Baylor Sets New NCAA Standard with All-Time Winningest Season…EVER

by DonBearlione

It will forever be known as the Year of the Bear. Baylor is the new leader in the club house and will look to pile up more wins as the baseball season progress as it becomes the new standard bearer for the NCAA as it’s winningest season in history continues.

The 2011-2012 season has been one of the ages for Baylor. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware that Baylor has been chasing down the winningest season in NCAA history for a couple of months now. Texas had the previous all-time record in 2003-2004 with 123 wins in the 4 major sports.

With today’s pummeling of KState, Baylor now sits atop the NCAA throne as the winningest program in a single season of all time.

Football 10-3
Men’s Basketball 30-8
Women’s Basketball 40-0
Baseball 44-13 (and counting…)

For those that aren’t from Texas or Big 12 country, you may not be aware of the nationally solid programs Baylor has built in the spring sports for more than a decade now.

With women’s basketball being nationally prominent throughout most of the 2000s and men’s basketball being a major national player the last several years, the last remaining cog required to reach this level of immortal athletic greatness was football.

The hiring of Art Briles 4 years ago, the construction of one of the top on campus practice facilities in the nation, the hiring of elite Defensive Coordinator Phil Bennett, a Heisman tropy and a 10 win season in 2011 has built immeasurable momentum and helped propel Baylor as the new NCAA standard for greatness in a single season.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, the Baylor Big Fish announce they are funding the creation of what will likely be one of the top 2 or 3 most scenic stadiums in the nation. Nestled on the Brazos river, overlooking the amazingly scenic and serene Baylor University campus, the stadium is currently scheduled to open for the 2014 season.

The Year of the Bear has been unprecedented. As we watched some of our conference brethren destabilize the conference in the hopes of destroying it, and ultimately realize they weren’t as big as they thought, while showing the world they were incapable of working out their differences with their century-long rivals, all Baylor did was this:

When you do that, you don’t worry about things like the LHN network which nobody watches. You go and get your own network. I like to call it BSPN – Baylor Sports Programming Network, as coverage of Baylor ran non-stop for months, nation-wide.

What an amazing time to be a Baylor alum, student, athlete and fan. When you’re the winningest program the NCAA has ever had, you can proudly say:


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May 25th, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Congratulations Baylor Bears!

by admin

First off, Baylor Lady Bears rack up another conference title for Baylor (I think we’re at around 50 or so now, which is pretty good for a school many haters continue to say doesn’t belong). What a great way to send off the Texas A&M Aggies in true blowout fashion, beating A&M by the largest margin of any victory in Big 12 Tournament title game history.

Lady Bears Conference Champs Again!

Baylor Nation had high hopes we’d avenge two previous losses to Missouri (One by 1 point at home and the other, not as close on the road) and rack up our second title in almost as many hours.

The game didn’t start off well as we turned it over on the first two possessions. This was one of the keys to us winning the game – limiting turnovers. We finished the game with only 11 turnovers. What was a bugaboo for us early in the season is something we seem to have under control as the most important part of the season dawns. Missouri did manage 24 points off those turnovers while we only scored 11 off their 8.

Second key to the game was making sure John Higgins wasn’t a part of the officiating crew. We need to get someone higher up in the Big 12 officiating scheduling office because this guys is awful for Baylor and always has been. Advantage Missouri. Two huge calls indicative of how things went much of the night were the no call on Brady Heslip’s 3 at the end of the half, where he clearly was slapped on the wrst and likely would have cut the lead to 3 at the break.

That could only be topped by these gems of a call on the AJ Walton “phantom clear out” call which erased 2 points from the board at a crucial moment of the game and another ticky tack foul.

Real Speed

Slow Mo

Offensive Foul? In real time:

In slow mo:

Missouri got those breaks and we didn’t tonight, but we still managed to have it be a 5 point game with 2:20 remaining.

Third key to the game was taking the home crowd out of it. Unlike the Kansas game, we did not. Make no mistake, we might as well have been playing in Columbia. They really need to rotate this game to Texas or Oklahoma every 2 or 3 years. Baylor had to, in effect, win 3 road games to win the title (beating KSU, KU and MU). We won 2 out of 3 and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, but the advantage is measurable.

Fourth key to the game was rebounding. We inexplicably were out-rebounded by Missouri in Waco. That was a turning point for us in rebounding this year. Since then we’ve been on a tear. Baylor annihilated Missouri on the boards 40-28 with an 18-6 advantage in offensive rebounds.

Finally, we had to limit layups (both in the half court set and in transition) and defend the 3. We did neither. Missouri is the #4 FG shooting team in the nation at 50%. They shot 53% for the game. Couple that with them catching us on a poor shooting night 39.7% overall and 26.3% from 3, and it was a recipe for a loss.

We missed several wide open looks and a couple of layups, which, even with several things going against us – btw, did Missouri not seem to come up with almost every 50/50 ball tonight? hayzuuuuus – we still had a chance to win this game.

We also did this to bring the crowd to their feet:

In real time:

In slow mo:

There are a ton of positives to take from this game. Our man to man defense is much improved. We’ve shown we can apparently hang with the elite in the country (since many make it clear that Kansas and Missouri are, but Baylor is not…yet). We played more 3 guard lineup than I’ve seen us play all year. Winning the NCAA tourney is all about good guard play and we’re getting it.

