What We’ve Learned So Far Week 1

by admin

1) Michigan, as always, is way overrated. Denard Robinson is a very poor man’s Robert Griffin. There’s really no comparison. He’s more on Terelle Pryor’s level.

2) Can someone tell me why Texas is ranked #15? I heard a couple of announcers say something to the effect of “Texas is the only Big 12 school with an SEC defense”. What? As I type this, they’re only up 31-14 on Wyoming (who gifted them 14 points on turnovers) and have given up 315 yards of offense in 3 quarters. They may win this game. They still don’t have an offense that anyone will fear

I also like the fact that Texas’ slogan this year is “Rise”. Often imitated, never duplicated, they steal one from Baylor from a couple of years ago. I thought Mack Brown just waited for Briles to make offers to determine what the good ideas are.

3) Kansas State takes forever to get started. SEC homers like to brag about how they beat the 2nd best team in the Big 12 and shut down their offense. KState probably had about the 7th best offense in the Big 12 last year. They got rolling late in this game, but with experience on the offensive side of the ball, I expected them to come out a little sharper against directional Missouri school.

4) Oklahoma State – you should be embarassed. 1) Classless. 2) WTF? 3) Classless. Get off my blog. I’m done with you this week.

5) Alabama made me bookoo $$$. 13 point favorites? Yep. Gettin paper

6) While I would much rather play Iowa State in Waco (we are, in fact, apparently their most hated rival, although no one south of the Red River knows that – these people serrrrrrriiiiiiiooooousssssllly HATE BAYLOR), after watching this game, I’m not as concerned as I was. Oh and Cody Green sucks.

7) Florida is, well, suspect at best so far. Bowling Green? Really? Who’s biggest claim to fame is Orel Hershisher? SEC SEC SEC!!!!

8) Due to hurricane Isaac, we have to wait a whole nuther week to see the aggies trot out their 4 Heisman pre-season favorites (2 of them are on defense!). The hurricane may have actually kept the aggies undefeated a week longer than expected.

9) How will Nick Florence look tomorrow? Will Bill Bennett be able to show improvement on the defensive side of the ball? Baylor plays the most compelling Big 12 pre-conference matchup. Says a lot about the state of college football scheduling to manufacture bowl games.

Oh and Robert Griffin III, as the most highly compensated NFL rookie in endorsements in NFL history, is an absolute gold mine for Baylor. I enjoyed watching him in his Baylor uniform in the background of the CBS set all day along with his never ending list of commercials.

Briles brings the sizzle. Can’t wait for this season to start.

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September 1st, 2012 at 9:42 pm