Texas A&M CFO Outed on TexAgs.com Slamming His Boss

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Wow. This is a very career limiting move. The Chief Financial Officer of Texas A&M’s athletic department, the one that, from my reading, still owes tax payers of the state of Texas over $16MM from a no interest loan they received from the PUF a couple of years back, apparently thought he was posting anonymously on texags.com.

For more on Texas A&M financials, read this eye opening article: Step 1, get SEC…Step 2…Step 3, PROFIT!!!

Jeff Toole, class of 1980, thought he was posting anonymously, but someone did a quick search of a post he made over the summer, under the handle of UtayAg, where he stated he was the CFO of A&M athletics.

Here’s a screen shot off texags.com where UtayAg, Jeff Toole, CFO of A&M athletics, makes disparaging remarks about President Bowtie.

Click to enlarge

We’ve all known there are fractions amongst the A&M faithful in exactly what this move to the SEC West has in store for them, but this is pretty damning at the highest levels of the Texas A&M administration. You can read more about it here on this San Antonio blog…

Apparently, there are deep divisions within the athletic department regarding the future of A&M’s football coaching staff and what to do with The Shermanator and his 25-25 record the last 4 years. I seem to recall Baylor hiring a guy the same year that A&M hired the Shermanator who’s record with a completely bare cupboard thanks to Sloan and Stanton seems eerily similar. What’s his name again? Sherman may end up not being the biggest buyer’s remorse decision A&M has in the near future. What does the collie do next once it’s finally caught the car?

Rumor has it that $ Bill Byrne, the Athletic Director at A&M, and others are wanting to fire HC Mike Sherman and are currently pursuing Kirby Smart, the 35 year old DC at Alabama, who it is worth noting, has never been a head coach in his career.

This has the potential to make the next 10 years at least that much more entertaining as the Aggie administration seems to be really struggling to avoid self immolation – to the point I’m starting to wonder if UT has actually placed plants within the Texas A&M administration to make the ship steering “100 year decisions” as they like to say.

I feel for the guy. He’s actually saying what everyone that’s not emotionally invested in the decisions of Texas A&M has been saying about their leadership and its decision making. Who hasn’t gone onto texags.com and said the same?

A&M is staring down the financial barrel of:
1) Potentially buying out Sherman’s contract
2) Paying back the $16MM+ to the tax payer they used to build dominant track and field and golf teams and to start competing with Baylor in tennis and women’s basketball on a time to time basis
3) Big 12 exit fees
4) Huge contract to lure someone into College Station in what is becoming a coaching graveyard. Don’t forget, A&M is losing almost all the names you may be familiar with on offense next year and will be breaking in a new QB in what is supposedly the best or second best conference in the country. I don’t care what conference you’re in, if you ain’t winning, you ain’t getting butts in seats and recruits won’t be knocking down your door. Expect the A&M cheating of the 80s and 90s to ramp right back up.

If all this comes to pass, I’m only left wondering how long until we see the www.firekirbysmart.com website up and running. It’s an A&M cycle as consistent as the sun setting in the west.

Hubris, I know they name and they name is Loftin.

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November 29th, 2011 at 4:11 pm

Why the Heisman Love for Andrew Luck and not Robert Griffin III / Baylor?

by DonBearlione

I’ve made several posts recently comparing the empirical data of RGIII and the other Heisman QB’s and, unless you can’t do math, it’s very hard to make a case that anyone deserves the Heisman more than Robert Griffin. I’d even venture to say it’s not even close.

Now the latest afternoon talking head pundits are resorting to things like “Well, he would win it, but he plays at Baylor.” What exactly does that mean? They didn’t say he played for a team that could go 9-3. They said he’s punished for playing at Baylor, a team that, if the chips fall right this weekend, could end up in a 3 way tie for 2nd place in the #1 conference in America this year.

The media bias by ESPN to continue to break up conferences is amazing and, there’s no doubt, if one uses the Aristotelian Logic you may have been taught in college, depending on what your degree says, you can easily connect the dots.

US AGAINST THE WORLD!!! Haters are gonna hate. The only thing I’ve been shocked at not seeing yes is the media blatantly calling Coach Briles a cheat like they do one of our other elite coaches who happens to have another top 10 ranked team. That’s likely to come though, but not this year.

