Summary of every story written post 6th win

October 25, 2010 by: Chucky

Let Chuck save you some time and effort. Here is what EVERY single story you have read, or will read after Saturday’s win states:

- Baylor gets 6th win
- BU is bowl eligible, but not necessarily bowl bound (but bound is likely)
- Not had a winning season since ’95 (7-4) and haven’t been to a bowl since ’94 (Alamo)
- Big 12 is in complete chaos
- Baylor leads Big 12 South (insert cheap shot of choice about our schedule)
- BU ranked #25 in multiple polls
- They will go 0-4 over their next 4 games because they are still Baylor
- We play UT next weekend who is going to destroy us
- A&M still sucks

There you have it ladies and gentleman, Chucky has saved each and every one (ok, just one. thanks mom!) of you precious time and effort.

You can thank me later.

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