Big 12 Realignment: What a day! Aggies Get a Lesson in Contract Law

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R. Bowen Loftin – A&M President – June 14th, 2010

“Texas A&M is a proud member of the Big 12 Conference and will continue to be affiliated with the conference in the future. As Athletics Director Bill Byrne and I have stated on numerous occasions, our hope and desire was for the Big 12 to continue. We are committed to the Big 12 and its success today and into the future.”

Balance that against the following statements from our honorable President 9/7/11 in the Baylor Proud alumni communication:

“As always, Baylor officials are working hard with the university’s best interests in mind. It’s important that Baylor remain on the national stage, so that people nationwide get to learn about BU and all that it has to offer — as they did with the big win over TCU Friday, and the men’s basketball team’s Elite Eight run, and the women’s basketball national championship, and … well, you get the idea.

But there’s something bigger than just Baylor’s interests at stake here. This is about doing the right thing. There are real costs when universities begin to break commitments and contracts (beyond simply setting a bad example for the young minds on campus) — up to and including anarchy in the world of college athletics.

Baylor is standing up for itself and for the integrity of college athletics, and people are starting to take notice.”

A&M seems to be the only ones saying the Big 12 “sucks”, yet there are 6 football teams, what this apparently is only and all about, in the top 25, including Baylor. That happens to be the same number of top 25 teams as the SEC.

Make no mistake about it, for most Baylor fans, the only thing better than Lubbock in the rear view mirror is Aggie in the rear view mirror. I’ve always enjoyed the trips to College Station for games, especially basketball the last decade. The Baylor section has just grown and grown. No one cries more when they lose to Baylor than A&M, which has happened more and more frequently the last few years in most all sports. We win in football this year, and the record the last 7 years, including the time prior to when Baylor committed financially to football (2007) stands at good guys 3, bad guys 4. That’s better than their record against their only admitted rival, UT.

So, by now, unless you are sans internet, you know what’s transpired today. The Big 12 threw down the hammer on A&M fleeing to the SEC for untold riches and fame without honoring their contract. Baylor stood tall and proud and did exactly what each Big 12 institution had the right to do, and all agreed they could do, I might add, by refusing to sign a waiver stating they would refuse to sue A&M or the SEC. This is written into any contract worth the paper it’s written on. If you’ve ever created one or signed one, you would certainly know that, especially when the divorce happens.

Baylor quickly was largely lambasted in the media this morning by the knee jerkers, but slowly more and more support came out as the morning wore on.

“Baylor is just doing what is in the best interest of Baylor”. Hmmmmm…That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Then came Iowa St., Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, and even maybe Texas Tech, but I’ve seen varying reports on that and it’s tough saying because they’ve been as quiet as anyone just hoping no one notices them sneak in the back door to wherever UT goes. These institutions all have a really good deal where they are. The only one that’s been whining about the LHN publicly is A&M. Is it unfair? Sure, but it also was known about when the 10 year, $1 BILLION dollar deal was struck a year ago and somehow all the sudden A&M figured it was time to leave.

Did they really think everyone would just help them pack their bags and watch the conference world crumble around them?
Lots of jobs and financial commitments have been made based on those contractual agreements forged, unanimously I might add, over a year ago.

This revenue model was unfair and just wasn’t going to work for A&M. Ironically, A&M has consistently voted for 15 years, along with OU, Nebraska and Texas to take more from the till than the other 8 schools in the original Big 12 and have produced next to nothing to show for it. Well, they did win 1 bowl game against TCU back in 2001 and won a conference title while still riding the coattails of their cheating years back when many current recruits were still wearing diapers. Aggies are the experts on which time frames matter in recording history, so we’re going to hold them to it. 1 bowl win in 16 years and counting.

So now, what happens next? A&M is being held “in purgatory” according to their president. For some reason he feels someone else is doing this to them when it’s the very contract they agreed to that wedded them to the conference for 10 years and boundless profits for the next decade to come. Instead of pointing the finger, he should be pointing the thumb, right at his chest with a giant scarlet A on it. An A for Aggie, but in this case Benedict Aggie. If I were a conference and looking to include A&M, I’d really be concerned if I could trust that a handshake or a signature meant what it used to mean.