All that said, you can compare the numbers empirically for yourself here and see just how Stanford’s QB Andrew Luck rates against RG3.

Here’s a few other team stat factoids that may shock you:

1) Until we annihilated Texas Tech last Saturday, our Strength of Schedule (SOS) was #4 in the nation. It’s now allllllll the way down to #6 (per the Sagarin ratings).

On that same link, you can see that Stanford is ranked 35th.

Advantage: Baylor / Robert Griffin

2) Stanford vs the top 10: 1-1

Baylor vs the top 10: 1-1

Advantage: Draw

3) Stanford vs the top 30: 3-1

Baylor vs the top 30: 4-3

Advantage: I’m not sure how to score this one. While a mathematical extrapolation gets you to Stanford being 5.25-1.75 whereas Baylor is 4-3, you can’t mathematically factor in what the physical pounding one takes to play a significantly tougher schedule.

Regardless, since we’re going by the numbers here, I’ll give the advantage to Stanford

4) Conference Rating (per Sagarin):

Big 12: #1

PAC 12 (congrats again on Utah and Colorado..lol): #3

Advantage: Baylor / Robert Griffin

5) What kind of defenses do these two teams play against?

People want to dog the Big 12 for playing no defense, so let’s see just how bad it is.

- Baylor plays:
#9 Texas
#45 TCU
#52 Oklahoma
#62 Missouri
#66 Texas A&M
#76 Kansas State
#102 Iowa State
#107 Oklahoma State
#115 Texas Tech
#120 Kansas

- Stanford plays:
#27 California
#33 Notre Dame
#54 USC
#64 Oregon
#81 Washington State
#83 Oregon State
#84 UCLA
#95 Washington
#103 Colorado
#111 Arizona

If you simply average it out, Baylor plays on average, the #75 defense while Stanford plays the #74 defense.

Baylor and Robert Griffin have put up much larger stats than Andrew Luck against a defensive schedule that is a draw at best and could be argued that the tougher teams on Baylor’s schedule are tougher than Stanford’s.

Advantage: Baylor / Robert Griffin

6) All of Baylor’s losses have been on the road with 1 being a 1 point loss at Kansas State. Oregon waxed Stanford in Stanford’s home stadium 53-30.

Advantage: Baylor for not getting your doors blown off in front of your home crowd

7) Opponents’ Record:

While Stanford’s schedule is littered with a whopping 4 teams with winning records. Yes, FOUR!!!

Baylor has played TWICE AS MANY teams with a winning record IN THE #1 CONFERENCE IN AMERICA THIS YEAR, playing 8 teams with winning records.

Advantage: Baylor / Robert Griffin x 10. Again, not even close.

8) Finally, Heisman moments. I don’t know why this is such a big deal in who should win but it creates drama and therefore is factored in.

Has Luck had any Heisman moments? I’m not sure, but here are 3 of many that I’ll highlight for Robert Griffin III.

Exhibit A) After throttling a TCU team fresh off a Rose Bowl win in 2010 for 3.5 quarters, Baylor’s defense and special teams, in new DC Phil Bennett’s first game, let TCU right back in it. It took a last second drive to allow a field goal attempt to clinch the game for Baylor.

Lost in the details is a 4th and long, at the beginning of that final Baylor drive, deep in our own territory, in which RG3 went over the middle and caught a pass from Kendall Wright and held on while getting absolutely blown up to keep the drive alive and ultimately secure the victory.

Exhibit B) In a game in Kansas on a very windy Saturday afternoon, with no television and no less than 8 plays reviewed by the officials, Baylor finds themselves down 24-3 in the 4th quarter. RGIII and Baylor, the #1 BCS Offense in the country, not to be denied, roll up 300 yards in the 4th quarter alone to force overtime and the eventual win on the road 31-30.

Exhibit C) At home, against Oklahoma, Baylor leads OU basically the whole game and again find themselves up 2 scores with less than 7 minutes left. A Baylor defense still finding its way let’s OU right back in it. With the game tied, and 51 seconds left, the Oregon / USC game ends and Floyd Casey Stadium enters into every college sports fans living room in the nation. Baylor is playing for overtime and Stoops calls a timeout to try to force a punt. What does RGIII do, he does this on what will forever be known as Thee Drive:

Advantage: Baylor / Robert Griffin and again, it’s not even close. You could sell his highlight reels and it would have to be done in a boxed set. Stanford’s Andrew Luck, not so much.

