Another “fluke”? Texas Tech recap

October 10, 2010 by: Chucky

Thee Bears failed to capitalize on a game-ending drive for the 2nd year in a row against Tech. Chucky was not happy. This was Briles’ first loss when scoring more than 30 points (and our first loss after being 13-0 when scoring more than 30 in recent years). For the 3rd time in the Briles Era, we lost by 1 TD.

Will this foil our attempts to attain that elusive bowl eligibility that’s plagued Baylor for so long? Why do so many other Baylor sports have the ability to kick the door in and become relevant at a national level and give the fan base something to hope for. At this point, we’re just half way to the 28 years of Oregon States consecutive losing season streak (btw, our crack research staff here tells me this included a stretch of 15 years where they never won more than 3 games). Whlie we are consistent and persistent, my money’s on Art Briles to not let that happen.

All is not lost. We at continue to be audacious enough to hope for change. Until then, here’s how we saw it yesterday.

75 BU plays to 95 TT plays is atrocious

Offense: C+

- 7-15 on 3rd down conversion (TT was 10-16)
- only gave up 1 sack for 7 yard loss. Pass protection was quite good, but run protection was weak. We only had 2.7 yards per rush for 80 yards on 30 attempts.
- 33-45 (73%) for 427 yards
- Salubi had no stats, did he play a single offensive down?
- play calling was not nearly as creative as Chucky expected. It seemed like we had 3 plays: run up the middle, deep sideline pass, or a WR screen (not bubble screen). For good measure, we mixed in a few passes over the middle.
- too many dropped passes. No stat line for this category, but off the top of Chucky’s head, I remember KW had 2 (1 of which would have tied the game), and TW had one that was missed for a first down.

Defense: D-

My initial response was to give them a straight up D-, but since they only gave up 10 points in the 2nd half (0 in the 4th), I felt they deserved a little more then an F-. Showed a great deal of heart in the 4th quarter, and forced Tech to punt on each of their possessions.

We had 2 sacks, but I did not come away with a feeling that we got good pressure on the QB.

As bad as Tech’s defense was, our was worse. Whatever adjustments were made in the second half to hold them to 10 points and shut them out in the 4th quarter were either statistical luck or should have been made sooner. In the end, the D did give the offense more than one shot to tie the game after going down by 17. However, it was not meant to be. It was interesting the media pointing out on television our lack of scheme and willingness to play so far off the ball to get dinked and dunked much of the game( I refer you to the 95 to 75 plays mentioned above).

I haven’t seen us get beat deep on a consistent basis all year. Personally, I’d like that to start happening just to give me something different to be pis*** about.

Special Teams: A-

Gannaway’s grab of the on-side bust was amazing, and probably one of the best plays I’ve ever seen in person. The 3 Tech athlete-”students” around the ball looked as surprised to see Gannaway run off with the football as someone waking up to a cop tapping on their window after a light night snooze at Taco Bell. It put us up by 7, and Chucky was in complete awe that the refs did not review the play (Stork’s kick could not go quick enough).

3 of the 5 punts were inside the 20.

Why did we not continue to try and kick the ball out of the endzone? Parks first kick of the game easily went through the back of the endzone. Was that first kick wind-aided or maybe another “fluke”?

This wasn’t the biggest problem of the day though. When all was said and done, Tech only once started better than their own 34 (their 44) and that was on an Epperson punt.

Yesterday was all about our inability to get their offense off the field and allowing them to grind us down for 1st down after 1st down. Tackling was poor (how about someone wrap someone up from the waist down instead of trying to shove them out of bounds at the shoulders?!?) and often receivers were left wide open over the middle.

I’m not sure what Tech’s defensive problems are. The cupboard wasn’t bare and they have a defensive minded head coach. Maybe in a couple of years things will be different there, but until then, Norwood has to find a way to have the DEFENSE put the OFFENSE in a position to win a game against someone in the south. Otherwise a sweep of the north is going to be required for us to go bowling – it’s possible and if it happens, we’ll know just 14 short days from now.

14 DAYS to end 14 YEARS of futility? Let the countdown begin…

PS Don’t look now, but Baylor has the #15 total offense in the country.

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