A Little Bowl Game Perspective

January 1, 2013 by: admin

Now that the euphoria of another dominating Baylor offensive performance, and a more dominating Baylor DEFENSIVE performance, has had some time to settle in, let’s take a look at how Baylor stacks up historically in bowl games.

Lest we never forget, Baylor’s administration decided to bury the program right at the time the internet and ESPN were exploding and bowl games were expanding to a point where anyone with a pulse qualified. There were several times in the prior 50 years before the Big 12 started that Baylor was bowl eligible, but due to her size or other factors, wasn’t invited to a bowl game.

Baylor is now 10-9 all time in bowl games. Some of these factoids may shock you. Keep this in mind when someone tries to tell you Baylor has no football tradition.

We’ve played in 19 bowl games, more than the following:
- Vanderbilt (7)
- Rutgers (7)
- Duke (9)
- Indiana (9)
- Wake Forest (10)
- Washington State (10)
- Northwestern (11)
- Iowa State (12)
- Kansas (12)
- Boise State (13)
- Oregon State (14)
- Minnesota (15)
- SMU (15)
- Kentucky (15)
- Mississippi State (16)
- Kansas State (16)
- Arizona (17)
- Louisville (17)
- Purdue (17)
- Illinois (17)
- South Carolina (18)

We’ve won 10 bowl games, greater than or equal to the following, and a few within shouting distance:
- Northwestern (2)
- Vanderbilt (3) – first win this year since 1949
- Duke (3)
- Indiana (3)
- Iowa State (3)
- Minnesota (5)
- Wake Forest (5)
- South Carolina (6)
- Washington State (6)
- Kansas (6)
- SMU (6)
- Kansas State (6)
- Arizona (6)
- Louisville (7)
- Virginia (7)
- Boise St (8)
- Oregon State (8)
- Kentucky (8)
- Illinois (8)
- Houston (8)
- Purdue (9)
- Virginia Tech (9)
- Cal (10)
- Air Force (10)
- Oregon (10)
- Wisconsin (11)
- Stanford (11)
- Maryland (11)
- Colorado (12)
- Texas Tech (13)
- TCU (13)
- Missouri (13)
- North Carolina (13)
- BYU (13)
- Arkansas (13)
- Texas A&M (14)
- Notre Dame (15)

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5 Responses to “A Little Bowl Game Perspective”
  1. BBDP says:

    Good info. A&M and especially ND #s are surprising.

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