The body of evidence is mounting and it is STAGGERING. If Baylor beats UT by 1 point on Satudray, Robert Griffin III of BAYLOR UNIVERSITY deserves the Heisman.

If Baylor beats Texas on Saturday by 3 TD’s or more ROBERT GRIFFIN III of BAYLOR UNIVERSITY deserves the Heisman while unanimously receiving all first place votes.

And it’s not even close…

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November 29th, 2011 at 2:59 pm

Robert Griffin III Comparison to other 2011 QB Heisman Hopefuls – Week 13

by admin

Updated after Saturday 11/27/2011 games. I almost wanted to updated RG3′s game statistics to include 10.5 games instead of 11, but injuries are a part of the sport, so it is what it is.

Passing Comparison

Click to enlarge

week 13 - 2011 Heisman QB Passing Comparison

Rushing Comparison

Click to enlarge

Week 13 - 2011 Heisman QB Rushing Comparison

Total Offense Comparison

Click to enlarge

Weel 13 - 2011 Heisman QB Total Offense Comparison

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November 27th, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Baylor Bears Roll Up 66 Points as They Train Wreck(‘em) Texas Tech!

by admin

As was so eloquently stated in a Seinfeld episode, “No Bowl for you, 1 YEAR!”. My how times have changed at Baylor under Briles….and FAST!

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For the second week in a row, I woke up thinking we had a really good shot at beating an opponent we hadn’t beaten in a while, and the Baylor Bears delivered again.

For those that haven’t followed Baylor except in the Big 12 era, when Sloan and Stanton buried our once proud football program, you may be surprised to know that Baylor up through 1996 beat Texas Tech in our history almost 2 out of every 3 games. As a matter of fact, in the 15 years prior to the start of the Big 12 in 1996, Baylor had beaten Texas Tech 11 out of the 16 previous meetings.

Texas Tech was circled as a win before most every season for the Baylor Bears. They were a mere afterthought as we contended for SWC championships on a pretty regular basis.

Lack of financial commitment to the program changed all that and it was not until that commitment was renewed in 2007 with the hiring of Briles, the creation of arguably the best on campus practice facility in the country, the hiring of Phil Bennett and an apparent commitment to the On the Brazos Baylor Stadium which will no doubt be one of the most glorious settings for a Saturday afternoon of football in the entire nation, that the worm began to turn.

The question on everyone’s mind coming into this game was 1) what will it take to win and get this ridiculous and embarrassing Texas Tech monkey off our back and 2) just how huge a game would Heisman front runner Robert Griffin III have.

As the game unfolded, the story line we all now know wasn’t even in most of our thoughts. Tech has been known for playing dirty and cheap shotting to get any advantage they could get. The refs let this game get out of hand early, gifting a couple of scores to Texas Tech as Baylor quickly amassed 4 15 yard personal foul penalties in less than a quarter and a half.

We Baylor fans have seen this before, but knew our team would be able to overcome it. Then came the late hit on RG3 after the false start was called. A Texas Tech player targeted RG3′s knees a full 3 seconds after everyone on the field stopped playing once the whistle blew. Was he ejected? Nope. Definitely should have been.

The turning point in the game happened a few plays later. As RG3 was sliding, a Texas Tech player again targeted him to bring maximum impact to a player who had given himself up. Tommy Tuberville and Texas Tech thought this was their only hope at stopping the nation’s #2 offense.

As the classless Texas Tech fans begged and pleaded for what appeared to be an unconscious RG3 to be knocked from the game, I wondered if this was just what we needed to bring our team into focus on each and every play. Losing RG3 was huge and none of us could have imagined what our offense would do in the 2nd half, but we have a proven talent in Nick Florence and I knew he could confidently manage the offense.

RG3 came back a play later and then Texas Tech pulled something you could only imaging would happen in Pop Warner football. They put their backup QB in a Wide Receiver jersey in the hopes that Baylor may defend the play a little differently. Does it get more desperate or bush league than that? Huge money and recruiting implications were on the line for this game and Tuberville new it. How small of a man do you have to be to pull something like that though? Amazing.