The following is why we have the potential to make a deep run in March now that we have a 3 seed locked up:

1) Well hello Mr. AJ Walton. Nice to have you back my friend. Defense continues to be stellar. He’s limiting turnovers. He’s contributing in spots on offense and not taking the first shot he’s given early in the shot clock. He’s figured out his role and exploiting it.

2) The Emergence of Deuce – When you’re a freshman and Coach Drew puts you on Missouri’s #1 player to shut him down, that’s trust. Deuce has been asked to play defense first. Tonight he exploited his 22 minutes by crashing the boards, rebounding, drawing fouls and improving upon his 53% FT shooting percentage. he was 4-6 from the field tonight, 5-8 from the line and had 6 rebounds (5 offensive) and only turned it over once. If we can get this kind of production from him the remainder of the season, we can make a deep run.

3) Perry Jones has become aggressive. He’s attacking the rim. Drawing fouls and saying “I’m the man. Give me the ball. This team goes as far as I’m going to take it.” I know how hard it can be for an unselfish kid to take this attitude. Coach Drew and his teammates are doing a great job of reinforcing that this is what it’s going to take for Baylor to do big things.

I’m disappointed we didn’t win tonight, but all things considered, I’m as pumped as I’ve been all season and confident we have the potential to make a deep run. Selection Sunday is tomorrow and we’ll certainly be a 3 seed. Baylor has again dominated BSPN, I mean ESPN, coverage, what with Brittney Griner and the Lady Bears doing their usual thing and RG3 being an almost automatic #2 pick to the Redskins (can you believe the faith Washington is showing in him what with 3 first rounders and a 2nd round pick??!?!).

All is good with the world and it is great to be a Baylor fan as we silence more and more haters with each additional accomplishment.

Odds and Ends
- As Missouri started chanting S-E-C, Bobby Knight started laughing and said “I don’t think they’re going to like that too much. They had a pretty good thing here in the Big 12.” For the first time I agree with Bobby. Missouri built what limited football success in the weak Big 12 North on Texas players and they just shut down that pipeline. Sadly, it’s all about football and, well, you can’t win being in the midwest without Texas players. Check Missouri’s success the 30 years prior to the Big 12 forming
- When Chuck Neinas was presenting the Big 12 trophy to Missouri, the crowd booed him. Stay classy Missouri. Stay classy
- Digger Phelps still hates Scott Drew and Baylor and disses them every chance he gets
- Missouri wins it’s 5th conference title – fully 1/10th the number of titles Baylor has accumulated. They hope to make a Final Four for the first time ever, something Baylor has done twice. Perspective folks.
- Missouri will be graduating it’s winningest class in school history, currently sitting at 107 wins. For some further perspective, Quincy Acy and Fred Ellis will graduate as Baylor’s winningest seniors with 97 wins and counting. Sometimes you have to look past the media and the headlines to know just how much Baylor is accomplishing

In the words of Quincy Miller, look out NCAA Tourney, Baylor, “gonna be a problem”. Coach Drew has his team peaking at the right time and consistently putting them in a position to win.

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March 10th, 2012 at 9:37 pm

A Little National Perspective Regarding Baylor Basketball

by admin

Baylor is a relatively young team. They are the 6th youngest team in the Big 12. Yet many say Baylor should apparently be an auto-Final Four team. Many say Baylor has underachieved all season. 4 of their 6 losses were to top 5 teams. With a little help from the bottom of the top 50, Baylor would have registered 10….TEN….wins against RPI top 50 teams. That’s unbelievably solid folks.

That said, Baylor is 27-6. Playing for another Big 12 title opportunity tonight at 5. We are also the #7 RPI team in the country.

A win tonight will solidify a 2 seed for Baylor in the NCAA tournament.

All that said, there are 5 teams in BCS conferences with better records than 27-6 Baylor. Let’s check em ou:

Kentucky – 31-1
Syracuse – 31-2
Missouri – 29-4
North Carolina – 28-4
Duke – 27-5

So there it is folks. Perspective.

With the women blowing the doors off Texas A&M for the women’s title, let’s bring yet another championship back to Waco tonight!


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March 10th, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Baylor Bears Rock the ‘Hawks in Kansas City

by admin

In what was a de facto home game for Kansas, Lob City Baylor was in full effect in this game as Baylor pounded the Jayhawks in the Big 12 semis racking up yet another half court ally oop against Kansas in the process.

This is the 5th game this season, 2nd versus Kansas that Pierre and Perry have managed a half court ally oop. Check it out:

Half Cour Ally Oops Look Like This

At this point, Baylor pOWNS the Kansas Jayhawks in the Big 12 tournament. As a matter of fact, Baylor has never lost to the Jayhawks in the post-season.

After a convincing, no dominating, win against Kansas State yesterday, a game where Perry Jones, the Human Highlight(er) Reel stuck it to the NCAA by scoring 31, the Baylor Bears were back for vengeance against Kansas.

