Let No Crisis Go to Waste!!!

August 13, 2011 by: admin

As political pressure and legal questions begin to mount, Aggies seem to be taking one from the Obama playbook. Is Rahm Emmanuel their new chief spokesperson? HURRY! HURRY! WE MUST ACT NOW!!!

If you talk to any Ag, they’ll tell you this is in the bag, done deal, decided long ago, UT went too far this time (but when you press them about with what, as the LHN has been known about for a year and everything Aggie whined about was taken off the table – i.e. broadcasting high school sports and an additional game being shown) they have nothing in response, just utter envy for UT.

At this point, they have whipped their faithful into such a blood thirsty frenzy, that it would seem there is absolutely no turning back. Now we hear Mizzou is leaving but then their AD vehemently denies it saying there has been “ZERO contact with SEC”.

Is ESPN trying to force conferences’ hands much like the media wants to pick the Republican nominee for Obama to beat? Who can you trust? Well, no one, of course.

To draw another political analogy, this smack’s of a recent administration’s approach of creating a crisis, claiming all must be done in a hurry or all is lost, then forcing a shotgun decision to be made that almost always in hindsight turns out to put tings in a worse situation than they were before. Is this what A&M is doing here?

The next few days will tell. Here’s what’s on our agenda:

1) Conference call with Big 12 AD’s at 3pm today (man would I love to have that number and pin)

2) Allegedly there’s an SEC president’s meeting tomorrow afternoon

3) A&M regents meeting on Monday

4) Texas Legislators meeting (remember? The one’s that pay A&M’s bills?) on Wednesday to gather information on all this

After that, who knows.

If nothing comes of this, WHOAAAAA NELLY, the bitterness amongst these schools is going to be off the charts.

However, as is so often the case with society today, money and tv are going to ruin college athletics like they’ve ruined so many other entertaining American pastimes and take away rivalries that have been discussed for generations around the kitchen table and in family living rooms. Sad to see much of that may all be going away.

And to think, while I would have never supported the outcome, all of this would have been avoided had the PAC-10 just included Baylor. Or, for that matter, if the SEC wanted to expand and would like to include Baylor, they’d have both crown jewels of the Big 12, Oklahoma and Texas.

PS FWIW, we know how Arkansas has done since leaving the SWC and it hasn’t been extremely compelling. Fun fact you may not know, for the younger crowd that has suffered through the last 15 years of Baylor football, save us now financially committing to the program:

Baylor vs Arkansas 32-35-2

A&M vs Arkansas 19-27-3

PSS Here’s Arkansas’ conference record since joining the SEC:

2010 6-2
2009 3-5
2008 2-6
2007 4-4
2006 7-2
2005 2-6
2004 3-5
2003 4-4
2002 5-4
2001 4-4
2000 3-5
1999 4-4
1998 6-2
1997 2-6
1996 2-6
1995 6-3
1994 2-6
1993 3-4-1
1992 3-4-1
1991 5-3


They may have made more money, but, like the Aggies, have largely been irrelevant the last 20 years. You sure don’t hear much about them in Texas anymore.

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  1. Bbdp says:

    I am an Aggie. It’s not done until the politics are worked out and a&m is playing in the SEC.

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