SEC: A&M, We Didn’t Offer…

July 21, 2011 by: admin

In Texas A&M’s hopes of regaining football relevance, even on a regional level, they seem to be doing a lot of saber rattling for a team that was just 8 games over .500 throughout the history of the Big 12.

They also seem to be the only ones actually saying they received an offer from the SEC to join. I’ve scoured the internet trying to find any legitimate claim to this Aggie dream. The best I could find were several links from back during Big-12-mageddon in the Summer of ’10, including this one, which basically all say the same thing.

In these articles, the President of OU claims that both OU and ATM were were invited. What’s odd is it seems the Aggies are the only ones still beating their chests about this. I can find nothing official from the SEC saying “we’ve extended an offer to Texas A&M to join the SEC” or “we’ve extended an offer to Texas A&M and OU to join the SEC”. OU doesn’t seem to be pursuing this line of thinking a year later.

What UT is being allowed to get away with is deplorable, on that we all agree. Baylor of all schools is fully aware of the advantages the schools that bring the revenue inherently have. However, there’s no way that UT and ATM will ever be split up. We’ve all been over the numbers and schools involved a hundred times so I won’t re-hash it here.

ATM continues to sound like a little whiny brother whose advantages they have over most everyone (except Texas) just aren’t enough. Consider this, although being one of the largest and best funded universities in the nation, they haven’t won a conference championship in almost 15 years, won 1 bowl game during the history of the Big 12, haven’t finished in the top 25 in over a decade and parlayed one top 25 recruiting class after another to only 7 winning conference record seasons in 15 years and an overall Big 12 conference record of 65-57.


Maybe the SEC did offer A&M, OU, both, others. Time will only tell. More power to A&M if they are able to work their way into the SEC or any other conference away from UT. Baylor, more than any school in the Big 12, learned that you have to look out for yourself and invest properly in your football program. With Briles, Bennett & Co., Baylor and Baylor Nation are now doing all they can to right the ship.

However, for A&M, maybe the SEC is telling “We Didn’t Offer”-U that, well, they didn’t offer.

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3 Responses to “SEC: A&M, We Didn’t Offer…”
  1. BBDP says:

    A&M won the B-12 in Dec of 98 (less than 13 years ago). We also finished the season last year in the top 25 in the AP and Coaches…….. but you are correct, the last decade has not been kind to A&M in football.

  2. baylorfanatic says:

    BBDP, you are correct that atm finally landed in the top 25 last year. Took a couple of lucky wins (or helpful losses by a few key opponents), but you are factually correct.

    It’s still amazing to see atm do so little with so much year in and year out. Why is it that all they seem to do is complain about UT? atm has all the advantages in the world over most schools in the conference and probably the biggest advantage over Baylor. Yet, Baylor competes with them in everything and now that they are actually funding their football program, they appear to be on a rocket ship rise there as well.

    Yet, Baylor doesn’t complain about the massive disadvantages. Mainly they just go out and win. Hopefully this will be happening in football now as well. It happens in most every other sport Baylor plays.

  3. BBDP says:

    Lucky wins? We had as much bad luck as good luck last year… watch the OSU game.
    Baylor has been solid in almost everything but football over the last decade. Now the football program is on the rise. But don’t underestimate A&M’s overall athletic program. Over the past decade it has been a top 20 program and in the last 5 years it may bee a top 10. A&Ms football is about the only thing missing from us being a top 5 athletic program in the nation. Also, A&M finished ahead of tu in the director’s cup this year. Is that what you call doing so little with so much?

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