Baylor had convincing leads against Kansas in both games this year, but massive runs to close out and start halfs by Kansas put any thoughts of Baylor winning those games to bed. This is season 3 of this season though. And in this season, Baylor seems to best Kansas when it matters most.

Many have said Baylor underperformed this year. Bear in mind, there are all of 6 schools with a better record than Baylor this season. Yet, somehow many have labeled us a disappointment. Baylor plays best with its back against the wall and winning a road game in Kansas City against Kansas is about as tough as it gets.

When Bill Self put his toupee on this morning, did he expect this to be the photograph that best described him after losing to his coaching arch-nemesis Scott Drew?

Make no mistake, this was a TEAM effort. We limited turnovers (only 9 for the game vs 16 assists). We buried freethrows at an 85% clip. Everyone contributed. As a matter of fact, we had 6 players score in double figures against one of the best defenses in the nation.

Kansas took zero advantage of their massive home crowd advantage (when can we get the tourney back in Dallas again please?). How could they, when Baylor had the MUTE button fully pressed for most of the game (btw, great job Baylor Nation – we could hear the B-U! B-U! chant loud and clear on the tv).

Quincy Miller got to the rack early and often. No one does this better than Q for Baylor. And he makes his freethrows. I wish we could go back in time and teach Kevin Rogers how to get to the rack like him.

AJ Walton had another huge game. He limited turnovers and chose his spots to score. Had a great assist on the breakaway dunk to Perry Jones and played some outstanding defense as he always does. I know he’s taken his fair share of internet hate this year, but dude has really turned it on the last several games.

Brady Heslip was en fuego from 3 and when it mattered most. Just as Kansas thought Baylor might fold after relinquishing the lead, he was there, not once, not twice, but 3 additional times. One from Lawrence.

Brady had his 3 goggles on tonight

Quincy Acy was a Leader on the floor and came up with the timely block which led to the momentum shifting Perry Jones dunk. He had a very worman day and made our all lunch pail team.

Pierre Jackson again levitated like no one else in college can do. Second game in a row he had a 2 handed flush. Seriously? What’s your vert? Gotta be 40″+

Baylor Nation redemption tour is in full swing as we head to yet another Big 12 title game against Missouri. We need to send them off with a loss tomorrow to complete the Big 12 tour and then take the nation by storm.

Giving Thanks

Unleash the highlighters!!!! Check out some highlights below…

Perry Jones monster jam

Perry jones monster jam another angle

The Canadian Assasin Buries the Dagger

Baylor’s best finisher Quincy Miller with a primal scream!

Quincy Acy outruns Kansas

AJ Walton has found his form from 2 seasons ago. This is the AJ we all know and love!

Deuce Bellow shows off his athleticism. I can’t wait to see this kid develop!

The basketball version of the victory formation as Bill Self admits defeat to his arch nemesis Scott Drew, including the ever popular post game handshake

Here are a few select clips of plays that occurred during Kansas’ big run in the second half. You be the judge on whether or not the right call was made:

Here’s a no call

Here’s another no call

Yet another no call

The no call where Heslip makes em pay

Perry Jones foul on his tip in

And finally, after all that, this foul was called on Acy on Withey

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March 10th, 2012 at 12:23 am

Baylor Annihilates Texas Tech on Senior Night!

by DonBearlione

Winningest Senior Class in Baylor History - 94 wins and counting

Baylor served notice yet again that it was the #1 athletics program in the state of Texas and the Big 12 South as it beat Texas Tech in rather pedestrian fashion by 28 points, 77-48. Baylor held Texas Tech to a paltry 15 points in the first half as the Baylor defense, mostly playing man, only allowed 35% shooting from the floor.

Before I talk about the 3 seniors, I’m very happy to mention that AJ Walton had his best game in well over a year. You could see he was playing with confidence. This reminded me of the 2009-2010 season. He had 13 points in 19 minutes going 5-6 from the floor and making 2 threes. More games like this out of him and Baylor WILL have a very deep run in the tourney, all things remaining equal.

While it was great and most important for Baylor to get the win, this night was all about the winningest senior class in Baylor history: Quincy Acy, Anthony Jones and Fred Ellis. All three started the game. A great team effort allowed Fred and Ant play more than they have this year.

We all know the caliber of player they are. Ant had started most every game of his career until this year and struggled mid-season to find his groove coming off the bench. He finished 5-6 on the night and had 13 points.

Ellis was a major contributor the last couple of seasons and, you die hard fans will recall, helped ice several key victories with timely 3 point shooting and rebounding in seasons past.

Acy, well, the Cookie Monster is who he is. All he do is dunk – except this year he’s rebounding like more of a beast before, he’s taking care of the rock, he’s burying 18 foot jumpers showing improved range and he’s blocking shots at a better clip than any time in his career. The guy who started off his career making 20 or so consecutive shots and having his own Top 10 (only time ever) on ESPN for 10 dunks against Texas two years ago finished his time on the Ferrell Center court with an emphatic dunk.

It seems like only yesterday that I recall him announcing on MySpace, YES MySpace that he was coming to Baylor and set his background in all green and gold talking about heading to Waco to win National Championships. Well Cookie Monster, you have one more chance.