Make no mistake about it. The SEC doesn’t want A&M. They want more access to Texas. If UT decided they wanted to go to the SEC tomorrow, A&M would be SOL. If OU somehow granted the SEC access to Texas and they wanted to go to the SEC, step aside A&M.

Teams that are 8 games over .500 in conference the last 16 years, finishing in the top 25 twice (including last season) and winning 1 bowl game are not hot commodities for their accomplishments. A quick aside, if I may, as this reminds me, one of Aggie’s biggest rally cries is how Baylor just sucks off the Big 12 teet, taking and never giving.

While we all now that that isn’t true, is there ever a more hypocritical statement coming from a program that 1) only exists at the bidding of the taxpayers and the whims of politicians and 2) had to borrow from said taxpayer funds just to fund their own athletics program the last 5 years (and at my last check, is still having trouble paying back the $14MM owed, claiming “the bad economy is slowing down our ability to re-pay the tax payers who fund the academic side of our house.”)

Pluck the plank from thy own eye Aggie.

Here’s what likely could have happened today. Baylor was possibly able to form a coalition with the media ascribed “have nots” whereby, they will each grant unconditional release to A&M for an iron-clad agreement that the remaining conference members remain in the Big 12 for the next decade as the contract stipulates. We then do everything we can with this new found solidarity and stability to lure in other schools (at least one and possibly 3).

Should all this come to pass, a decade from now, after Baylor has built a brand new $200MM stadium, re-branded it’s football program as a winner, with Heisman caliber athletes (if you want to know how fast this can be done, check out Oklahoma State 5 years ago) and has built on it’s conference and national championship prowess, with world class facilities and programs in most every other sport we compete in, it will be really tough for anyone to say Baylor doesn’t belong.

In my opinion, which everyone’s entitled to, those that say we don’t belong today also believe Ann Richards got us into the Big 12 (but somehow not Tech who Baylor beat 11 out of the 16 seasons prior to the decision to disband the SWC in 1994).

At some point, regional rivalries, commitment and honor to contracts and results on the field and academics matter. Apparently honor and commitment are not words the current incarnation of the leadership in College Station are familiar with. If nothing else, they should brush up a bit on their contract law knowledge.

I can’t wait for the made for ESPN movie about this. I propose they call it The Malfunction Junction Boys.

If nothing else, Aggies could screw up getting laid in a monkey whore house with a sack full of bananas.

Regardless, it is clear that in Starr vs Benedict Aggies, it is clear who’s playing with the Bic lighter and who’s busy rubbing two sticks together. Advantage Baylor.

I know I speak for many of us, am very proud of what my university did today along with their conference peers. As the only Texas institution endowed by the Republic of Texas, I am also very proud as a Texan.

This isn’t over yet. When the dust settles though, and if Baylor and the rest of the Big 12 remain together, I would like to start getting some straight answers on what exactly Baylor must do to be an obvious consideration as one of the 70 or so institutions that are in AQ conferences. That will have to be a story for another time though.

Sic em!

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September 7th, 2011 at 8:58 pm

Some Choice Twitters – Plus, If is Too Slow for You Today, Try Out Our Message Board

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Dan Beebee – “This is the first time to my knowledge that a conference has been requested to waive any legal claims toward another conference for any damages suffered with a membership change. The Big 12 Conference was asked by Texas A&M University and the Southeastern Conference to waive any such claim to help facilitate Texas A&M’s departure from the Conference without any consideration to the Big 12. Although they were not obligated to do so, the Big 12 Board of Directors decided to accommodate that request as it relates to The Big 12 Conference, Inc., which is reflected in the September 2 letter sent to SEC commissioner Mike Slive. However, the waiver did not and could not bind the individual member institutions’ governing boards to waive institutional rights. If the departure of Texas A&M results in significant changes in the Big 12 membership, several institutions may be severely affected after counting on revenue streams from contracts that were approved unanimously by our members, including Texas A&M. In some cases, members reasonably relied on such approval to embark on obligations that will cost millions of dollars.”

