Mighty Missouri Welcomes crA&Mp to the SEC

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Missouri hands A&M their first SEC loss making them the only team in college football history to lose a conference game in a conference they’re not even in yet.

Another solid second half put in by the Aggies who fall to 5-3 on the season and likely out of the top 25.

Goodbye Big 12 Championship.

Goodbye Natty Title (well they said goodbye to that long ago, but Aggie hope springs eternal).

Goodbye top 3 finish in the conference.

A&M back to where they’ve been the last 14 years with what was supposed to be the greatest team they’ve had in a decade.

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October 29th, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Behind the Woodshed: Hail Mary’s in East Lansing and Miracles in Norman

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As Phil Bennett and the Baylor efense take a week off (well two week’s off after last weekends embarrassment) to try to figure out how to play D, Week 8 provided some compelling outcomes, even as the Rangers did their best to ruin the day for everyone.

Let’s take a quick spin around the Nation and the Big 12…

Michigan State defeats Wisconsin with Hail Mary 37-31
Sparty has taken full advantage of Michigan’s troubles the better part of the last decade. Playing in a conference that rarely provides any excitement, what with their fair share of 6-3 or 17-10 ball games, this game ended in epic fashion. Take a look:

Illinois falls to unranked Purdue on the Road 21-14
Ron Zook may be the biggest tease in college football. Just when the Illini Nation thinks they have a good to decent team, he leads his team to a steamer at Purdue. Purdue has been pretty bad for several years, even losing to Rice at home just a few weeks ago.

Colorado Annihilated by a Knicked Up Oregon 45-2
Larry Scott proves his commissioner prowess with this awesome pickup. As we all knew, hiding out in the Big 12 North is a little bit different than playing the big boys. Not sure anyone thought they’d be this terrible against the PAC-12. WOW! This is going to be worse than Steal-esque. I guess when your genius administration hires a Head Coach who’s never been a head coach ON ANY LEVEL, and an Offensive Coordinator who’s never been an Offensive Coordinator ON ANY LEVEL, you can’t help but be surprised. Colorado is speeding towards it’s 6th losing season in a row and 7th out of the last 9 seasons.

Great pick up PAC 10 and Larry Scott. Excellent job by the Colorado administration on the coaching staff they have assembled. Colorado heads to ASU next week hoping for its first PAC-12 victory and 2nd win of the season. We will continue to follow in amusement.

LSU Destroys Auburn 45-10
At one point, LSU scored 21 points in 2 min 30 seconds. The #1 vs #2 matchup is set and may open the door for Stanford to come out of the weaker PAC-12 and participate in the MNC.

Texas Tech Opportunistic in Win Over OU 48-31
OU couldn’t have done much more to lose this game. TT showed what putting a little pressure on a QB can do. Bennett, are you listening? Even when Landry Jones had wide open receivers, he was so mentally rocked that a down TT team was smashing his team in the mouth that he had trouble completing passes. On top of that, OU missed 2 FGs that could have completed the come back from down 31-7 on Homecoming. Was it just me or did the stands look a little sparse? I guess everyone thought OU would roll. Tuberville just earned a signature win. Briles, when are you going to make this happen?

Kansas State Rolls Against Kansas 59-21
Kansas fans now move back full time to their basketball message boards. Who’d have thunk they’d be dreaming of having Fats Mangino back as a coach. They aggy’d this hire the same why the Aggies did with RC Slocum a decade ago and are likely to do again to their program by moving to the SEC. The north playing the south is going to make for some eye openers for some fan bases.

By the way, if you didn’t put the house on KSU -11 yesterday, well, you just don’t get those gifts very often.

Oklahoma State Pulls Away from Missouri 45-24
This game was closer than it looked through most of the game, but in the end, OSU reminded OSU their program just ain’t all that great. Blackmon sustained an injury. We’ll see how serious and if it plays into the Baylor game in any way next week. Oklahoma State has proven the last 5 years that you can buy relevance. Drayton, are you out there?

A&M Pedestrian in Win over Iowa St 33-17
Iowa State played a redshirt freshman QB after the 4th series of the game and gave A&M fits all game long. A&M looked like the 4th place team they probably will end up as (maybe 3rd) against a very weak Iowa St team.

A Look Ahead for the Bears
Starting next Saturday, things start to get very interesting for the Bears. We never play well in Stillwater. As a matter of fact, Baylor hasn’t won at Oklahoma State since 1939 (although they didn’t play them again until 1996, save one time in 1972. Bears are 12-17 all time against the Cowboys which includes the last 15 years or futility – which really shows you where’s OSU’s been the last 110 years.

