Polo Manukainiu and Zack Sanchez to Announce Intentions Today?

by admin

We know that Mack Brown and Texas have been using Baylor as a recruiting scouting service for some time now, giving further credence that Art Briles, Phil Bennett and the Baylor coaching staff may be the best at evaluating talent. Briles has done a great job of fending off Texas and Oklahoma. This gets put to the test this weekend yet again as the 2012 recruiting season comes to a close.

Oklahoma has been going all Brandon Williams on Zack Sanchez. Sanchez has been committed to Baylor for some time now and with a Safety recently de-committing from OU to head to OSU (OU fans must think hell has frozen over here given OSU’s lack of historical football success), they are coming hard after Sanchez.

Polo Manukainiu tripped to A&M this weekend. Talk about walking into a catastrophe of a situation down in College Station. They are on their 4th coaching staff in 9 years. Have hired an unproven head coach – let’s face it, this guy did really well with what Briles built, but when they didn’t have Case Keenum, well, it was like the Houston we all know and love. On top of that, A&M is losing most everyone that mattered from their offense next season. We at theebears.com don’t sign on to the theory that somehow the SEC West is any tougher than the Big 12 South because, well, it isnt. A&M was going to be bad in the Big 12 next year regardless, as it was going to be a rebuilding year with a brand new coaching staff.

Polo must also consider that he’d be playing for one of the best Defensive Coordinators in college football over the last 20+ years. Phil Bennett has a proven track record of building an elite defense and getting guys to the NFL. Who’s A&M’s Defensive Coordinator again?

Who knows what goes through the minds of kids as they make this huge decision. For Polo, A&M has been mediocre at best for 15 years and is on the way down. Baylor is on the way up coming off a season finishing in the top 12, record setting a bowl record for offense, great opportunities to make an immediate impact on defense and compete for championships. A&M, well, not so much. Also, Polo has said he wants to play with high school teammate and Baylor commit elite linebacker Brian Nance. He may also want to play 2 years in Baylor Stadium on the Brazos which will be one of the most scenic stadiums in the nation.

Sanchez has to choose between the school that found him first and a school that is a johnny come lately that he wasn’t good enough for until some defections occurred. This is similar to what led Brandon Williams to leave OU. Had he played at Baylor, he would have thrived over the next few years in the nation’s best offense. Now he’s on his way to A&M to toil in futility.

Rumors are we should all know something tonight with both these guys. Time will tell. It does seem though, that if you want to spend a lot of time on ESPN, Baylor is the place to be!

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January 29th, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Baylor Defeats the Texas Longhorns….Again (or The Day Baylor Remembered How to Get to the Rack!)

by DonBearlione

In what over the last several years has become a common occurrence, Baylor beats Texas. The latest installment is in men’s basketball as Little Ricky Barnes and his favorite official (John Higgins), yet again, can’t find a way to beat the Baylor Bears. Look, I don’t even want to put it on the officials whether we win or lose, but this guy Higgins calls almost EVERY big game we have, especially against Texas, and has found ways to insert himself at opportune times to affect the outcome of the game. Yesterday, he by and large did what he was supposed to do and was a non factor. Ok, enough of that.

The crowd and the atmosphere was amazing, as it always is when Baylor is putting a good product on the court or the field. This game was billed as a “Neon Out” and those of you that somehow think we should all wear green because it stands out more on tv, well, check this out:

Nary a horn to be found

Nary a horn to be found

When you walked into the stadium there was a neon yellow tshirt draped over every seat. After the first tv timeout, the announcer asked everyone to put the shirt on and when CBS came back, it looked like a tennis ball had exploded all over the Ferrell Center. It showed awesome team unity and the power of everyone wearing the same color, as well as showing just how few Texas fans were actually in the building. I think there may have been 200, but that’s probably being really generous. That and, the way the Bears played in the first half, I saw several Longhorns reaching for a neon shirt so they could support a winner. Gotta love converting t-shirt fans in your own stadium!