So did the Big 12 know this was going to happen all along? Clearly, the Big 12, Inc. is not all the SEC had to be worried about or do we need to start offering Baylor Law School scholarships from Louisiana east to Georgia to help them out next time?

Herbstriet – “RGIII should be the face of college football…” – On Galloway & Co. – 103.3FM Dallas

NEW: Baylor, Kansas, Kansas St., Texas Tech, Iowa St., Missouri are Big 12 schools who won’t sign A&M-to-SEC waiver

BREAKING NEWS: @richiewhitt reporting that Kansas and Kansas State are joining Baylor in legal actions against A&M going to SEC.

@kbohls kbohls Baylor has some nerve trying to act in its own best interests. That’s ridiculous. Oh, wait. Never mind.

@JeromeSolomon Heard that Big 12 call was somewhat heated. Baylor isn’t only school peeved at A&M. Question raised about objections coming at last minute.

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September 7th, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Around the Big 12 – Week 1

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After enjoying the euphoric victory of the Baylor Bears over TCU, I watched in amazement as many of our Big 12 brethren struggled mightily with directional schools. As has been customary on, let’s take a stroll around the league and see how everyone fared in week 1…

Baylor 50 vs TCU 48 – We all know the outcome of this game and it wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicated. Special Teams failed time and time again (except the last kickoff when it mattered most) giving TCU average starting field position of the BAYLOR 40. That’s right…The Baylor 40. Regardless, a win is a win over a quality opponent. No reason the Bears shouldn’t be 5-0 heading into College Station. Aaron Jones and Clay Fuller (former minor league baseball player) were the heroes of the game. Aaron Jones hit a 37 yarder to win the game for the second time over the Frogs. Fuller made the tackle on the ensuing kick-off to pin the Frogs deep in their own territory for the first time all night.

#21 Missouri 17 vs Miami (OH) 6 – Missouri required a 4th quarter TD to pull away from Miami (OH) after leading 10-6 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Not the offense we’ve been used to seeing out of Missouri the last few years.

Iowa St 20 vs Northern Iowa 19 – I’m not really sure what to say here. Iowa St. required a TD with 40 seconds left in the game to escape. Looks like it might be yet another long season from the worst and most irrelevant athletics program in the Big 12, and it ain’t even close.

Oklahoma State 61 vs ULaLa 34 – Okie State’s offense racked up 666 yards. Their defense was lackluster, but helped ULaLa by coughing up 3 TO’s (all interceptions). Weeden threw for 388, Randle rushed for 129 and Blackmon had 144 yards on 8 receptions, but didn’t find the end zone. Kendall Wright maintains the big early lead in TD’s out of the top receivers in the Big 12.

Kansas 42 McNeese St 24 – Kansas’ defense looked none-improved from last year’s in giving up 420 yards of offense to McNeese St. Their offense did enough to get the win, but Kansas appears to be headed towards firmly entrenching themselves in their historic comfort zone – the basement.

Kansas St 10 vs Eastern Kentucky 7 – KState scored with 1:39 left in the 4th to erase a 10-3 deficit. KState’s defense held the Colonels to just 129 yards of offense. Former Waco Midway standout John Hubert led the Wildcats with 91 yards rushing in Bill Snyder’s 150th win.

Texas Tech 50 vs Texas State 10 – Texas State forgot there are two halves to a football game as the Red Raiders erased a 10-9 halftime deficit. Yes, they were actually down 10-9 at the half. Texas State really helped the Red Raiders with 4 turnovers to fuel their second half run.