Here’s an amateur video of what happened. Amazingly desperate.

So RGIII finishes the first half with 3 touchdowns (2 rushing, 1 passing) and almost halfway to his Cam Newton destroying 412 yards per game of total offense average, but we all wondered if he would play the second. A hush came over the crowd as we all realized Nick Florence was taking snaps.

Nothing against Nick Florence, he was after all, the single game passing yards record holder until RG3 surpassed that record this year. He’d also won on the road at Missouri when they were a pretty dang good team. But he wasn’t RG3.

What happened was nothing less than glorious. As I said earlier, the Texas Tech assault to purposely remove RG3 from the game worked, but it focused our offense AND more importantly our defense.

We forced turnovers, ended drives on 3rd down, racked up pick 6′s, busted open holes at the line of scrimmage that Kansas’ Mark Mangino could have waddled 8 yards through and threw it all over the field (9/12 151 yards and 2 TD’s for a guy that hadn’t thrown a single pass all year).

In the process of running it right down Texas Tech’s throat, Terrance Ganaway because the Big 12′s leading rusher for the season (1195 yards in 11 games), set a Baylor record for most carries in a single game (42) and rushed for 246 or Baylor’s 360 yards rushing (and I thought Tuberville was a defensive specialist).

While Texas Tech’s game plan of bounty hunting Heisman front runner’s (2 plays on one drive in particular) and bush league deception (Tommy Tuberville Jersey-gate) may have paid short term dividends, I believe it may have actually inspired the Baylor team as a whole (defense, offensive line, backups, etc) to Rise Up and blow the doors off Texas Tech.

What a huge win. By the way, this is what a Texas Tech crowd looks like with 6 minutes to go in the 4th quarter when the #2 offense in the country is annihilating you without their #1 player:

Texas Tech Crowd Disappears

Texas Tech fans disappear like a Texas A&M Heisman hopeful after game 6 or a Texas A&M lead in the second half (I could go on and on, but you get the point :) .

Kendall Wright also deserves mention. He hauled in 6 catches for 2 TD’s and 125 yards and remains the Big 12′s leading active receiver (Broyles averages 1 more yard per game than Wright, but is out for the season). For players with 11 games, Wright is the second leading receiver in the nation by yardage. All this and he’s not a finalist for the Biletnikoff. Embarrassing Biletnikoff committee. EMBARRASSING!

Baylor also set an all time record for most first downs in a game (38) and most points scored in a conference game (66).

Baylor is also the only football program in FBS averaging more than 300 yards passing and more than 200 yards rushing. We remain the #2 offense in the country (second only to Conference USA’s Houston, but with a much tougher schedule (#4 SOS in the nation)).

This marks the second time this year that Texas Tech has given up 66 points. Chants of “SE-VEN-TY! SE=VEN-TY” went unanswered though as Briles played it conservative on the last drive of the game.

Yet another monkey off Baylor’s back as it asserts itself in the Big 12.

Baylor also did the honors of ending Tech’s 11 year run of being in a bowl game. I suggest they all by Baylor Robert Griffin jerseys and root for a winner in a month while they have nothing else to do sitting at home.

Congratulations to the best major sports program in the nation (#18 football, #9 men’s basketball, #1 women’s basketball) on another big win for the program as we get #8 on our way to #10. This team will not be denied.

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November 27th, 2011 at 4:11 pm

Robert Griffin III Comparison to other 2011 QB Heisman Hopefuls

by admin

Again, the stats speak for themselves.

Passing Comparison

Click to enlarge
2011 Heisman QB Passing Comparison

Rushing Comparison

Click to enlarge

2011 Heisman QB Rushing Comparison

Total Offense Comparison

Click to enlarge

2011 Heisman QB Total Offense Comparison

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November 26th, 2011 at 2:26 pm

The Heisman Case for Robert Griffin III

by admin

The Heisman Trophy is awarded to the player that best meets the following criteria:

The outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.

Well how’s that for nebulous. We as fans all know it’s been several years since it didn’t go to the best offensive player on the best team. That’s never what the award was intended for.