Additionally, CBS had Scott Drew “wired” for the game. What a great tool for recruiting for Baylor. I know a lot of people and those in the media like to negative recruit for other schools by saying Scott Drew can’t coach, but when you listen to what he’s saying and how he teaches throughout the game, it’s apparent, as most of us know, haters gonna hate.

On to the game. Can I just say that I’m amazed at how well Quincy Miller, a freshman, coming off knee surgery 12 months ago, gets to the rack? This has been a bugaboo for the Bears, one of the biggest, if not the biggest team in the nation, all season long. Miller knows how to draw fouls. This, by and large, single handedly cost us the Mizzou game. Whatever we did differently against Texas, let’s never forget it. We’re a great free throw shooting team and it likely won the game for us down the stretch as we spent a good part of the second half in the double bonus.

Speaking of doubles, Perry Jones III has a double double by half time. For those of you getting on his back from time to time and questioning him, please shut up. Sure he, like anyone can have up or down performances, but there is no doubt this guy is an elite talent. As a matter of fact, both he AND the Cookie Monster ended up with double doubles by games end.

Baylor did an excellent job rebounding. No, let me rephrase that, we DOMINATED Texas on the boards, as we should most teams. We outrebounded Texas 40-28, but still allowed 13 offensive boards to our 12. That’s improvement there and if it’s indicative of a trend, this will be one happy Baylor Bear fan come April.

Our biggest issue, once again, was turnovers. 19 for the game while Texas only had 9. Baylor plays at light speed and with it comes eye popping, NBA-style plays and excitement (where else can you watch someone like Pierre Jackson throw an ally-oop from a step inside half court to a premier 6’11 forward – Pierre makes it look so easy), but it also brings with it a sense of carelessness with the ball from time to time. We HAVE to find a way to take care of the ball better. If we can keep improving in rebounding and limit our turnovers to 12-14 per game, this team may be the best in the nation.

Here’s a still of the Pierre’s ally-oop (by the way, is there a better Coach in the nation out of a timeout than Scott Drew???)

Have you ever seen an oop thrown from here with such ease?

Have you ever seen an oop thrown from here with such ease?

Check the 2:10 mark of the Baylor highlights below for what may be the greatest ally-oop I’ve ever seen – airmailed from Pierre to Perry:

In what was the second advanced sellout of the year for the Baylor Bears, 10,299 stood and cheered and were loud most of the game as they saw Baylor bring home yet another victory of the Texas Longhorns.

What a great time to be a Baylor Bear. I was reminded again last night, as I flipped on the tv, that, unlike Aggies, we don’t care or need the Longhorn Network or something like it, we have ESPN (or BSPN – Baylor Sports Programming Network, as Baylor seems to be on there more than Stuart Scott).

Let’s keep this train rolling Bears. Big non-rivalry game in College Station on Wednesday and it’s been a few years since A&M has beaten us. Time to send them out in stile.

Unsung Hero of the Game The award this game goes to AJ Walton. In what is turning into a recurring nightmare for Rick Barnes, AJ Walton, as in years past, calmly steps to the line in a pressure situation and buries 2 dagger free throws. Excellent clutch effort AJ!. Honorable Mention this week goes to Pierre Jackson for immediately answering J’Covan Brown’s 3 with a 3 of his own. FACE!
- Baylor improves to 6-2 to start conference for the first time since 1986-1987
- Baylor is now 19-2 to start the season, it’s best start ever
- Texas falls to 3-5 in conference and is firmly on the bubble at 13-8, while Little Ricky Barnes rear end may have just gotten a little warmer
- Texas still flops to the ground after every 3 pointer they attempt like they were shot by a cannon. Aggie’s Bryan Davis must be on their coaching staff
- @QuincyAcy introduced Texas’ Kabongo to a big time college pick as he de-sneakered him freeing Pierre Jackson for a wide open 3 which, of course, he buried
- Gary Franklin let Texas know you don’t leave him wide open anywhere on the court as he buries yet another 3, while wearing kicks that matched the 10,600 shirts being worn in the stadium
- Baylor, one of the top defenses in the nation, held Texas to 40% shooting from the floor
- Baylor remains the only team in the country with both it’s men’s and women’s basketball teams in the top 6 in the nation and it’s football team in the top 12
- Big time basketball recruit Ricardo Gathers was in the house
- Huge time basketball recruit Tyrone Swoopes was in the house, getting some quality time with The Quarterback Whisperer and architect of the #1 offense in the nation, Art Briles
- Baylor will hit the road for it’s next two games, including a game in college station against non-rival A&M.
- Baylor returns to the Ferrell Center on 2/8 to return a favor to Kansas
- Kansas lost to Iowa St on Saturday, keeping Baylor’s hopes for a Big 12 championship alive