Oklahoma 47 vs Tulsa 14 – This game was never in doubt as OU scored early and often, leading 30-7 at the half. OU did give up 400 yards to the GJ Kinne led Golden Hurrican, who is nothing but a blip on the BU recruiting radar of the Sloan years and the aftermath prior to the Briles Regime. Kinne threw for 271, 2 TDs and a pick.

Texas 34 vs Rice 9 – Well, it’s only the first game of the season, but the revamped coaching staff at UT got of to a slow start against Rice, leading 13-6 at the half. The offense put up some big yardage numbers (506 total yards) and the defense performed admirably holding Rice to 2-12 on 3rd down conversions. The also took advantage of two Rice TO’s. The highlight of the game was probably the MOB band forming an $EC (yes the S was in the shape of a $) on UT’s field. Some state schools, A&M included just can’t be greedy enough. Imagine if they had to compete on an equal financial playing field with Baylor. Makes it all the more impressive what our athletics department has accomplished in the last 15 years, but I digress.

Texas A&M 46 vs SMU 14 – A&M took advantage of 3 TO’s in the first quarter by SMU to score 20 quick points and the game was over from there. SMU pulled their stud QB, Padron, after nerves appeared to get to him and he threw 2 interceptions. The Aggie defense gave up 347 yards and 9-18 on 3rd down conversions. This game could have been a lot closer than the score indicated if not for 2 interceptions and a botched on sides kick.

So with week 1 in the books, we have a little data on each of the teams. Baylor is now ranked #20 and all is right with the world (although as I speak, the SEC presidents are allegedly voting whether or not to expand their recruiting based further into Texas). For a short amount of time, the Baylor Bear faithful were able to put the rest of their conference running away from them to the back of their minds and watch some awesome smashmouth football on Friday night as our O Line dominated TCU.

The former Big 12 North will have a come uppance this year and didn’t come out of the gate very strongly. A fun season awaits us as RGIII is the consensus front-runner after weekend #1. 7 or 8 wins won’t do it though. Time for the Defense and Special Teams to make some major improvements in Week 2.

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September 6th, 2011 at 5:37 pm

Should Baylor Be Ranked Come Monday?

by admin

With the upset win over the TCU Horned Frogs (had won 25 straight regular season games), the Bears bring a strong case for being ranked come Monday. What may put them over the edge are two things: 1) the RGIII Heisman train kicked into high gear and 2) we just hung 50 on the 3x reigning #1 defense in the country while winning in dramatic fashion before a national audience.

Griffin and Baylor received A TON of pub over the weekend and it was all well deserved. Baylor had the #13 offense in the nation in the country last year (#9 rushing team) and after watching a ton of football this weekend, there’s a strong case to be made that Baylor is one of the most exciting teams to watch. This team has a ton of speed and seemingly scores at will in many different ways. Add Lache Seastrunk to this offense and we’ll have one of the best backfields in the country.

All of that is great, but you have to keep putting up W’s to get ranked or stay ranked. There’s a very good likelihood we’ll be 5-0 heading into TraitorLand, and if you don’t think the Aggies hate Baylor, just wait to see how many show up for that game. So is this the week we break into the top 25 poll for the second year in a row?

Here’s a look at the key losses ahead of us in the polls this past week:

#14 – TCU lost to Baylor
#16 – Notre Dame loses to South Florida at home. Notre Dame has been pretty much abysmal since signing the NBC deal in 1992. All that matters is you get 80,000 in the stands and play mediocre ball
#19 – Georgia – If you ever wonder if it’s a rigged system, just look at the annual opening week Georgia ranking. Why is this team ever ranked again? They lost by 2 TDs to a reloading Boise St.
#21 Missouri* – They’re not going anywhere, but I’d like to point out they needed a late touchdown over Miami…not that one, the other one, to win 17-6
#23 Auburn* – Again, they won’t be going anywhere, but required two TD’s and a recovered on sides kick to overcome a 10 point deficit with under 3 minutes to go against Utah f’n State…SEC…SEC…SEC!!!!
#25 USC* -Didn’t lose, but squeaked by a perpetually bad Minnesota team at home

Bayor has a pretty compelling argument for being ranked. The Heisman hype. The fact the TCU game wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicated given the ineptness of our special teams. The Instant Classic comeback win after dominating the entire game before a national audience. However, since Baylor didn’t receive a single vote in either of the two opening polls, that likely won’t be enough to hurdle the log jam of “others receiving votes” ahead of us.

