Glad To Know the Obsession of Some of Our Formal Non-Rivals Still Runs Rampant

March 18, 2012 by: admin

We in Baylor nation know at least one school to the southeast of Baylor was praying that Baylor would some how blow it against Colorado last night.

Now, tonight, the annual NYT article slandering Coach Drew discussing how he recruits has finally made it to print (it was on their blog and has been edited several times already tonight). Seriously, these articles have occurred at this time every year since Baylor thumped Texas 3 times in one season. You can set your watch to them.

Regardless, this added some more threads on the fan board of the fan base that isn’t even in our conference any more, And yet, they just continue to prove they can’t live without us and will, apparently remain forever jealous and obsessed.

TexAgs Obsession - Exhibit A

TexAgs Obsession - Exhibit B

When fully 25% of the threads on your #1 fan site are about Baylor, it’s hard to deny the obsession, hatred and jealousy for Baylor is still alive and well. We’re gonna miss you guys!

Sweet 16 Baby!!!

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