Sic Em!

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January 29th, 2012 at 1:19 pm

#6 Baylor Wins Easily at Oklahoma…Improves to 18-2

by admin

For about 5 minutes in the second half, Baylor was flat out unstoppable. It was a non-stop BSPN (Baylor Sports Programming Network) BaylorCenter highlight reel.

Remember, we ain’t scared of the Longhorn Network. We got our own network. I like to call it ESPN.

What has Oklahoma beat Baylor in again this year? Check back when you come up with something.

Anthony Jones – PLAYER OF THE GAME! Hustled, crashed the boards, dropped some 3′s, brought energy. Glad to see you making the most of your minutes! Oh and @g4orcefranklin and @bradyheslip were raining down 3′s like usual.

Instead of doing a breakdown of the game, I’d like y’all to hear what these guys have to say about Baylor sports:

And, of course, there’s always this:

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January 24th, 2012 at 9:41 pm

1/14/12 – Baylor OSU at 2pm Today and Other Games of Note

by admin

The Baylor Trinity puts its 38 game winning streak on the line on BSPN (Baylor Sports ProgrammingNetwork) at 2pm.

We’ll track other games of note throughout the day.

Kentucky at #2 Tennessee

Tennessee up 34-38 at the half

12:49 – all ties 54-54 w 6:30 to play
12:57 – Tennessee down 58-54 with 3 to play
1:06 – Kentucky up 62-57 w :37 to play
1:09 – Kentucky up 62-60 w :27 to play. Kentucky ball
1:12 – Kentucky wins 65-62

Texas @ #9 Missouri
- 12:20 – Missouri up 17-14 with 12:31 to go
- 12:49 – Missouri up 43-28 w :45 to play in the first
- 1:36 – Missouri up 62-55 w 10:00 to play
- under 1:00 to play. Missouri cruising up 82-67

Texas Tech at betrAyandM – 12;45
- 12:51 – atm up 4-0 early
- 1:07 – atm up 14-2 11:38 to play in 1st
- 1:34 – atm up 32-13 w 2:58 to play in the half

#17 KSU @ Oklahoma – 12:47
-12:50 – ou up 5-0 early
- 1:08 – ou up 18-10 11:30 to play
- 1:35 – ou up 38-29 at the half
- 1:58 – ou up 46-33 with 16:30 to play in 2nd

#7 Michigan State @ Northwestern -2p

Iowa St @ #10 Kansas – 3pm

#12 UNLV @ #22 SDSU – 3pm

St Mary’s defeats #23 Gonzaga 83-62
Goooooooo RPI

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January 14th, 2012 at 12:17 pm

ESPN is Baylor Central – Pardon the Interruption Segment

by admin

Not who is the best player in the country. Who is the best player at Baylor?!?

RG3, PJ3 or BG.

So many elite athletes, but only one can walk away with the best player at Baylor university. Everyone else is playing for second.

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January 11th, 2012 at 6:22 pm

It’s official…Robert Griffin to the NFL!!!

by admin

Not that this surprises anyone. We’ll be uploading video and quotes shortly.

Art Briles: “Don’t chase your dreams, go catch them.”