Since the Big 12 started, here’s Baylor’s record in Stillwater:

2010 – L 55-28 (hmmmm sound familiar?)
2008 – L 34-6
2006 – L 66-24
2004 – L 49-21
2002 – L 63-28
2000 – L 50-22
1998 – L 24-10
1996 – L 37-17

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October 23rd, 2011 at 1:23 pm

To the Victor Goes the Spoils

by admin


You have got to be kidding me. Ok, I wish I could say I said that with a straight face, but let’s face it, we knew our defense was bad.

Baylor Nation is deeply disappointed in the performance of our team today. Our efense put our offense in the position of having to play perfectly on every drive. That’s what happens when you force 1 turnover and can’t stop the 3rd down conversions.

While amusing that A&M was apparently chanting S-E-C at the end of the game as they go ride off into further irrelevance for about a generation, if our players or fans don’t want to hear it, the players need to win games. Talking doesn’t hold much weight when you lose.

The SEC chant was also funny because Aggies stlil don’t get that Baylor could care less if they left, they just needed to pay their exit fees and not force an entire conference to collapse.

Now that A&M has failed to force the latter to happen, looks like Baylor and the Big 12 will have the last laugh.

While A&M’s defense is bad, ours is terrible. They do at least get some pass rush.

Regardless, Phil Bennett needs to start doing something to earn his paycheck. He’s had half a season (not even) of recruiting under his belt here and he doesn’t have much to work with, so he’s going to get a little bit of a pass, but watching the continuation of Guy Morris and Kevin Steal efenses isn’t going to put butts in the seat.

This game could have turned out a lot differently, but it still would have likely ended in a loss even if the Offense has played perfectly.

Oh and by the way, the Heisman talk is cool and all, and there is little doubt that Robert Griffin III is, if not the most, one of the most outstanding players in college football. However, 5-7 or 6-6 teams do not get that honor. At least not since Eisenhower was president.

We better just focus on getting to 6 and then seeing what we can do from there.

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October 15th, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Aggy Cramp Scoreboard

by admin

CRAMP 1 – 12:25 to go in the 2nd quarter after Baylor methodically marches 70 yards down the field and is in the red zone.

Sadly that is all they needed as our offense never really got in a rhythm, yet still racked up 480 yards of offense. Doesn’t matter when you give up 700 yards though.

1 stop on defense for the Bears all game won’t get it done. Not if you’re going to be inside the 10 twice and get no points.

Both of these defenses are bad, sadly ours didn’t put us in a position where we could play from ahead the entire game after the 1st and 6, false start, sack, missed field goal drive where a TD would have had us up 21-10.

Ahmad Dixon going down at the end does not bode well either. Bennett is going to have to work some magic the rest of the season to get the ship righted.

A win today would have gone a long way.

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October 15th, 2011 at 11:58 am

It’s GAME TIME! The Biggest Non-Rivalry in the Nation Kicks Off at 11!

by admin

Now we know Aggies don’t consider this a rivalry at all, even though it’s always their 2nd or 3rd highest attended home game of the year. The number of Baylor related posts on texags.com is rivaled only by UT posts. Yet somehow this game isn’t a rivalry to them.

Who cares! Bring the hate!

Prior to A&M figuring out how to cheat and effectively beginning the breakup of the SWC in the mid-80s, the all time record through the first 76 meetings stood at 27-41-8. That’s a much greater statistical rivalry than their supposed other rival. Since then, Aggies have been one of the greatest NCAA offenders in football as far as major citations and Robert Sloan buried the football program.

However, times they are a changin’. Baylor has proven capable of competing at an elite level in most every other sport she competes in and football is starting to shoulder the load.

Today, Baylor could take a major step forward nationally and put RGIII right back on top of the Heisman discussion. I’ll gladly take a win like last week though, where Griffin wasn’t the superstar stat-wise as we racked up 400 yards rushing for the game.

This game that has been circled on the calendar for almost a year has arrived. Most Baylor fans expected to be 5-0 heading into this game. Most Aggies expected to be 6-0 even though they only had 5 games on the schedule.

To say the least, both fan bases feel they have probably underachieved, although Baylor is just one field goal shy of being undefeated.

A&M’s 100th ranked in the nation defense will have its hands full with the top ranked Baylor offensive attack. This game comes down to defense, special teams and turnovers.

I’m really not sure whose defense is worse. A&M can get pressure on the QB, but probably hasn’t faced an O-Line as good as Baylor’s all year. When they blitz, their secondary has gotten blitzed. They’ve shown no ability to slow down top offenses like Oklahoma State, Texas Tech or Arkansas. Why would the balanced pass / run attack of the Bears be any different?