Before we go to the videos of the final plays of these distinguished gentlemen’s career at the Ferrell Center, you have to watch this clinic on free throw shooting by Texas Tech’s Nash (#44). Now to be fair, he didn’t actually air ball both of these, just the second one. The first one hits nothing but glass 2 feet left of the rim. You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it. I saw it and I’m still not sure I believe it:

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February 27th, 2012 at 11:36 pm

Baylor’s Throwdown Jesus Says..Hey Barnes, Remember Me?

by DonBearlione

That’s right. Notre Dame can have Touchdown Jesus. Baylor has Throwdown Jesus. Nobody dunks more ferociously and more frequently than Quincy Acy.

Throwdown Jesus - Quincy Acy

Come at me bro!

Quincy Acy had quite possibly the best overall game of his career as Baylor goes on the road to beat Texas and SWEEP them for the 2nd time in 3 years (well, can we say we swept them twice in 2009-2010 since we beat them 3 times that year?).

I know, I know. Many of you out there are saying, c’mon man, don’t you remember this game against Texas (we know lil Ricky Barnes does)? I mean, who gets 10 dunks in 1 game. ONE GAME?!?

Baylor blew out Texas that game, but it was at home and Acy actually was much much better in this game.

This was a huge turning point game for the Bears. Haters had been piling on a team who, has the same record as the #5 team in the country, hasn’t lost to a team outside the RPI top 26 and 4 of their 5 losses came against teams ranked #3 and #5.

People forget how young this team is. Baylor only plays 1 senior and that senior, one Cookie Monster (@quincyacy) went full on BEAST MODE for Scott Drew’s 1st win on Big Monday (as many huge games as Baylor has won, I couldn’t believe this myself).

Acy was clutch when it mattered most. He scored 22 points (went 8-11 from the free throw line – someone has practiced his FT’s since he was a freshman) and buried FT after FT in clutch time. Oh, did I mention he had a career high 16 rebounds (EIGHT offensive)? He also had only 1 turnover for the game on a pass Perry Jones could have caught but maybe was a little hot.

Look, I know Pierre Jackson had a huge game 25 points (12-12 FT) and only 4 TO’s to go with 6 assists, playing most of the second half with 3 fouls trying not to get his 4th. Brady Heslip was huge as well. Every time J’Covan Brown buried a 3, the downtown Canuck was there to answer as we climbed back from being down 10 at the half.

AJ Walton came up huge as he always seems to do down in Austin (anyone remember those freethrows 2 years ago in clutch time?). He intercepted the pass from J’Covan Brown that in effect threw the game away for the Longhorns.

I’ll have more updates later, but what a huge huge win for the Bears, playing much of our 2nd team through most of the 2nd half and with our 2nd leading scorer Quincy Miller sick on the bench playing reduced minutes.

This game was all about heart and I was very pleased to see that apparently no lead was too big for our guys to give up as they outscored the Texas Longhorns by 15 in the second half to win by 5.

There are two great things about this win: 1) it puts the biggest crybaby in the Big 12, Little Ricky Barnes very firmly on the bubble for the NCAA tournament (we won a game, in Austin, that Texas HAD TO HAVE) and 2) since the NCAA got Baylor back to full strength recruiting-wise, etc, Scott Drew owns Rick Barnes – going 5-2 against them since that span, including 2-1 in Austin.

What a great win for the Baylor Bears and congratulations to Scott Drew on winning his first Big Monday game. You couldn’t have picked a better team to do it against than our most hated rival the Texas Longhorns.

PS Great job of handling the ball in the second half. Baylor finished the game with 17 assists and 11 turnovers. Only 2 of those 11 came in the second half and they came with less than 2 minutes left in the game. That’s how you make a deep run in the NCAA tourney.

PSS Baylor needs only to beat Oklahoma and Texas Tech at home to sweep the entire Big 12 South. Including all sports sweeps, football – men’s basketball – women’s basketball, of teams the old school media (which is why we’re here for you Baylor Nation) tells us we just won’t ever be able to compete with, Oklahoma and Texas.

PSSS If you want a really good laugh, go check out the epic meltdown on Shaggy Bevo where they complain about not getting any calls from the refs. LMAO…HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

PSSSS Baylor remains the #1 road team in the nation moving to 9-2 in games away from The Ferrell Center #FEARtheFERRELL

PSSSSS Deuce Bello was a hero of this game as well. He played some very solid defense against the Big 12′s leading scorer in J’Covan Brown. Amazing effort for a freshman who hasn’t been called on a ton in the clutch

PSSSSSS For those of you that have asked what Brady Heslip brings to the table. We don’t win this game tonight without him shooting 80% from 3 (4-5)

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February 20th, 2012 at 10:45 pm

The Kansas Katastrophe – Lob City Takedown

by BearlyCoherent

I had to simmer down for a day before writing this. It pains me to write this post – mainly because I put a fist through a wall halfway through the 35-4 scoring run that Kansas went on and it hurts to type.

So Baylor is 21-3, a .875 winning percentage for you math wizards out there, and Baylor Nation is in full on lamentation mode. We had a great chance at putting ourselves right back in the driver’s seat to win the regular season conference title with a win last night, in front of our 3rd consecutive sellout crowd, and we couldn’t get it done. Not only did we not get it done, but it looked like we dropped a big old steamin deuce on our home court.