Just win baby!

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September 4th, 2011 at 11:24 pm

This Image from is Priceless!

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Way to go Bears! Restoring the greatness of Baylor football.

- Winning in dramatic fashion on national television being the only game in the country on that night – CHECK

- Turbo-charging the Robert Griffin for Heisman campaign by re-introducing the nation to the most exciting player in college football – CHECK

- Re-introducing the Baylor Nation to a long forgotten, historic rivalry – CHECK

- Avenging an embarrassing loss last year – CHECK

- Ending any hope of TCU back-dooring their way into a BCS bowl in 2011 – CHECK

Discuss on our message board – The Bear Pit – Signing up is easy! Just click here!

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September 4th, 2011 at 5:16 pm

Heisman Candidate Robert Griffin III Makes Guest Appearance on College Gameday

by admin

Great pub for Griffin the Great after he and Baylor slay TCU’s #1 defense in the nation 3 years running:

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September 4th, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Apparently It was a Fluke….Great Job Big 12!

by admin

Before a nearly sold out crowd on a Friday night, with a potential program defining game at stake, Baylor delivered. First of all, let’s not marginalize the crowd. TCU brought several thousand, as you would expect the fan base of a Rose Bowl champion from 90 miles away would. Make no mistake, the hatred for Baylor hadn’t simmered one bit and our crowd reciprocated.

With 100 degree heat hanging in the air, Baylor received the first kick, marched down the field and scored in 5 plays. They almost never looked back. Then we were reminded that our special teams still needs a lot of work. Make no mistake about it, Baylor wins this game by at least 30 if our special teams had even a minimal amount of competency. They need work and better use the bye week to figure a few things out.

By the time the 3rd quarter ended, Baylor led TCU 47-23. The Baylor Nation wanted their Bears to blow out TCU and embarrass them, which they very likely did. However, TCU isn’t used to losing, regardless of who they are playing. If Baylor thought they were going to go away, they were wrong.

Baylor dismantled the TCU D most any which way it wanted to through the first 3 quarters and looked to have this one won going away. However, we gifted them field position time and time again to let them right back in the game. Long time Baylor fans were probably in the stands expecting this, but this is a new Baylor team. This team doesn’t quite.

We found out which heart of a champion was bigger tonight and it was Baylor’s. In the 4th quarter, after Baylor had gashed the TCU defense all game long, Baylor suddenly went conservative trying to burn clock with 14 minutes to go. This nearly cost us the game as the Bears then gave up 25 unanswered points after scoring 23 unanswered on the Frogs.

They easily could have folded but RGIII put this team on his back and led a drive that may define the season. With a little over 3 minutes left, Briles reached deep into his bag of tricks on what may have been Baylor’s last chance drive down 48-47. On a critical 3rd and 8, Heisman hopeful RGIII caught, yes caught, a critical 10 yard pass to convert the first down. The offense didn’t turn back as they once again drove it down the throat of the TCU defense to setup a 37 yard uber-clutch field goal by The Stork – Aaron Jones. Talk about clutch! This kid had early in the game had one PAT blocked, missed another left and calmly stepped up and split the uprights.

There was still 1:07 left and Baylor special teams had to do their job. They came up bigger than they had all game stopping the Frogs at their 10 with 55 seconds left. Still plenty of time though, especially since we hadn’t gotten any pressure on Paschall the whole 4th quarter after absolutely lighting him up 7 times through the first 3 quarters.

The Frogs quickly moved the ball to mid-field and after a near interception on the previous play, Mike Hicks came through in the clutch with the game ending interception with 12 seconds to go. He ran around with the ball a lot longer than I would have cared for him to, but left 2 final seconds for the Bears to go into the oh so sweet victory formation to exact vengeance on TCU.