It wont.

Prediction: – As much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually a little sad the 108th Battle of the Brazos will be the last time we play the Aggies. It’s kinda like hearing something bad happened to a drunk, loser cousin of yours that never amounted to much. You still feel sorry for them. EXCEPT, I will never feel sorry for what A&M has chosen to do. It is amusing and I’ll most miss making fun of their, now apparent, institutionalized stubborness and inability to make good choices, even when their own demise is on the line.

As they continue their dominance with .500 or worse records for the next 20 years or so, I will get much enjoyment when I hear news of their continued mediocrity. I’ll probably still check in on them from time to time just to see who their annual Heisman hopeful QB is.

That’s tomorrow though, this is all about today and here it is:

A&M finds a way to hold Baylor under her 49 ppg average, but former Heisman hopeful Tannehill coughs it up a few times to an opportunistic Baylor defense as Baylor wins 42-28.


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October 15th, 2011 at 9:41 am

Introducing the Wrecking Ewe Defense – Can’t Spell CRAMP without A and M!

by admin

The nation is starting to catch on to what A&M employed last year in Waco to slow down Baylor’s top ranked offense. 12 times they collapsed on the field, stalling drive after drive after drive.

While not as egregious, here’s a compilation of “cramps” employed by A&M vs Texas Tech last week, exclusively on Defense, never when they’re on Offense, and only when Tech is shoving it down their throat.

I know it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but these guys are the ones that should be playing in all pink.

We’ll have a re-cap of the cramp fest today in College Station uploaded tomorrow. It’s going to be 88 degrees late in the game. I expect many sheep to lay slaughtered on the field while trainers come tend to their embarrassing lack of conditioning. Somebody needs to be fired.

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October 15th, 2011 at 8:57 am

12 Reasons Why Baylor is Better Than A&M

by admin

The last time we ever play A&M is coming up this Saturday. While we all know around these parts that we are A&M’s biggest non-rival, we thought we’d take a look at 12 of the numerous reasons Baylor is better than A&M…

#12 – If you can’t MAN up, CRAMP up.

You don’t have to go year after year after year faking injuries to stop drives against high octane offensive attacks like Baylor, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.

You can’t spell cramp without A and M.

This has gotten to the point that A&M’s all world Efensive Coordinator Tim eRuyter (no D in name or title) has had to address it now in the media after doing it for 2 straight seasons.

This OU blog tends to disagree.

Funny how their offense never seems to cramp up. Just the defense when they are getting it shoved down their throat.

Maybe this guy can offer some conditioning help:

#11 – Wrecking Crew you say? How about WRECKING EWE!

This defense is BAAAAAAA-BAAAAAAA-D.

Baylor’s defense, bad though it may be, isn’t ranked 99th in the country in Total Defense (Baylor’s is 60th) and 120th in the country in Pass Defense (Baylor’s is 36th). Let that sink in a minute folks. There’s only 120 FBS teams in the nation.

We have one of the greatest offensive minds in college football today in CAB, likely the top O-Line in the conference, possibly the best QB in the conference and likely the fastest stable of receivers in the conference.

Get ready to PAAAAD-PAAAAAAAD the offensive stats come Saturday morning.

#10 – You don’t have to worry about guys like this misunderstanding what “UNCOVER!” means…

#9 – Your cousin is not in your dating pool

#8 – Walking on grass is permitted

#7 – No campus-sponsored swashbucklers (is that you Captain Jack Sparrow?!?) that struggle to take down SMU cheerleaders…

#6 – You don’t have to “Hump it” with other guys…

#5 – If you have to hit the head at halftime, you just go…

#4 – List Eater looks average in College Station, while at Baylor, 60% of the student body looks like this…

#3 – Clearly defined gender roles for cheerleaders

Exhibit A – Aggie

Aggie Yell Leaders – Touch My Tra La La from Fred Fred on Vimeo.

Exhibit B – Baylor

#2 – Politically, traditionally and administratively, Baylor dominates A&M

2.1 If legend is to believed, Baylor single-handedly forced the Big 12 into existence, expanding the Big 8 from the originally rumored 10 teams to 12, allowing a nationally ranked Baylor football program and a mediocre Texas Tech program into what ultimately became the Big 12.

2.2 Baylor has produced more Texas Governors, a total of 5, than any other institution.

2.3 Possibly A&M’s greatest president in their history, Sul Ross, was a Baylor alum

2.4 Baylor is the only institution of higher learning to be commissioned by the Republic of Texas, over 30 years before Texas Agricultural & Mechanical even thought about existing.