I really have no idea how a team can go on a 35-4 run. You’d almost have to try to actually let that happen for it to happen, but nevertheless, it happened. That was after we were blowing Kansas out for most of the first half.

We all know Baylor is college basketball’s Lob City and the start of the Kansas game, well even the first 17 minutes of the Kansas game, didn’t disappoint. The game started off with another mail order gem of a Pierre Jackson half court ally-oop. It looked a lot like this one from earlier in the year:

Here’s the video from last night:

Then this happened:

With about 3 minutes to go in the first half, Baylor led by 10. From there until around the 10 minute mark of the second half, Kansas made Baylor look like the Bears circa 2005 – aka the Walk-On Year.

I was amazed at how many layups / dunks were given up. When I went back and looked at the stats, Kansas scored 15 of their 23 field goals by layups or dunks. 6 FG’s were three pointers and the other 2 were jump shots. At first I thought that was really pathetic defense and then reduced it to simply pathetic when I saw that Baylor made 10 layups or dunks on Kansas’ #3 rated defense.

Actually, if you took the team and player names off the box score and didn’t look at the FG%, you’d think the boxscore that was Baylor’s was the team that won the game, running away.

Kansas had 19 turnovers, Baylor had 12.
Kansas took 45 shots, Baylor 54
Kansas had 30 rebounds, Baylor 29
Kansas had 7 offensive rebounds, while Baylor dominated the offensive glass with 13 (Quincy Acy went beast mode on the boards racking up another double double)

When you look at FG %, Kansas wasn’t stellar, shooting 50% from the floor, but Baylor stunk up the joint shootin 37%. We missed so many 3 foot jumpers and layups it looked like I was watching a Little Dribblers game.

I really can’t explain what happened other than it appeared we just quit. Perry Jones disappeared in a way he hasn’t all season. Everyone’s entitled to a bad game and I love me some Perry Jones, but 5 points and 3 rebounds on 1-8 shooting in the most important game of the year so far is tough to excuse. I’m sure he’ll bounce back. We have to have him, but at least get to the freethrow line 10 times and grab a few boards FFS.

Another story line that the major newspapers – whatever those are – failed to note, was Quincy Miller. For all intents and purposes, Miller is Baylor’s #2 leading scorer (Acy actually averages a fraction of a point more than him so it’s a rounding error). Miller was called for a flagrant 1 when he through an elbow into a big tall white dude from Kansas. I don’t know if this was retaliatory for something we didn’t see earlier, but it was pretty blatant. In real time, it didn’t look bad, but when I saw a different camera angle, it didn’t look good.

Drew did what he should have. He benched him the rest of the game. This took our 2nd best scorer, #1 guy at getting to the paint and the free throw line and a 6’11 defender off the court. Miller only played 14 minutes.

I’m not saying we would have won the game, but we’re a different team without Miller. That and Pierre Jackson getting in foul trouble again spelled doom for our Baylor Bears.

So now that that is all behind us and the rest of the world can come crowing @theebears about how Baylor’s “not an elite team” we can move on and try to get our heads straight for the Mizzou game. A win up there will ease the sting of this loss a bit, but this one will still hurt. It’s not like we were North Carolina getting blown out by Florida State by 33 points, but it was a bad game for us no doubt. One of the worst I’ve seen out of the Bears in a few years.

Let’s string together a few wins and erase the memory of this one. This team is still plenty capable of making a deep run in the tourney and when you think about it, we have just over half as many losses as Kanses does after 24 games.

I love that our program is in a spot where we’re pissed we lost to Kansas, at home, in a game we were favored in and our competitors just want to remind us how we’re not elite. We have much to improve, but the season is just getting into full swing.

PS Baylor’s RPI after last night’s loss is #6 in the country (down from #2) while our SOS is #14. Things aren’t too bad, but expectations are at an all time high.

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February 9th, 2012 at 11:44 pm

Baylor Bears – Nation’s Best ROAD WARRIORS – Defeat Oklahoma State

by DonBearlione

If you follow college basketball, you know just how hard it is to win on the road. On top of that, when you’re the #6 team in the nation and you’re Baylor, a team many opponents love to hate, it’s even tougher. On top of that, this Oklahoma State team was embarrassed a couple of weeks ago by 41 points in Waco. You think they didn’t want a little revenge?

Today’s game against Oklahoma State in Stillwater would again prove no different. While a win today would give Baylor 7 wins against Oklahoma State in the last 11 meetings, Baylor hadn’t won in Stillwater since 2003 and Scott Drew had never won there. This weekend I found a new reason to love Coach Drew. He had the team stay in a brand new hotel to try to change the karma. I can appreciate someone with a healthy dose of superstition.

Oklahoma State again went with the approach of doing everything it could to slow down the Baylor Bears. Baylor is the #1 team in the Big 12 in most offensive categories. This approach did nothing to keep Baylor off the scoreboard in Waco a few weeks ago (a game Baylor won 106-45 to hand OSU it’s worst conference loss ever and 2nd worst all time (OSU lost to Creighton by 42 points before the Great Depression)).

It was more effective this time, aided in part by some foul trouble the Bears fell into mid-way through the second half.

