A Little National Perspective Regarding Baylor Basketball

March 10, 2012 by: admin

Baylor is a relatively young team. They are the 6th youngest team in the Big 12. Yet many say Baylor should apparently be an auto-Final Four team. Many say Baylor has underachieved all season. 4 of their 6 losses were to top 5 teams. With a little help from the bottom of the top 50, Baylor would have registered 10….TEN….wins against RPI top 50 teams. That’s unbelievably solid folks.

That said, Baylor is 27-6. Playing for another Big 12 title opportunity tonight at 5. We are also the #7 RPI team in the country.

A win tonight will solidify a 2 seed for Baylor in the NCAA tournament.

All that said, there are 5 teams in BCS conferences with better records than 27-6 Baylor. Let’s check em ou:

Kentucky – 31-1
Syracuse – 31-2
Missouri – 29-4
North Carolina – 28-4
Duke – 27-5

So there it is folks. Perspective.

With the women blowing the doors off Texas A&M for the women’s title, let’s bring yet another championship back to Waco tonight!


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