Baylor is not the best team in the nation this year, although they are a 1 point road loss to Kansas State from being in the mix of some pretty decent BCS bowl talk.

That said, Robert Griffin is putting together one of the greatest seasons an FBS QB has ever put together. (It should be noted that the general fan and the media may think he’s a one man team, but Baylor is LOADED on offense, while RGIII is the straw that stirs the drink).

All that said, I think RGIII may have already secured his trip to NYC, two more wins and it will be a lock. However, you don’t want to just be the bridesmaid so what does it take to bring home the Heisman hardware and just how special is the season that RGIII has put together?

Let’s take a look at how RGIII stacked up against QB’s (13 in all) who’ve won the Heisman over the last 20 years.

I broke this down into 3 categories: Passing, Rushing and Total Offense with several stats for your number crunchers out there (note, while we’ve only played 10 games and no Heisman winner’s stats are for less than 13 games, save Gino Toretta, I’ve included a lot of “per game” averages for easy comparison).


Click to Enlarge
Heisman QB Passing Comparison
Here are some things that jump out at me:

1. RGIII averages more yards per game than everyone on the list except Ty Detmer who’s didn’t gain a positive yard on the ground for the entire season and averaged 33% more pass attempts per game than RGIII

2. RGIII averages 20 yards more per game than the next highest QB

3. RGIII averages 3.3 passing TD’s per game. More than every other QB on the list except Sam Bradford who in 2008 averaged 3.6.

4. RGIII’s 10.63 yards per pass attempt is the highest of any of the 13 QB’s that have won the Heisman in the last 20 years. Only of the previous 13 winners averaged more than 10 yards per attempt

5. RGIII’s 5 interceptions are less than everyone on the list save Charlie Ward who only threw 4 on 44 more pass attempts

6. Accuracy? I has it. RGII has completed 72.9% of his passes and is arguably the most surgically precise down the field passer in the nation and maybe ever. Next highest is again Sam Bradford who completed 67.9% of his passes. 7 of the 13 Heisman QB winners completed less than 65% of their passes. Amazing.

A Heisman winner should be versatile and dynamic. Let’s see how RGIII stacks up in the running game.


Click to Enlarge
Heisman QB Rushing Comparison

1. RGIII has 5 rushing TDs this year. He is the general of the only offense in the country averaging over 300 yards passing and 200 yards rushing. While he can run, he doesn’t have to and is more of a passing QB. Regardless, his 5 rushing TDs are good enough for 4th.

When you consider the guys ahead of him are Eric Crouch of Nebraska, an option QB who didn’t even through 200 passes all year, Tim Tebow and Cam Newton, you’re in good company.

2. RGIII doesn’t run the ball much as a designed play, so let’s evaluate YPC. RGIII averages 4.07 YPC. Again, this is good enough for 4th behind Cam Newton, Charlie Ward and Tim Tebow (although Tebow, a prolific runner, only avg’d 0.23 YPC more than RGIII)

3. RGIII is more of a pocket passer than people give him credit for due to his Olympic level elite speed. He’s still racked up 550 yards rushing (55.0 YPG) which is good enough for 4th. I’m tempted to say he’s 3rd because Crouch hardly threw the ball and ran it 3 X’s as many times per game as Griff.

Now let’s take a look at the total body of work.

Ok. Not that body of work (but dayummmm – ok it’s like the sun. You peek and then you look away). Anyway, let’s look at Total Offense:

Total Offense

Click to Enlarge
Heisman QB Total Offense Comparison

Here’s where why Robert Griffin should already be guaranteed a trip to NYC and, with 2 more wins, should become the next Griffin to win the Heisman, regardless of things that don’t matter, but should, such as RGIII means more to his team than any of the other candidates.

1. RGIII averages 3.8 TD’s per game. That’s basically a statistical tie for first as 2nd place with Sam Bradford (3.9) just behind Tebow at 4.2. Next closest is Cam Newton at 3.6 and then it’s a lonnnnnnnng drop all the way down to 3 for 5th place. Lowest on the list is Gino Toretta at 1.6 for a little perspective.

Here’s a little more extrapolation. The 3 guys on the list with over 50 TD’s all played 13 or 14 games due to conference championship games. Tebow, Bradford and Newton had 55, 55 and 50 TD’s for the season respectively.