The Bears led 37-29 at the half thanks to a monster rebounding half by Quincy Acy. His offensive rebound and put back as time expired extended the lead to 8 at the break.

Coming out of the blocks in the second half, the Bears looked a little sluggish. This seemed to be a redux of the A&M game to some degree. I can’t put my finger on just why this happens. Is it lack of intensity? Extreme intensity by the other team, both of which (A&M and OSU) have been desperate for a home win? Maybe neither. It may be just how things go sometimes.

Baylor scored 2 points the first 6:15 of the second half (with the game tied 39-39) and then went on a mini-run to build a 9 point lead (50-41) with 8:18 to go.

Pierre Jackson then picked up his 4th foul (the first foul trouble he’s really been in all year) with 7:58 to go and went to the bench. AJ Walton took over the point and did a manageable job handling the rock. It seems at times he tries to do a little too much instead of just working to distribute the ball. Over the next couple of minutes, he took 2 ill advised shots, including one from about 18 feet early in the shot clock. I know he’s smarter than this and can easily fix it. We will need him to be able to give us quality minutes to make a deep run this year in the tourney.

When Pierre came back in with just under 6 minutes left with 4 fouls. At that time, it was 52-45 so we had only surrendered 2 points in the two minutes he sat.

We should also note that with 9 minutes to play, Baylor had shot 17 three pointers. Baylor is a pretty good 3 point shooting team, but today they weren’t on, finishing 4-21. I was glad to see them work the ball inside a lot more the last 9 minutes of the game (taking only 4 3′s during that time), especially given that Nash was in foul trouble with 4 fouls and Baylor had more depth and size down low.

From the time Pierre came back in until the 1:21 mark, Oklahoma State was in the midst of a 12-4 run which would see them grab the lead momentarily 57-56. Baylor then knuckled down as Mr. Clutch did his thing getting to the rack and distributing for quality shots and free throws.

Then Perry Jones made his presence felt. He was HUGE, coming up time and time again with offensive rebounds and put backs or jams. I noticed him crashing the boards hard all game. Clearly Coach Drew’s message to the team is getting through. Now it’s about consistent execution.

Baylor was up 5 with under 20 seconds left when Quincy Miller appeared to have a steal, but Okie State picked up the ball and with time running out on the shot clock through in a prayer from 3 that was answered cutting the lead to to.

Scott Drew then drew up an excellent play to get Heslip the ball in a 1 on 1 situation on the inbounds where he couldn’t be trapped. Keaton Paige was forced to foul sending Heslip to the line where he was already 4-4 today and 23-24 on the year with 9 seconds left.

Heslip missed the front end of the 1 on 1 for only his second miss of the year. Quincy Acy, once again, proved pivotal he secured one last offensive rebound and swung it to Anthony Jones who drew the foul.

Ant is only shooting 53% from the FT line this year. I actually didn’t realize this as he’s usually a very solid FT shooter. I think this mainly has to do to his change in role and the fact that when he’s been going to the line, which hasn’t been often this year due to limited minutes, he’s not typically in the flow of the game. 2 makes and this game would be iced and Ant buried em both.

Baylor hadn’t won in Stillwater since 2003 and hadn’t had a sweep of Oklahoma State in almost 90 years. Coach Drew also picked up his first win @ OSU.

Another great road win for the Baylor Bears to keep the momentum for what will be an almost 11,000 strong crowd on Wednesday at the Ferrell Center when Kansas comes to town. This game has huge implications for the Bears’ hopes at a Big 12 title.

One last thing. If I know Coach Drew, and he’s as superstitious as I am, I bet they stay in the same hotel next year.

#FEARtheFERRELL on Wednesday vs Kansas
Baylor – 56-5 in the big 3 sports this year #12 football, #2 RPI men’s bball (#6 AP), #1 women’s bball #UNPRECEDENTED

- Game Balls go to:
Brady Heslip for burying 1 and 1s with under 2 minutes left to ice the game. What an asset to this team that will pay dividends as we look to make a deep run in the tourney
Quincy Acy for being a glass eater all game long and again being involved in or securing a huge rebound at the end of the game to seal the victory
Honorable Mention to Perry Jones who did what he do. Another double double and continuing to be more consistent. His 17-18 foot jumper is deadly and he’s stroking it
- Baylor, the Big 12′s leading FG % team shot only 40.7% from the floor, but put in another stellar defensive effort holding OSU to 40.0%
- Baylor out-rebounded OSU 37-28 (14 offensive to 7) – EXCELLENT Job!
- The Cookie Monster charted yet another double double (12 pts / 11 boards) and gobbled up SIX offensive rebounds
- Not to be outdone, Perry Jones stuffed the stat sheet again with yet another double double (16 pts (on 7/13 shooting) / 11 bords), 7 coming on the offensive end
- Quincy Miller’s minutes were limited late again as he got into foul trouble for the second game in a row. The fouls he’s committing are freshman fouls sometimes which he will easily clean up as he gets more experience
- Pierre Jackson put in another monster game handling the rock with only 1 TO and 4 assists. He just keeps getting better distributing the ball
- Gallagher – Iba arena was again empty in the second deck. I just have to point this out because the bigger state schools be-rated Baylor for poor fan support when our teams didn’t play well. Many of those teams are eating a ton of crow now as they continue to dress their fans up as empty seats