Somewhere a drunk middle aged man with an ankle tat is crying himself to sleep tonight as Baylor has scoreboard for a long, long time.

Here’s a couple of quick notes:
- Terrance Ganaway is the MVP of this game. Also, he apparently was right the other day when he said “the game is already won”. Those that doubted him and eat some crow
- RGIII threw 4 more incompletions than Red Baby Jesus did last year
- Our audio guy needs to know when you’re on offense, you don’t start blaring RISE UP. We need quiet so our offensive players can hear
- Baylor snapped TCU’s 25 game regular season game winning streak
- Baylor beat a ranked team for the first time since beating the Benedict Arnolds from College Staion on the 2 point conversion play in 2004
- I only saw 1 TCU fan escorted out of Section P by the police
- TCU apparently had some cramping issues as several players, including top RB Wesley went down with cramps
- Baylor is the first team to score 40 or more on TCU in the last 6 years
- Baylor wins another ESPN Instant Classic
- Gary Patterson credits one of the top offenses in the nation by saying “We played so badly at CB that we couldn’t recover.” Classy
- Hey GP, Baylor just beat the reigning Rose Bowl champion. By the way, is there a man on the planet that sweats more than Gary Patterson?

Finally, we learned a lot about Baylor tonight. If you want to know how good this offense is, think about this. Baylor just hung 50 after shutting it down in the 4th quarter on the reigning 3 time #1 defense in the country. TCU’s offense is rebuilding, but their defense was not expected to lose much. As a matter of fact, all you heard from the Frog faithful was how every person that was now starting was an upgrade from last year’s defense.

Well if so, we just hung 50…FIFTY on you. That wasn’t a good job Big 12, that was a GREAT job Big 12.

RGIII, Ganaway, Wright and that huge athletic O Line which smashed TCU’s D line in the mouth all game long, I guess it really wasn’t a fluke. maybe TCU’s season last year was a fluke. I hope not because we need them to go dominate the rest of the season to continue to help our ranking.

I now turn my attention to being the biggest SMU fan on the planet.

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September 3rd, 2011 at 12:47 am

First Installment of the Weekly BUBE for 2011!

by admin

The Weekly BUBE (BU Blog Exchange) is back and we’ve posed 5 glorious questions to our friends over at They’ve not yet responded so we’ll just go ahead and pose the questions until we hear from them.

Feel free to answer them yourselves in the comments section.

Update: submitted their answers while I was driving down for the game. In fairness, I post them here now. They’re even more entertaining after we just hung 50….FIFTY…on their little defense.

1. Do you think Paschall will be able to complete over 90% of his passes against Phil Bennett’s defense? We understand he was probably the highest recruited QB that TCU has ever signed, so we’re expecting big things now that Red Baby Jesus has graduated. – First off, ya mooks, it’s PACHALL, not PASCHALL and no, I fully expect that our new QB will be thrown off from time to time by the incomprehensible, chaotic movements of a new Phil Bennett defense that the mentally challenged defensive players will need at least 2 seasons to figure out whether they are the X’s or O’s. So, I figure Pachall will have several incomplete passes from lauging at Baylor guys running into each other.

2. Are you impressed that Gary Patterson can be so successful as a coach when he clearly spends a significant amount of time surfing the Baylor internet message boards? – Patterson doesn’t read Baylor boards. He has assistants for that. Patterson is too busy watching game film of previous Baylor games and trying to figure out how the hell the Big 12 hasn’t kicked you out of the conference.

3. If TCU played a legitimate Strength of Schedule, what BCS school do you think they would most likely be on par with? Show your work. – What difference does it make. That’s like asking: “If Baylor knew how to play football, could they win the Sun Belt?”

4. Is every TCU player sporting an ankle tat in solidarity with their 45-ish year old super fan almost got to know Coach Kaz personally? – Naw, they just didn’t want to be confused with the Baylor players who got tramp stamps in support Coach Kaz.