If RGIII keeps his current pace of 3.8 TD’s per game and played an additional 4 games, he’d end the season with 53 TDs (and we still get to play Tech who’s pass defense is, well, not good).

2. Robert Griffin averages 412 yards of total offense per game. This is presently #1 in the nation. When you compare that with past Heisman winners, Ty Detmer is close with 386.3, but after that, there’s no one even in the same zip code. Third place is Sam Bradford with 340.6. For some more perspective, Cam Newton averaged 309 last year – A FULL ONE HUNDRED YARDS LESS PER GAME THAN RGIII. Let that sink in.

In summary, I’m not sure what else there is to say. Briles is quite possibly the greatest offensive mind in the country. RGIII is amazing no doubt, but the entire offense has to work for him to put up the numbers that have never been seen before – all the while doing it against the #4 SOS in the country.

As a quick strength of schedule comparison for other candidates that seem to be near the top of the 2011 Heisman race:
- Andrew Luck – Stanford – SOS – 48
- Kellen Moore – Boise St – SOS – 45
- Case Keenum – Houston – SOS – 116 (cool stats bro, but this isn’t going to cut it)

2010 – Cam Newton – Auburn – SOS – 14
2008 – Tim Tebow – Florida – SOS – 4

The 2011 competition doesn’t even compare. RGIII is putting up never before seen numbers against the stiffest competition compared to the other contenders and it isn’t even close.

Oh, did I forget to mention RGIII’s passer rating is 191.7.

This would be good enough for the all time record if it weren’t for Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson who’s QB rating is 199.3 against the 79th rated schedule in the country.

The only knock will be can a 3 loss team support a Heisman winner. It’s happened twice since 1990. BYU’s Detmer and Texas’ Ricky Williams both won it on 3 loss teams, so there is a chance.

But wait! There was once a 4 loss QB that won the Heisma. Hmmm. Who was it? That’s right. In 2007, Tim Tebow, of Tebowing fame, won with a 9-4 record (8-4 at the time of the voting). Tebow is known as a huge Christian, Baylor is a Christian university, RGIII crosses himself after every touchdown. Coincidence? I like where this is going.

And that, my friends, is the body of evidence. As bad ass as Robert Griffin III is, and as exciting as he is to watch or play on XBox, the empirical data says that statistically he is peerless over the past 20 years and maybe ever.

Robert Griffin III is the BEST against the BEST. In mid-December, he deserves to bring home one of these:

Plus, I might add, RGIII has won 4 Capitol One Cup Player of the Week honors.. Yet another feat that no one has ever done before?

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November 23rd, 2011 at 9:59 pm

The Immaculate Deflection and Thee Drive – Baylor Upends Oklahoma

by admin

For some reason, I and many of my fellow Bear friends had a good feeling about this game as we woke up Saturday morning.

Baylor had just come off a heroic OT win @ Kansas where they looked like they could care less to be there and amazingly racked up 300+ yards and 21 points in the 4th quarter alone.

We were bowl eligible now (why was this so hard for 15 years? Oh, that’s right, we had a sheet music salesman running the athletic department). There was really no pressure on Baylor. No one but us gave us a fighting chance and those that did were the true die hard fans.

As a matter of fact, so many people thought we were going to get blown off the field that they didn’t even bother to show up. Let’s talk about that for a minute. A mere 40,281 showed up to watch 2 Heisman hopefuls, a #22 ranked Baylor and a #5 ranked OU square off.

The day started off with some great tailgating and the MOB – March of the Bears.

I then drank more beers than RG3sus had incompletions and headed into The Case (I’m really gonna miss this place when the new on campus stadium is built, but mainly for sentimental reasons).

Despite what you may read, OU didn’t have 20,000-25,000 in the stands. They had about 8,000-9,000, about what UT or A&M max out at, and not as many as Nebraska typically brings when they drive down from Dallas for one of the few games their alum would get to see a year. Regardless, it was a pretty disappointing showing by the home crowd.

Those that said “the product on the field needs to step it up and then I’ll show up”. Well, Joe Baylor, here’s your chance!

One more comment on the crowd, what is going on with the Baylor Line?!?

