Baylor Bears Rock the ‘Hawks in Kansas City

March 10, 2012 by: admin

In what was a de facto home game for Kansas, Lob City Baylor was in full effect in this game as Baylor pounded the Jayhawks in the Big 12 semis racking up yet another half court ally oop against Kansas in the process.

This is the 5th game this season, 2nd versus Kansas that Pierre and Perry have managed a half court ally oop. Check it out:

Half Cour Ally Oops Look Like This

At this point, Baylor pOWNS the Kansas Jayhawks in the Big 12 tournament. As a matter of fact, Baylor has never lost to the Jayhawks in the post-season.

After a convincing, no dominating, win against Kansas State yesterday, a game where Perry Jones, the Human Highlight(er) Reel stuck it to the NCAA by scoring 31, the Baylor Bears were back for vengeance against Kansas.

Baylor had convincing leads against Kansas in both games this year, but massive runs to close out and start halfs by Kansas put any thoughts of Baylor winning those games to bed. This is season 3 of this season though. And in this season, Baylor seems to best Kansas when it matters most.

Many have said Baylor underperformed this year. Bear in mind, there are all of 6 schools with a better record than Baylor this season. Yet, somehow many have labeled us a disappointment. Baylor plays best with its back against the wall and winning a road game in Kansas City against Kansas is about as tough as it gets.

When Bill Self put his toupee on this morning, did he expect this to be the photograph that best described him after losing to his coaching arch-nemesis Scott Drew?

Make no mistake, this was a TEAM effort. We limited turnovers (only 9 for the game vs 16 assists). We buried freethrows at an 85% clip. Everyone contributed. As a matter of fact, we had 6 players score in double figures against one of the best defenses in the nation.

Kansas took zero advantage of their massive home crowd advantage (when can we get the tourney back in Dallas again please?). How could they, when Baylor had the MUTE button fully pressed for most of the game (btw, great job Baylor Nation – we could hear the B-U! B-U! chant loud and clear on the tv).

Quincy Miller got to the rack early and often. No one does this better than Q for Baylor. And he makes his freethrows. I wish we could go back in time and teach Kevin Rogers how to get to the rack like him.

AJ Walton had another huge game. He limited turnovers and chose his spots to score. Had a great assist on the breakaway dunk to Perry Jones and played some outstanding defense as he always does. I know he’s taken his fair share of internet hate this year, but dude has really turned it on the last several games.

Brady Heslip was en fuego from 3 and when it mattered most. Just as Kansas thought Baylor might fold after relinquishing the lead, he was there, not once, not twice, but 3 additional times. One from Lawrence.

Brady had his 3 goggles on tonight

Quincy Acy was a Leader on the floor and came up with the timely block which led to the momentum shifting Perry Jones dunk. He had a very worman day and made our all lunch pail team.

Pierre Jackson again levitated like no one else in college can do. Second game in a row he had a 2 handed flush. Seriously? What’s your vert? Gotta be 40″+

Baylor Nation redemption tour is in full swing as we head to yet another Big 12 title game against Missouri. We need to send them off with a loss tomorrow to complete the Big 12 tour and then take the nation by storm.

Giving Thanks

Unleash the highlighters!!!! Check out some highlights below…

Perry Jones monster jam

Perry jones monster jam another angle

The Canadian Assasin Buries the Dagger

Baylor’s best finisher Quincy Miller with a primal scream!

Quincy Acy outruns Kansas

AJ Walton has found his form from 2 seasons ago. This is the AJ we all know and love!

Deuce Bellow shows off his athleticism. I can’t wait to see this kid develop!

The basketball version of the victory formation as Bill Self admits defeat to his arch nemesis Scott Drew, including the ever popular post game handshake

Here are a few select clips of plays that occurred during Kansas’ big run in the second half. You be the judge on whether or not the right call was made:

Here’s a no call

Here’s another no call

Yet another no call

The no call where Heslip makes em pay

Perry Jones foul on his tip in

And finally, after all that, this foul was called on Acy on Withey

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