Reporter: “Coach Briles, what do you think of RG3 possibly being a top 5 pick?” Briles: “Well, if you want to put him that low…”

Updated Wednseday night with Sports Center coverage of RG3′s decision:

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January 11th, 2012 at 3:34 pm

Scott Drew Out-Coaches Frank Martin Again as Baylor Defeats KState on the Road – Now 36-0 Since Halloween

by DonBearlione

This was a dog fight. You knew it would be. #4 and undefeated Baylor (16-0) was taking on #18 in what they call The Octagon in Manhattan, KS.

Now, I thought it must be an 8 sided building. You see, I’ve never been there. Why would anyone go to Kansas if they didn’t have to. However, after watching this game, it was clear the epithet “The Octagon” really indicated how many players Baylor would have to defeat last night. That number was 8.

We here at theebears.com are not fans of calling out the refs, but this was a disgrace to college officiating, or officiating on any level.

Scott Drew can’t say nor would he if he could. He has that kind of integrity. However, I don’t have to keep my mouth shut.

Baylor finished with 27 fouls to KState’s 17. Baylor is probably the largest team in the nation and pounds the ball inside, but it’s not so much the number differential. You’re supposed to have some advantage at home, right? No, the issue here was largely, or so it appears, that two of the three officials officiated the infamous Duke / Baylor game in the Elite 8 back in 2009, making a dubious charge call on a block that likely prevented Baylor from playing in it’s second basketball national title game and likely winning its first.

Mike Stuart and Doug Sirmons coincidentally were 2 of the 3 officials that night in 2009 and last night. There were more dubious charge calls in that game than I’ve ever seen. 6 by my last count. All that led to KState being in the DOUBLE BONUS (not bonus) with over 10 min left to play in the second half. At that same time, KState had not yet registered a single foul in the second half.

There was also a 5 second call on Pierre Jackson, the early front-runner now for Big 12 Player of the Year, while he was driving to the basket.

I don’t really even care about bad officiating as long as it’s consistent. The refs purposely inserted themselves into the outcome of this game and, well, Baylor won anyway. This team has MOXY!

Baylor overcame 8 TO’s in the first 9 minutes of the game and 2 10+ point deficits. For the final 31 minutes of the game, Baylor only turned it over 11 times. Not great, but not bad. Surprisingly, given Baylor’s start, KState actually committed more turnovers for the game – 18.

Quincy Acy, Perry Jones, AJ Walton, Quincy Miller and Pierre Jackson played most of the game in foul trouble. They would all end up with 4 fouls. I’m not sure Perry Jones, AJ Walton or Pierre Jackson has ever had 4 fouls in a single game in their career. Interesting…

Baylor also proved in this game that it can win in a big time environment (again..anyone remember BYU) on the road playing man. Scott Drew stubbornly went zone to start the second half, but quickly went back to man. This is the most man we’ve played in a game all season.

After the game, the biggest ass of a coach in men’s college basketball immediately called out his players and point guards. He also said they were “in control of the game with 6 minutes to go”. Oh really? Baylor led 67-64 with 6 min left on the clock, but why let facts get in the way.

Scott Drew flat out outcoached Frank Martin. There’s not a better coach in the nation than Scott Drew on the inbounds pass and we also have introduced a backdoor cut that Princeton would be proud of that we perfectly executed no less than 5 times.

Baylor is Elite. Baylor is Legit. Baylor is undefeated at 16-0, 3-0 in conference with 2 early road wins. It’s a long season, but this team is one of the most exciting in the nation to watch.

Oh and Pierre Jackson? OMG! Quicker than gossip, there’s not a player in the nation that can keep PJ in front of him.

Baylor would walk out with a critical road W against a top conference opponent and bring the all time Baylor – KState series record to 11-13 (good guys with 11).

Baylor is now 36-0 in the 3 major sports since Halloween. The #BaylorTrinity just keeps on rolling: #1 wbb, #4 mbb, #12 football.