Seriously. First game of the season and it seems like the Baylor Line is streaming on the field for 5 solid minutes. Saturday night, they had 500 kids maybe. I’ll hand it to those kids. They will become the next die hard alums. The rest of you need to step it up if you want to have a program to cheer for when you’re 24 and beyond.

So on to the game.

We came out of the gate swingin’ and didn’t screw up the toss. OU deferred, giving Baylor the ball first. Silly Sooners. Have you not been paying attention to Art Briles’ team the last couple of seasons? 2 plays later – BOOM – 80 yard TD pass to a wide open receiver. The OU crowd is stunned and they look to the officials for help, and as always when playing Baylor, the officials come through. Holding.

That single play, a mere 30 seconds into the game served notice. Baylor just hit you in the mouth and it was like that all night long.

A quarter went by and the #2 offense in the country (Baylor) and the number something lower than #2 in the country (Zero U) had dueled to a whopping 3-3 tie. (congrats Stork. Seems you’ve got your groove back).

This was victory in itself as recently as last year when we were down 28-0 after 15 minutes. Some Baylor faithful were surprised, but the OU fans were shocked. “Just who the hell do these Baptists think they are?!?”

Another quarter clicked by and at the half, BU leads…LEADS…OU 17-10.

On a side note, I hear the band was pretty cool after what apparently was a Homecoming debacle. I’m always at the truck having another beer, and though I enjoy and appreciate what the band does and the effort they put in, it doesn’t win or lose unless you’re from a school 90 miles southeast of us.

Back from halftime and two more beers for the two more turnovers the Bears would force from the Sooners in the second half and OU is receiving the kick.

Admittedly, I fully expected them to score. I hoped our defense would stop them and we’d go score with another quick strike, but my brain knew they would likely score. They used a long pass to a tight end to make it happen and then the Belldozer came in. Apparently 6’6 245# is unstoppable because we didn’t stop it all night.

On our next drive, Briles, who may have been having drinks with me at half time with his shotgun snap call on 4th and micrometers lets us turn it over on downs on our own 30 something. 40 seconds later, we’re down 7. In a matter of 4 minutes, we’d seemingly let a huge opportunity slip away. If this was the “same ol Baylor”, we’d have lost by 30.

This is when I truly knew we had turned a corner as a program. We didn’t score on our next drive, but neither did OU. On our following drive, Griffin to Reese to Wright happened. It will forever be known as the Immaculate Deflection.

Kendall Wright, the #1 receiver in the Big 12, caught the tip of Tevin Reese’s helmet in stride and was not going to be denied.

That made it 24-24, but on that play the momentum shifted. Briles, Griffin, Wright & Co. and the fans served notice on that drive that we weren’t going away. The Bears piled on two more scores to make it 38-24 before the Sooners knew what hit em.


In the stands, we found ourselves in a familiar place. We were up 14 this time with 12:42 to go in the 4th. Somehow, I knew 38 wouldn’t be enough and sure enough, with under a minute left, OU scored to tie the game.

If you thought the Immaculate Deflection was one of the biggest plays of the game, it was, but it only rated #3. The second most importantly play of the game was about to happen.

Stoops is a great coach. He can’t seem to win the big games, but he’s a great coach nonetheless. He knew he couldn’t stop Baylor’s offense, or at least that what I thought he was thinking as he trotted out the BellDozer to go for 2.

Think about that. Baylor has risen to a level where OU has to go for two to try to win a ball game against Baylor. Baylor had led the whole game and deserved to win this game, but I knew, and Briles & Bennett likely knew, we couldn’t stop the BellDozer. Briles calls timeout.

****it!!! That was our last timeout. Advantage Stoops.

Then, the little bitty tiny crowd of Baylor fans, numbering maybe just 10,000 of 40,000 if you believe the Oklahoma papers, mustered up all the strength it could to fill it’s lungs and I then added another name to my Christmas list this year. Adam Shead, FR OL, you are receiving a gift from theebears.com this Christmas.

That little tiny crowd caused just enough noise for the freshman to false start. If I was Stoops, I’d have still run the BellDozer from the 7, but he sent in the XP unit.

