Baylor’s Throwdown Jesus Says..Hey Barnes, Remember Me?

February 20, 2012 by: DonBearlione

That’s right. Notre Dame can have Touchdown Jesus. Baylor has Throwdown Jesus. Nobody dunks more ferociously and more frequently than Quincy Acy.

Throwdown Jesus - Quincy Acy

Come at me bro!

Quincy Acy had quite possibly the best overall game of his career as Baylor goes on the road to beat Texas and SWEEP them for the 2nd time in 3 years (well, can we say we swept them twice in 2009-2010 since we beat them 3 times that year?).

I know, I know. Many of you out there are saying, c’mon man, don’t you remember this game against Texas (we know lil Ricky Barnes does)? I mean, who gets 10 dunks in 1 game. ONE GAME?!?

Baylor blew out Texas that game, but it was at home and Acy actually was much much better in this game.

This was a huge turning point game for the Bears. Haters had been piling on a team who, has the same record as the #5 team in the country, hasn’t lost to a team outside the RPI top 26 and 4 of their 5 losses came against teams ranked #3 and #5.

People forget how young this team is. Baylor only plays 1 senior and that senior, one Cookie Monster (@quincyacy) went full on BEAST MODE for Scott Drew’s 1st win on Big Monday (as many huge games as Baylor has won, I couldn’t believe this myself).

Acy was clutch when it mattered most. He scored 22 points (went 8-11 from the free throw line – someone has practiced his FT’s since he was a freshman) and buried FT after FT in clutch time. Oh, did I mention he had a career high 16 rebounds (EIGHT offensive)? He also had only 1 turnover for the game on a pass Perry Jones could have caught but maybe was a little hot.

Look, I know Pierre Jackson had a huge game 25 points (12-12 FT) and only 4 TO’s to go with 6 assists, playing most of the second half with 3 fouls trying not to get his 4th. Brady Heslip was huge as well. Every time J’Covan Brown buried a 3, the downtown Canuck was there to answer as we climbed back from being down 10 at the half.

AJ Walton came up huge as he always seems to do down in Austin (anyone remember those freethrows 2 years ago in clutch time?). He intercepted the pass from J’Covan Brown that in effect threw the game away for the Longhorns.

I’ll have more updates later, but what a huge huge win for the Bears, playing much of our 2nd team through most of the 2nd half and with our 2nd leading scorer Quincy Miller sick on the bench playing reduced minutes.

This game was all about heart and I was very pleased to see that apparently no lead was too big for our guys to give up as they outscored the Texas Longhorns by 15 in the second half to win by 5.

There are two great things about this win: 1) it puts the biggest crybaby in the Big 12, Little Ricky Barnes very firmly on the bubble for the NCAA tournament (we won a game, in Austin, that Texas HAD TO HAVE) and 2) since the NCAA got Baylor back to full strength recruiting-wise, etc, Scott Drew owns Rick Barnes – going 5-2 against them since that span, including 2-1 in Austin.

What a great win for the Baylor Bears and congratulations to Scott Drew on winning his first Big Monday game. You couldn’t have picked a better team to do it against than our most hated rival the Texas Longhorns.

PS Great job of handling the ball in the second half. Baylor finished the game with 17 assists and 11 turnovers. Only 2 of those 11 came in the second half and they came with less than 2 minutes left in the game. That’s how you make a deep run in the NCAA tourney.

PSS Baylor needs only to beat Oklahoma and Texas Tech at home to sweep the entire Big 12 South. Including all sports sweeps, football – men’s basketball – women’s basketball, of teams the old school media (which is why we’re here for you Baylor Nation) tells us we just won’t ever be able to compete with, Oklahoma and Texas.

PSSS If you want a really good laugh, go check out the epic meltdown on Shaggy Bevo where they complain about not getting any calls from the refs. LMAO…HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

PSSSS Baylor remains the #1 road team in the nation moving to 9-2 in games away from The Ferrell Center #FEARtheFERRELL

PSSSSS Deuce Bello was a hero of this game as well. He played some very solid defense against the Big 12′s leading scorer in J’Covan Brown. Amazing effort for a freshman who hasn’t been called on a ton in the clutch

PSSSSSS For those of you that have asked what Brady Heslip brings to the table. We don’t win this game tonight without him shooting 80% from 3 (4-5)

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