Other notes
- Baylor had 12 offensive rebounds and held KState to 12 offensive rebounds

- PJax finished with 11 assists and 10 points

- Baylor notched 13 steals going to man for much of the game

- Pierre Jackson started the 2nd half for the first time this season

- Brady Heslip went 3-8 from 3 and had 4 steals. This kid is solid. Probably the highest basketball IQ on the court

- Baylor shot 64% in the second half. Tough missing dunks and layups


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January 11th, 2012 at 1:55 pm

ALL WE DO IS WIN!!! Baylor Beats Texas Tech 73-60 in Lubbock – Baylor 35-0 Since November 1st!

by DonBearlione

Baylor looked really sloppy in the first half turning it over 12 times. They settled down in the second in a game the officials (thank you John Higgins) wanted to make sure everyone knew they were a part of. At one point, Baylor was 10-21 from the line. Perry Jones finished 1-6 and looked a little out of sorts all game. Really need him to turn the light on again this season. If he does, this team will be scary good.

Before we dissect the game, you have to check out this dunk. It had to be the highlight of the night. I am really going to miss the Cookie Monster! I’m sure he even had Texas Tech fans on their feet cheering this monster jam :)

Baylor clearly did not capitalize on a lot of opportunities: namely at the free throw line and many many missed layups and “and 1″ opportunities where we need to finish stronger.

Baylor did a good job on the boards out-rebounding Tech 31-20 (10 offensive rebounds to 5). Very respectable.

We also out shot Tech for only the second time this season while holding them to under 40% from the field. This Baylor defense is smothering at times and very serviceable when it’s not.

It should also be noted that the officials were in control of this game which probably altered some of the play down low, for both teams. Why are games always called that way in Lubbock? Whatever, just win baby.

For those wanting to bag on this game, note that we had 12 TO’s in the first half and 2 TO’s in the second half. Way more than respectable from a ball control perspective in the 2nd half.

We also went 20-30 from the line. While 67% ain’t too good, if we shot our year avg from the line, we’d have picked up another 2 points (maybe more since front ends of 1 and 1s were missed).

This and TO’s kept the game close in the first half and allowed Texas Tech to make a minor comeback in the second half before we pulled away.

Co-game ball goes to Pierre Jackson and Quincy Miller with a tip of the hat to Brady Haslip. Pierre Jackson finished with 19 points, 7 AST and 2 TO’s.

Quincy Miller was a beast down low and getting to the rack. He finished with 15 points going 9-11 from the line and had 9 rebounds, 4 OFFENSIVE. He did account for 5 of Baylor’s 14 TO’s, most of which you can tell are him still trying to adjust to the speed of the college game. Excellent line though for a superstar freshman in his first Big 12 road game.

Brady Heslip continued to do what he do. Every time Tech would get close, he’d insert another dagger from all over the court beyond the arc. He even made his 7th deuce of the season. He finished with 16 points, going 4-6 from down town and has yet to miss a free throw as a Baylor Bear.

Any time you can win on the road with your best player, PJ3, having an off night, well, you take it. Congratulations to the UNDEFEATED BAYLOR BEARS!

Huge road test in Manhattan next Wednesday night.

Oh and by the way, KState absolutely blew out Missouri today. We knew Missouri was likely a little overrated, but with that loss, Baylor joins only Syracuse and Murray St as the two remaining undefeated teams in the nation.

ALL WE DO IS WIN!!!!!!!!! We Are…B-U!

Texas Tech - Scoreboard

Baylor - All We Do Is Win

Oh…and this…

Don’t forget to follow us @theebears or to check out our message board www.theebears.com/bearpoop

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January 7th, 2012 at 3:06 pm

Brian Nance LB Commits to Baylor!!! – See the Full Video Here

by admin

Nance is a 4* (6’3 210) recruit with offers from everyone (except A&M who will now say they didn’t offer). The Phil Bennett Effect is in full swing. Grant Teaff DEFENSE here we come.