All knotted up with :51 left. A quick aside. Let’s look at Baylor’s scoring drives so far in the game:

4:25 – FG
0:36 – TD
0:15 – TD
0:49 – TD
2:40 – TD
1:21 – TD

Fully 3 of our 5 TD’s thus far in the game were scored in 49 seconds or less. Baylor has the best QUICK STRIKE offense in the country.

We all know what happened next as what will now be forever known as Thee Drive (with all due respect to John Elway who was in the stands that fateful evening) began. Also, since we coined it and it’s our website, Thee Drive it is as it helped put Baylor University aka Thee University back on the map!

We know because we were there, but in a strange twist of fate, the USC / Oregon game had just ended and the ENTIRE country had thrust into their living rooms Heisman front-runner and most exciting player in college football: Robert Griffin III.

How does Briles choose to start this drive? Yep. We’re playing for overtime. We run off tackle for 4 yards to see what Stoops does and in all his arrogance he calls a timeout to try to get the ball back and win it in regulation. Remember, Baylor has ZERO timeouts and only :51 teeny tiny seconds to work with.

Well now you done pissed off the Texas riverboat gambler. The next 4 plays were written as only a premier Heisman candidate can write them:

Griffin run for a first down – 22 yards.

Griffin pass for 8 yards.

Griffin pass Wright for 12 yards to the OU 34 (we’re alraedy in field goal range Stork. I hope you’re loose. Just kidding, we don’t need ya!)

Then this (words cannot describe it it was so beautiful so just watch):

OU was so stunned they fumble the ensuing squib kick kickoff and then mayhem ensues as the stands do this:

A girl on crutches even storms the field:

Someone tries to Gatorade RGIII:

Then Erin Andrews ends up looking like this:

And the scoreboard looks like this:

This will go down as possibly the greatest victory in the history of Baylor football. Have we had bigger? Technically yes. Many other games, but not since the advent of mass college sports media and the internet.

So I hope you got yourself one of these because you should go frame it.

What Teaff used to do on a fairly regular basis, Briles and Bennett have now proven they can do.

If you don’t have one of those, you probably looked like this guy as you watched Baylor in gold and OU in white scroll across the ESPN crawler all day long on Sunday:

Robert Griffin and Co. have thrust him back into the spotlight as the #1 Heisman candidate again (gotta win two more Griff) with his Tebow-like numbers from Tebow’s sophomore year.

To those that say “you’re still Baylor.” You’re right!

WE ARE….B-U!!!!!

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November 21st, 2011 at 11:10 pm

Notre Dame has Touchdown Jesus….Baylor has THROWDOWN Jesus!

by admin

When you have over 180 dunks in your career and over 50% of your made baskets molested the rim, this one also says it all:

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November 18th, 2011 at 12:10 am

Watching Baylor Bear Basketball Gives you SIX PACK ABS!!!

by admin

Ok, not really, but that’s a lot more interesting than “#11 Baylor Men’s Basketball Puts Away SDSU”. Nothing sexy about that, but abs…well, they’re sexy and I has em.

So the 2011-2012 Baylor Bears are 3-0 after defeating SDSU. SDSU went 34-3 last year and made it to the Sweet 16, but they lost some key players.

Similarly, ok not even related, Baylor is still playing without the services of Perry Jones III who the NCAA singled out for reasons no one can explain, not even the NCAA.

What’s amazing to me is I haven’t even wondered where PJIII has been. Granted, we haven’t played any top notch competition yet, but thankfully, we’ve thus far walked away unscathed in the loss column (the @Northwestern game looms large though).

Personally, I think, even with PJIII, this team is a little overrated at #11 in the country. We have elite talent and more depth than ever before, but much of that talent is unproven. That was evident today as we managed to rack up 21 turnovers.

We have to get this fixed or I’m going to hang up this blog and go back to my much lower paying day job. On the flip side, we did have 18 assists against a SDSU defense that is fundamentally solid. So there is some silver lining, but if we want to make a deep run in March and into April, we have to get the TO bugaboo fixed.

So far, I have reasons to be hopeful we will continue to earn our #11 (or better ranking) as the season progresses, but this year’s Bears need to play with a chip on their shoulder like they demand people’s respect when no one respects them.

They do that, and we could be talking about this season 20 years from now at Scott Drew’s 50th birthday party!

Great win Bears!

Sic em!

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November 16th, 2011 at 12:38 am