Empty State School Arenas - Gallagher - Iba OSU)

Empty State School Arenas - Gallagher - Iba OSU)

- Baylor’s RPI is now up to #2 in the country
- Baylor improves to 8-1 away from the Ferrell Center this year and is assured a winning record on the road in Big 12 play

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February 4th, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Baylor Has Perma-Scoreboard on Aggie

by DonBearlione

Wow! On the 167th birthday of the original University of The Republic of Texas, in a nationally televised game on BSPN2 (Baylor Sports Programming Network), the story lines in this game were amazing. Aggy should have never been in the game to begin with, but when I say Aggy gonna Aggy, I’m talking they went Full Aggy.

In what will go down as the second most brain dead play (2nd only to Webber’s time out with no timeouts) in college basketball history, A&M shoots the ball from deep in the corner (on a shot the guy may have actually stepped out of bounds on) down 1 with 9.9 seconds left and bricks the 3 off the heel of the rim. Baylor rebounds and then heads to the freethrow line to ice the game.

Announcers stated it best by saying “What…Was…That? What was that?”

That makes me really question the quality of coaching they have down there at A&M, but maybe Kennedy can prove himself in the SEC. That call, out of what was in effect a timeout from the stoppage in play was unbelievable.

Let’s face it, A&M had no business being in this game. Baylor decided to spot A&M 20 points in the second half by, at one point, going 2-18 from the field. This quickly turned an 11 point lead at half time into a 5 point deficit. Then, in what Aggies consider a non-rivalry (we do too, since when you dominate an opponent for several years, it’s not really much of a rivalry), Aggie went and pissed off the Cookie Monster. From that point forward, Baylor dominated the game, going on a 9-0 run to re-take the lead setting up Pierre Jackson to do what he do.

Pierre Jackson proved once again that there is no one in college basketball more I-C-E than him as he cuts the heart out of the Aggies in their Basketball Super Bowl and likely effectively ends any chance of them making a real post season tournament.

Another angle of Pierre burying the dagger:

I can’t state enough how much Pierre Jackson relishes the pressure shot and he has delivered time and time and time again. He’s creating quite a legend in Waco – the college basketball center of the universe for 2012!

We’ll have more highlights up soon so check back with us!

Quincy Acy Monster Jam:

Quincy Acy Monster Jam (angle 2):

This will leave me wondering if Aggies would have stormed the court had they beaten a top 6 opponent since that’s something they’ve only done a couple of times in their entire history. Thankfully, we’ll never know.

This will be a great teaching opportunity for Baylor to learn better how to step on the throat of an opponent. Especially an opponent with as much hatred for you as the Aggies have for Baylor in a hostile environment.

Yet another great coaching job by Scott Drew and a great road win for your #6 Baylor Bears.

Up next, another tough road game against Oklahoma State. We haven’t won there in a while and while they don’t have many fans that show up any more, it’s still tough to win on the road. Just ask Missouri.

- Baylor had a season low 7 turnovers in this game. Excellent job!
- Pierre Jackson had only 3 turnovers and 5 assists. Amazingly low turnovers handling the ball that much in pressure situations
- Baylor won the rebounding battle 35-33 (10 offensive to 8)
- Baylor finishes A&M’s time in the Big 12 winning the series battle 17-16 (big 12 tourney not withstanding)
- Baylor is off to it’s best conference start since 1967-1968 (7-2)
- Baylor wins 20 games for the 5th time in 6 seasons (20-2 and counting)
- Since October, Baylor football, women’s basketball and men’s basketball are 46-2 (has anyone ever done that before? doubtful)
- The neon yellow shirts showed up really well on the Baylor fans in college station. Way to represent #BaylorNation
- Baylor held A&M to 39.3% shooting for the game
- After giving up an 11 point half time lead through shear boredom, Baylor then overcame a 5 point deficit to win by 3. These guys never quite
- Baylor is currently tied for 2nd in the Big 12 standings halfway through the round robin


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February 1st, 2012 at 10:22 pm

Baylor Defeats the Texas Longhorns….Again (or The Day Baylor Remembered How to Get to the Rack!)

by DonBearlione

In what over the last several years has become a common occurrence, Baylor beats Texas. The latest installment is in men’s basketball as Little Ricky Barnes and his favorite official (John Higgins), yet again, can’t find a way to beat the Baylor Bears. Look, I don’t even want to put it on the officials whether we win or lose, but this guy Higgins calls almost EVERY big game we have, especially against Texas, and has found ways to insert himself at opportune times to affect the outcome of the game. Yesterday, he by and large did what he was supposed to do and was a non factor. Ok, enough of that.

The crowd and the atmosphere was amazing, as it always is when Baylor is putting a good product on the court or the field. This game was billed as a “Neon Out” and those of you that somehow think we should all wear green because it stands out more on tv, well, check this out:

Nary a horn to be found

Nary a horn to be found

When you walked into the stadium there was a neon yellow tshirt draped over every seat. After the first tv timeout, the announcer asked everyone to put the shirt on and when CBS came back, it looked like a tennis ball had exploded all over the Ferrell Center. It showed awesome team unity and the power of everyone wearing the same color, as well as showing just how few Texas fans were actually in the building. I think there may have been 200, but that’s probably being really generous. That and, the way the Bears played in the first half, I saw several Longhorns reaching for a neon shirt so they could support a winner. Gotta love converting t-shirt fans in your own stadium!