5. How long do you think the Big East football conference will last before it disbands and where does TCU go after that? – Longer than the Big 12 and I don’t know where we’ll end up. I can assure you it won’t be the Sun Belt since they won’t be needing any new members after Baylor joins.

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September 2nd, 2011 at 12:03 pm

Gary Patterson’s Smack Talk vs Baylor – Bulletin Board Material?

by admin

The hatred TCU and their fans have had for Baylor the last 16 years has been off the charts. Sadly, most college aged kids from Baylor are largely unaware of this former rivalry between Baylor and TCU (y’all may not remember but we always played them on Homecoming and you know what that means) or what went down way back in 1994 when Governor Ann Richards and Lt. Governor Bob Bullock somehow snuck Baylor into the Big 12.

How did they sneak in the 29th winningest football team in the country the prior 16 years before the decision to disband the SWC occurred in 1994? Well, obviously, they didn’t, but some people don’t believe man has walked on the moon or the holocaust existed or, if you’re a TCU Horned Frog fan, you can’t fathom that the 29th ranked team in the nation based on winning percentage, a team that won fully 60% of their games, was chosen over the 89th ranked team (out of 104) in the nation (TCU) over that same time period.

That’s all distant history now as TCU routinely trots out their 75th – 88th strength of schedule team to 9, 10, 11, 13 win seasons and is now a national powerhouse, allegedly. How they’d compete against the big boys week in and week out, well we don’t yet know, nor will we know when they move to the Big East. Regardless, Patterson doesn’t want his team sleeping on Baylor, a doormat the 12 years before Art Briles arrived and started turning things around (thanks again Sloan and Stanton).

That said, I thought I’d take a look at some of the quotes Patterson has unleashed in the days and weeks leading up to the game on Friday and see how that compares to the Baylor quotes.

Terrance Gannaway – “Where we’ve got to be this Friday is worry about what we do, execute our plays. The game’s already won. All we have to do is go out there and do what we need to do to get that victory.”

The internet was a buzz with this one. I almost canceled my trip down to Waco because TG told the world the game was already won, but I’ll still show up regardless because the tailgating is pretty sweet. Why can’t these Baylor players show TCU a little respect?!? When will they learn? TG, I’ll still be in the stands watching you run all over TCU, even though we know the games already won.

Art Briles – Allegedly signed an autograph that said “Beat TCU!”

Seriously?!? I mean, when a 22 year old kid doesn’t couch his statements appropriately, I give him some leeway. Briles is 50 something. He’s a MAN! Does he know how Patterson will use this kind of bulletin board material? Why doesn’t he give Baylor a fighting chance?

Patterson – “We get online. We see what’s being said.”

Translation, TCU has the internet. We’re f’d.

Patterson – “Their spring game was on TV. They let their own media people take pictures of practice and put it on online. We have TCU people in Waco.”

Translation, Waco people have tv and some of those Waco people are TCU people. Why does Gary Patterson have to cheat to gain a competitive advantage? I mean, forget the 13 games Baylor played last year which are on tape and easily accessible, including the one Baylor played in Ft. Worth. Maybe Patterson’s people were in Waco for that one.

Regardless, I’m sure Briles went deep in the playbook last spring. I’m just glad this peek behind the iron curtain that is GP’s purple ops, far reaching intelligence gathering operation was revealed in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. My expectations for the game tomorrow have noe been appropriately set and for that, Gary Patterson, I thank you.

Patterson – “You don’t hear anything from us.”

Well, based on the above, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Sounds like Gary Patterson is the only one talking. Or maybe by us, Patterson means his schizophrenic personalities.

Seems to me that Baylor isn’t doing much talking. Our players better treat this like a rivalry game this year and let their play on the field speak for itself.

By the way, to all the jock sniffers out there that think “bulletin board material” means anything to players and outcomes of games, you really have to get a clue.

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September 1st, 2011 at 11:26 pm