that will burn brightly for years to come as Baylor reasserts herself as a football contender. Briles is one of the greatest offensive minds in the country (#3 player nationally in Total Offense, #8 total offense in the country) and one of the greatest, well connected recruiters. This win tomorrow is the culmination of of months and years of hard work, a supportive, hungry fan base and a destiny that has been earned.

The packed house at Floyd Casey tomorrow will not walk away disappointed. Be there, be early, go to the largest and longest running homecoming parades in the country, tailgate, go to the March of the Bear, pack out the Baylor Line, watch the players enter the field from the home side stands and loudly cheer your team on to victory! You can say you were there to witness the re-birth of Baylor football.

Yes, my fellow Baylor Bears, we gonna be a problem!


Sic ‘em!

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October 22nd, 2010 at 10:39 pm