Additionally, CBS had Scott Drew “wired” for the game. What a great tool for recruiting for Baylor. I know a lot of people and those in the media like to negative recruit for other schools by saying Scott Drew can’t coach, but when you listen to what he’s saying and how he teaches throughout the game, it’s apparent, as most of us know, haters gonna hate.

On to the game. Can I just say that I’m amazed at how well Quincy Miller, a freshman, coming off knee surgery 12 months ago, gets to the rack? This has been a bugaboo for the Bears, one of the biggest, if not the biggest team in the nation, all season long. Miller knows how to draw fouls. This, by and large, single handedly cost us the Mizzou game. Whatever we did differently against Texas, let’s never forget it. We’re a great free throw shooting team and it likely won the game for us down the stretch as we spent a good part of the second half in the double bonus.

Speaking of doubles, Perry Jones III has a double double by half time. For those of you getting on his back from time to time and questioning him, please shut up. Sure he, like anyone can have up or down performances, but there is no doubt this guy is an elite talent. As a matter of fact, both he AND the Cookie Monster ended up with double doubles by games end.

Baylor did an excellent job rebounding. No, let me rephrase that, we DOMINATED Texas on the boards, as we should most teams. We outrebounded Texas 40-28, but still allowed 13 offensive boards to our 12. That’s improvement there and if it’s indicative of a trend, this will be one happy Baylor Bear fan come April.

Our biggest issue, once again, was turnovers. 19 for the game while Texas only had 9. Baylor plays at light speed and with it comes eye popping, NBA-style plays and excitement (where else can you watch someone like Pierre Jackson throw an ally-oop from a step inside half court to a premier 6’11 forward – Pierre makes it look so easy), but it also brings with it a sense of carelessness with the ball from time to time. We HAVE to find a way to take care of the ball better. If we can keep improving in rebounding and limit our turnovers to 12-14 per game, this team may be the best in the nation.

Here’s a still of the Pierre’s ally-oop (by the way, is there a better Coach in the nation out of a timeout than Scott Drew???)

Have you ever seen an oop thrown from here with such ease?

Have you ever seen an oop thrown from here with such ease?

Check the 2:10 mark of the Baylor highlights below for what may be the greatest ally-oop I’ve ever seen – airmailed from Pierre to Perry:

In what was the second advanced sellout of the year for the Baylor Bears, 10,299 stood and cheered and were loud most of the game as they saw Baylor bring home yet another victory of the Texas Longhorns.

What a great time to be a Baylor Bear. I was reminded again last night, as I flipped on the tv, that, unlike Aggies, we don’t care or need the Longhorn Network or something like it, we have ESPN (or BSPN – Baylor Sports Programming Network, as Baylor seems to be on there more than Stuart Scott).

Let’s keep this train rolling Bears. Big non-rivalry game in College Station on Wednesday and it’s been a few years since A&M has beaten us. Time to send them out in stile.

Unsung Hero of the Game The award this game goes to AJ Walton. In what is turning into a recurring nightmare for Rick Barnes, AJ Walton, as in years past, calmly steps to the line in a pressure situation and buries 2 dagger free throws. Excellent clutch effort AJ!. Honorable Mention this week goes to Pierre Jackson for immediately answering J’Covan Brown’s 3 with a 3 of his own. FACE!
- Baylor improves to 6-2 to start conference for the first time since 1986-1987
- Baylor is now 19-2 to start the season, it’s best start ever
- Texas falls to 3-5 in conference and is firmly on the bubble at 13-8, while Little Ricky Barnes rear end may have just gotten a little warmer
- Texas still flops to the ground after every 3 pointer they attempt like they were shot by a cannon. Aggie’s Bryan Davis must be on their coaching staff
- @QuincyAcy introduced Texas’ Kabongo to a big time college pick as he de-sneakered him freeing Pierre Jackson for a wide open 3 which, of course, he buried
- Gary Franklin let Texas know you don’t leave him wide open anywhere on the court as he buries yet another 3, while wearing kicks that matched the 10,600 shirts being worn in the stadium
- Baylor, one of the top defenses in the nation, held Texas to 40% shooting from the floor
- Baylor remains the only team in the country with both it’s men’s and women’s basketball teams in the top 6 in the nation and it’s football team in the top 12
- Big time basketball recruit Ricardo Gathers was in the house
- Huge time basketball recruit Tyrone Swoopes was in the house, getting some quality time with The Quarterback Whisperer and architect of the #1 offense in the nation, Art Briles
- Baylor will hit the road for it’s next two games, including a game in college station against non-rival A&M.
- Baylor returns to the Ferrell Center on 2/8 to return a favor to Kansas
- Kansas lost to Iowa St on Saturday, keeping Baylor’s hopes for a Big 12 championship alive


Sic Em!

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January 29th, 2012 at 1:19 pm