How S-W-E-E-P It Is! Aggies Go 0 for 3 against Baylor in Their Best Sport!

April 22, 2012 by: admin

The Beaver is getting really full Baylor Nation. And getting full on the likes of Western Louisiana A&M (aka the Aggies) and Longhorns is the best kind of getting full.

We’ve heard for a while “Just wait till we play you in baseball. We’re a baseball school now. You’re still Baylor.” I must applaud their ability to get almost as many fans to their stadium for their #2 team in the country as Baylor did in Waco. They are only 3 times the size of Baylor and the 3rd largest degree mill in the country and couldn’t manage to equal the Baylor attendance.

I also applaud their delusional dedication to the fact that, after Heisman’s, National Titles, constant converage on BSPN and stock piling conference titles, Baylor still sucks.

We heard all this smack talk and then this weekend happened. It was their last desperate attempt to own Baylor at something. To somehow prove they were better. Then the Baylor neutron bomb landed on College Station and the Aggies in Waco and it’s been stunned silence. Twitter has been on mute as I haven’t heard from an Aggie in several days now. It is glorious.

You gotta be careful what you say when going up against the Baylor juggernaut, because there’s this little thing called eternal perma scoreboard and only one response that works:

Or this:

These are appropriate as well:

Let’s recap, shall we:

Baylor was ranked as high as #3 in some polls this week. Aggie was as high as #2. With LSU and Kentucky losing at least 1 game this week, Baylor may be ranked as high as #1 after SWEEPING the Aggies for the final Battle of the Brazos.

A&M, a school who’s alumni repeatedly say they don’t care about Baylor and that we’re not a rival, set a record for attendance in their game against Baylor on Friday. Interesting.

More interesting was the record for attendance that Baylor set on Saturday, which had more attendance than the game held Friday at the school with 50,000 students. I guess attendance smack won’t soothe the Aggie sadness tonight after yet another Baylor sweep this year.

A&M (or Western Lousiana State, as I’ve been calling them after they ran out on their history and traditional rivals because they couldn’t compete with Texas), has now gone 1-7 against Baylor in the 4 major sports. Throw in men’s and women’s tennis, a sport Baylor has dominated nationally for more than a decade and A&M went 1-9 against Baylor this year.

Records fell in this series. Baylor extends their record for all time wins in a row to start a conference slate to 18-0. The previous record was held by Texas at 7-0. This 18-0 record may never fall in the history of humanity. Well, not at least until Baylor wins again. There will never be another team do this ever. It’s almost statistically impossible.

Baylor also now owns the longest conference win streak ever at 18, breaking Nebraska’s record of 17.

A&M was picked to win the conference in baseball. (and football…and basketball…do you see a trend here Baylor Nation?). They do dominate the pre-season polls year in and year out and they never deliver. They now fall to 9-6 on the conference season and slip way into 3rd place with OU and OSU hot on their heels. How will they respond to this demoralizing loss to their hated non-rival? We’ll just have to wait and see as the Year of the Bear just keeps on trucking.

Congratulations Baylor. It is great for baseball to be back. A sport we dominated in the Big 12 for more than a decade and then took a 5 year break. We have a stranglehold on yet another conference title if we simply take care of business.

Due to finals, Baylor will not play another conference game for about 17 days.

Oh, and don’t forget, Baylor has now won 24 games in a row. The all time record is 34. That’s a nearly impossible task given that anyone can be anyone in baseball at any given time, and yet, an Aggie can’t seem to beat a Bear!

Also, Baylor swept A&M for the 3rd time in the Big 12, compared to A&M sweeping Baylor once. We also won 8 out of the 15 series.

Finally, Baylor passed ’08-’09 UCONN in wins for baseball, basketball and football in a single season with 115. They have a chance to tie ’02-’03 Texas with 116 on Tuesday.

Sic em!

Oh, and Land Thieves, this video needs to be updated:

We also win at rap videos. Here’s the aggie entry (ag swag???? lmao), See for yourself, you can’t make this stuff up:

Here’s one from Baylor:

Oh and don’t forget, WE ARE B-U! Baylor we are and Baylor we will always be!


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