2.5 Finally, for those too young to remember, there’s this Aggie, who in 1990, famously blew a 20 point lead (apparently blowing a lead isn’t something new to Aggies). Clayton Williams handed the gubernatorial election to Ann Richards, when he compared bad weather to rape saying “Sometimes you have to just sit back, relax and enjoy it.”

After watching how the A&M administration, the best and the brightest of their fine institution, have handled the SEC debacle, it appears they’ve needed some major PR help for a lonnnnggggg time.

#1 – A picture’s worth 28 million words

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October 10th, 2011 at 6:11 pm

We Need Your Support at TheeBears.com

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TheeBears.com Shameless Request for Financial Stimulus

I created TheeBears.com to provide a blog and message board that I felt represented Baylor Nation while at the same time helped protect the brand of Baylor athletics from internet trolls and those that wish to do the reputation of Baylor athletics harm. Thanks to you, TheeBears.com is one of the top Baylor message boards and blogs on the internet.

In the past 15 months since we launched our blog, we’ve added several things including a message board, podcasts, youtube channel, chat room and a compilation of Baylor related twitter feeds, to name a few.

Since launching TheeBears.com, the cost of operation, including paying monthly for a web hosting provider, has come out of my own pocket. So I’m asking now for help to defray the cost. If you find our site entertaining, please consider a donation. No amount is too small.

Donations can be made with a credit card via PayPal by clicking on the Donate button below. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. If you’d rather not use a credit card but still would like to donate, please contact me and I’ll provide a mailing address. My email is admin@theebears.com.

We’re doing what we can to help provide more of a web presence for Baylor Athletics amongst the fans. Baylor Nation is continuing to grow, especially with our continued improvement in football, and we plan to continue to grow with it.

Thank you for your support.

TheeBears President, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


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October 9th, 2011 at 8:37 pm

#20 Baylor 49 vs Iowa State 26: Week 6 Re-cap

by admin

#20 Baylor 49 vs Iowa State 26 – The Terrance Ganaway Show The wind was blowing so hard, you could almost smell the poop the Tech faithful filled the A&M buses all the way to Waco. Baylor’s offense, one of the tops in the nation for the second year in a row, was going to have to adjust their game plan.

Terrance Ganaway said, no problem, I’ll rip off 200 yards rushing on 23 carries for an 8.7 ypc average and 3 TDs.

The good guys got off to a slow start, despite racking up almost 200 yards in the 1st quarter. 2 fumbles in Iowa St territory erased what appeared to be a sure 14 points off the board. Iowa State had been outscored 33-0 in the first quarter this year. Baylor did their part to erase the goose-egg allowing the Cyclones to score on their first drive.

The whole first half was one of missed opportunities and fits and starts. We got things rolling in the 2nd quarter, scoring 21 points, but this game wouldn’t be put away until about 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

Iowa State brought about 1,000 fans and the ones around me seemed more pleasant than some of our other visitors. They came in fully expecting to lose and reminded me of being a Baylor fan from 1998-2007. May those years of football never exist again.

The second half started with us forcing a 3 and out on Iowa St. Yeah good guys. We then promptly followed it up with a 3 and out of our own. This back and forth continued until midway through the 3rd when we took a two score lead 28-14. Iowa St then marched down the field until Tevin Elliot returned a fumble 86 yards for a touchdown to go up 35-14.

Just when you think you can rest easy as a Baylor fan, Iowa St scores a TD on a 76 yard run from scrimmage.

The biggest thing I was looking for this week was what we were going to do in the 4th. We scored early to go up 42-20, but if you’ve watched the TCU and KState games, you know no lead may be big enough for us this year. On our next possession, up 42-26, we ran 3 plain vanilla plays, took 1 minute off the clock and punted.

Iowa State scored quickly and if not for a rare offsides call on the kicker on a well executed onsides kick, we may have been in another late 4th quarter dog fight. Briles then stepped on their throat marching it down the field for the final score of the game to seal it 49-26.

I was most excited to get a 4th quarter TD for the first time this season. Amazing for a team averaging nearly 50 points per game.

Final video game stats of the week:
- 603 total yards
- 212 yards passing
- 99 plays from scrimmage
- only 2 penalties (one obligatory personal foul, but this seemed to be due to an incidental face mask)
- TOP domination – 36 minutes to 24 minutes (this is something we’re not used to since Briles arrived)

Worst stat of the week:
- 35,625 attendance. Pathetic. Baylor Line – Pathetic. Iowa State is not a traditional rival, of course, and most expected this to be a blowout, but this is exactly why Baylor, despite having top 25 football and men’s and women’s basketball programs (the last two on an annual basis), they find themselves on the outside looking in when realignment conversations spark up. By the way, when you’re blowing an opponent out, don’t leave with 6 minutes to go. Stay and savor the win.

