Brian Norwood’s new 9-11 Defense

by admin

Yes, by the sounds of it, the 9-11 defense should put thoughts of doom and terror into opposing offenses. However, maybe it did exactly what it was supposed to do in allowing Illinois to score a TD.

Here’s a better picture courtesy of BigBearBalls:

What makes it even better is we only managed to get 10 defenders on the field for the PAT.

Also, as a Texas Bowl bonus, check out the video of Art Briles and Zook exchanging pleasantries after the game:

I’m of the opinion if you don’t want an opposing team to embarrass you, you smash them in the mouth and prevent them from doing it.

After the naked bootleg for Illinois’ final TD, Briles apparently had enough when Zook had a Tight End kick the ensuing kick off.

My only disappointment is, if you’re going to get in someone’s face, which Briles clearly is in covering his mouth while probably wishing Zook a “Merry Christmas” to him and his family, look him in the eye while you do it.

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December 30th, 2010 at 5:26 pm

Texas Bowl Interview

by TheeJack

Hello. Remember us? We’ve taken a few weeks off to study for finals and to blow the last of our parents’ allowance this semester on some last minute partying with the Baylor co-eds before everyone left for vacation. Now that everyone is gone and we’re out of cash, we are turning our focus back to Priorities, you know… approached us for an interview with a few questions regarding our upcoming participation in the Texas Bowl. Included in the interview is a discussion with Bob Asmussen of the News Gazette out of Champaign, IL for the Illini’s perspective.

I guess this means we’re kind of a big deal. Ladies, take notice.

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December 15th, 2010 at 9:34 pm