Offers included:
Notre Dame
Texas A&M
Texas Tech

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January 7th, 2012 at 12:54 pm

Did It Make Sense for Sam Bradford or Matt Leinart to Return After Winning Heismans?

by DonBearlione

We hear over and over again how it makes no sense for RG3 to return to Baylor for his season season. Admittedly, Robert Griffin III had one of the greatest QB seasons of all time this year. That would be tough to top individually. Secondly, Baylor finished 10-3, in 3rd place in the conference.

Why didn’t the same refrain ring true when Bradford and Leinart were making their decisions? They faced the exact same risks and were coming off Heisman winning seasons. Oh yeah, they played for OU and USC and the money machine didn’t want to see any drop off in production at those schools.

Now, on the surface, you may easily dismiss Baylor’s season as an aberration. Those that don’t know their Baylor football history don’t know that this is something that has happened before and many times (maybe not 10 wins, but 13 game seasons were not the norm before the formation of the Big 12).

Baylor loses, its starting center, another mammoth offensive lineman in Robert T Griffin, nations leading receiver in Kendall Wright and bruising power back Terrance Ganaway.

However, when you look a little deeper, you realize that Briles has been stockpiling offensive linemen for years now and the annual rotation is in full swing. It’s not hard to believe the O Line could actually be better next year.

Losing Kendall Wright will hurt, but Baylor has likely the deepest receiving corps in the conference. Studs have been redshirted this year and clearly with 3 guys (2 of which return) getting almost 1,000 yards receiving this year, if we can stand any attrition, it is at receiver.

From a running back perspective, no one expected Terrance Ganaway to lead the Big 12 in rushing and set the all time Baylor rushing record this year. We knew he was good, but if you’re honest with yourself, there’s no way you thought he’d be that good. Baylor is deep at running back what with Jared Salubi and Glasco Martin IV returning and Lache Seastrunk (one of the highest rated RB recruits in the nation two years ago) and BJ Allen becoming eligible.

All that said, I don’t expect much dropoff in the offense at all next year, assuming RG3 returns.

So what would be the motivation? Baylor, with some improvement on the defensive side of the ball, Baylor could compete for the Big 12 championship and more. The only thing standing in the way of that will be the necessary improvement on defense. You also have to play Texas and Oklahoma at their place.

Those thinking it’s impossible for Baylor to win a conference title next year must consider that we could have contended for it this year if you consider the 1 point loss at KState where we took the foot off the gas early in the 4th quarter and had two other games where inexplicable we turned the ball over at a record pace and failed to score 6 times inside the opponents 5 yard line.

This really is a question for RG3 of one in the hand and two in the bush. It’s the known vs the unknown. No one, NO ONE, could begrudge him leaving and possibly becoming the #1 pick in the draft. Baylor wins either way. No longer can the other schools negative recruit against us saying no one will ever hear from you playing at Baylor. Saying you can’t win if you go to Baylor. Saying you won’t have great facilities to play in if you go to Baylor (one of the best practice facilities in the nation, new on campus stadium coming in 2014 with one of the most scenic views in the nation). Those days are gone.

God speed RG3. Baylor Nation supports you no matter what you do. Tank you for what you’ve done so far and what you will do in the future. You’ve returned the culture to one of winning, where it was 15 years ago and the recruiting dividends are immeasurable.

Make no mistake, this was Baylor’s greatest season in its history. Truthfully, Baylor has had better team seasons, winning Orange Bowls, conference titles, undefeated conference seasons, etc. However, Sloan and Stanton made the mistake of burying the football program just when the media attention on college football began exploding. The media doesn’t even acknowledge what Baylor accomplished before 1996 and for that reason, this was the greatest season in Baylor’s 110+ year history of playing football.

PS If you decide to return, we’ll enjoy 6 sellouts at home next year, watching the greatest college QB to ever play the game (who was more complete of a player at the highest level) and competing for a conference and national title.

Either way, Baylor presently has the #1 athletics department in the nation. If you’re a college sports fan, very fans can say their school has accomplished what Baylor has this year.

PSS When the winner of the Heisman is named Griffin, history tells us they always return for another season and win a 2nd Heisman. Can’t screw with fate.


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January 1st, 2012 at 3:00 pm