Baylor proved they can win and score many ways. Time to move on and prepare for the Aggies,

The Red River Beatdown – #3 OU 55 vs #11 Texas 17 – UT proved that, probably beyond the Aggies, they were likely the most overated team in the country at #11. UT’s youth on offense was exposed and how was Gideon ever considered a top defender? OMG this guy is bad. I love when the media bias gets exposed.

Stoops wanted to make sure UT’s offensive coordinator (formerly from Boise St) knew he didn’t forget the Fiesta Bowl embarassment they caused OU.

How does a Team like UT with perrennial top 5-10 recruiting classes fall this far? OU’s defense was DOMINANT. UT had 259 yards of total offense, inluding 5 turnovers. Could be yet another long season in Austin.

#6 Okie Stae vs Kansas – Kansas is becoming familiar with the phrase “reversion to the mean”. Their welcome to playing the Big 12 South every year will not bode well for their program. They give up 600 yards in a game OSU was up 56-7 at the half, including 35 first quarter points by the pokes. Kansas may be wishing Colorado was still in the conference more than anyone. They did nothing yesterday to help their FBS worst 44.3 ppg defense.

How much longer will the Turner Gil experiment continue?

#20 Kansas State 24 vs Missouri 17 – Kansas State shows why Baylor putting up 35 on them was all the more impressive. I still can’t believe we lost that game, but Briles probably learned his lesson once and for all.

KState almost coughed up a 4th quarter lead for what would have been only the 5th time at home in the last 21 years. Pretty amazing. As the KState faithful changed Big 12, Mizzou fans strangely struck up a cheer of S-E-C. ummmm.ok

#24 ATM vs Texas Tech – Tech is a couple of lucky plays away from being 2-2. They also were a blocked field goal returned for a TD away from beating the once *cough* Top 10 Aggies. This was a must win game for the Aggies. Tech has based their whole season’s success over the past decade on whether or not they beat the Aggies. Meanwhile, while they’ve been dominated by Tech since the Big 12 formed, the Aggies are still unrivaled if you ask their fans.

There were a lot of nervous moments in this game down to the end for the Aggies, but their Wrecking Crew defense came up big holding Tech to 40 points and a mere 523 yards of offense (while only racking up 393 total yards against a porous Tech defense. Tannehill for Heisman anyone?).

There were a total of 3 punts in this game. Next week is going to be a score-fest for the Bears and the Aggies.

#14 Nebraska vs Ohio State – Nebraska mounted a late comeback after being down 27-6 to win 34-27. Ohio State’s offense managed 44 yards after their QB went out with about 7 minutes to go in the 3rd.

#7 Stanford vs Colorado – LOL. That moves looking about as smart as the move that A&M is making and Missouri is trying to make. Colorado is staring 1-11 in the face this year, unless they can somehow beat Oregon State at their place. This is what happens when you let academic people make athletic decisions. Colorado is in year 1 of a new coaching staff, so this looks to be a Baylor-esque program circa 1998-2002 and the meltdown is glorious.

Time for the Bears to make up for the KState loss by sending off the Aggies with an L. Baylor has NEVER lost to a program that was leaving the conference in their final year. By the way, we all know we’re A&M’s biggest non-rival. So much so that the cheapest ticket you can get on Stub Hub for the 11am game next weekend is $94.

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October 9th, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Aggies Return 1000 Unused Tickets to Texas Tech!

by admin

Many of the Baylor faithful may remember how the spiteful Aggies helped get a story on the front page of espn.com last month about Baylor not selling out their allotment of A&M tickets over a month before the game was to be played.

Why was this front page news? Baylor was trying to save the Big 12, yet Aggies were busy promoting these stories and putting up billboards that face the wrong direction in Waco (hey, how about spend that money on some kids or families that need a meal in this economy why don’t ya?).

Now, today, we find out the self proclaimed greatest fans on Earth, as the 5th largest university in the nation, can’t sell out their allotment of tickets to Tech.

But…But…Aggies travel soooo well. The only place closer than Lubbock from College Station, for the record, happens to be LSU. I wonder how well the Aggies will be traveling next year during a “rebuilding” year when they can’t even make it to Lubbock when their team is the best they’ve had, at least according to them, in a decade?!?

You can read all about it here

ESPN, please explain to me why this is national news for Baylor, yet for A&M, it doesn’t even get a mention?

Irony, thy name is Aggie.

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October 6th, 2011 at 11:52 pm