Congratulations Baylor Bears!

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First off, Baylor Lady Bears rack up another conference title for Baylor (I think we’re at around 50 or so now, which is pretty good for a school many haters continue to say doesn’t belong). What a great way to send off the Texas A&M Aggies in true blowout fashion, beating A&M by the largest margin of any victory in Big 12 Tournament title game history.

Lady Bears Conference Champs Again!

Baylor Nation had high hopes we’d avenge two previous losses to Missouri (One by 1 point at home and the other, not as close on the road) and rack up our second title in almost as many hours.

The game didn’t start off well as we turned it over on the first two possessions. This was one of the keys to us winning the game – limiting turnovers. We finished the game with only 11 turnovers. What was a bugaboo for us early in the season is something we seem to have under control as the most important part of the season dawns. Missouri did manage 24 points off those turnovers while we only scored 11 off their 8.

Second key to the game was making sure John Higgins wasn’t a part of the officiating crew. We need to get someone higher up in the Big 12 officiating scheduling office because this guys is awful for Baylor and always has been. Advantage Missouri. Two huge calls indicative of how things went much of the night were the no call on Brady Heslip’s 3 at the end of the half, where he clearly was slapped on the wrst and likely would have cut the lead to 3 at the break.

That could only be topped by these gems of a call on the AJ Walton “phantom clear out” call which erased 2 points from the board at a crucial moment of the game and another ticky tack foul.

Real Speed

Slow Mo

Offensive Foul? In real time:

In slow mo:

Missouri got those breaks and we didn’t tonight, but we still managed to have it be a 5 point game with 2:20 remaining.

Third key to the game was taking the home crowd out of it. Unlike the Kansas game, we did not. Make no mistake, we might as well have been playing in Columbia. They really need to rotate this game to Texas or Oklahoma every 2 or 3 years. Baylor had to, in effect, win 3 road games to win the title (beating KSU, KU and MU). We won 2 out of 3 and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, but the advantage is measurable.

Fourth key to the game was rebounding. We inexplicably were out-rebounded by Missouri in Waco. That was a turning point for us in rebounding this year. Since then we’ve been on a tear. Baylor annihilated Missouri on the boards 40-28 with an 18-6 advantage in offensive rebounds.

Finally, we had to limit layups (both in the half court set and in transition) and defend the 3. We did neither. Missouri is the #4 FG shooting team in the nation at 50%. They shot 53% for the game. Couple that with them catching us on a poor shooting night 39.7% overall and 26.3% from 3, and it was a recipe for a loss.

We missed several wide open looks and a couple of layups, which, even with several things going against us – btw, did Missouri not seem to come up with almost every 50/50 ball tonight? hayzuuuuus – we still had a chance to win this game.

We also did this to bring the crowd to their feet:

In real time:

In slow mo:

There are a ton of positives to take from this game. Our man to man defense is much improved. We’ve shown we can apparently hang with the elite in the country (since many make it clear that Kansas and Missouri are, but Baylor is not…yet). We played more 3 guard lineup than I’ve seen us play all year. Winning the NCAA tourney is all about good guard play and we’re getting it.

The following is why we have the potential to make a deep run in March now that we have a 3 seed locked up:

1) Well hello Mr. AJ Walton. Nice to have you back my friend. Defense continues to be stellar. He’s limiting turnovers. He’s contributing in spots on offense and not taking the first shot he’s given early in the shot clock. He’s figured out his role and exploiting it.

2) The Emergence of Deuce – When you’re a freshman and Coach Drew puts you on Missouri’s #1 player to shut him down, that’s trust. Deuce has been asked to play defense first. Tonight he exploited his 22 minutes by crashing the boards, rebounding, drawing fouls and improving upon his 53% FT shooting percentage. he was 4-6 from the field tonight, 5-8 from the line and had 6 rebounds (5 offensive) and only turned it over once. If we can get this kind of production from him the remainder of the season, we can make a deep run.

3) Perry Jones has become aggressive. He’s attacking the rim. Drawing fouls and saying “I’m the man. Give me the ball. This team goes as far as I’m going to take it.” I know how hard it can be for an unselfish kid to take this attitude. Coach Drew and his teammates are doing a great job of reinforcing that this is what it’s going to take for Baylor to do big things.

I’m disappointed we didn’t win tonight, but all things considered, I’m as pumped as I’ve been all season and confident we have the potential to make a deep run. Selection Sunday is tomorrow and we’ll certainly be a 3 seed. Baylor has again dominated BSPN, I mean ESPN, coverage, what with Brittney Griner and the Lady Bears doing their usual thing and RG3 being an almost automatic #2 pick to the Redskins (can you believe the faith Washington is showing in him what with 3 first rounders and a 2nd round pick??!?!).

All is good with the world and it is great to be a Baylor fan as we silence more and more haters with each additional accomplishment.

Odds and Ends
- As Missouri started chanting S-E-C, Bobby Knight started laughing and said “I don’t think they’re going to like that too much. They had a pretty good thing here in the Big 12.” For the first time I agree with Bobby. Missouri built what limited football success in the weak Big 12 North on Texas players and they just shut down that pipeline. Sadly, it’s all about football and, well, you can’t win being in the midwest without Texas players. Check Missouri’s success the 30 years prior to the Big 12 forming
- When Chuck Neinas was presenting the Big 12 trophy to Missouri, the crowd booed him. Stay classy Missouri. Stay classy
- Digger Phelps still hates Scott Drew and Baylor and disses them every chance he gets
- Missouri wins it’s 5th conference title – fully 1/10th the number of titles Baylor has accumulated. They hope to make a Final Four for the first time ever, something Baylor has done twice. Perspective folks.
- Missouri will be graduating it’s winningest class in school history, currently sitting at 107 wins. For some further perspective, Quincy Acy and Fred Ellis will graduate as Baylor’s winningest seniors with 97 wins and counting. Sometimes you have to look past the media and the headlines to know just how much Baylor is accomplishing

In the words of Quincy Miller, look out NCAA Tourney, Baylor, “gonna be a problem”. Coach Drew has his team peaking at the right time and consistently putting them in a position to win.

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March 10th, 2012 at 9:37 pm

Scott Drew Out-Coaches Frank Martin Again as Baylor Defeats KState on the Road – Now 36-0 Since Halloween

by DonBearlione

This was a dog fight. You knew it would be. #4 and undefeated Baylor (16-0) was taking on #18 in what they call The Octagon in Manhattan, KS.

Now, I thought it must be an 8 sided building. You see, I’ve never been there. Why would anyone go to Kansas if they didn’t have to. However, after watching this game, it was clear the epithet “The Octagon” really indicated how many players Baylor would have to defeat last night. That number was 8.

We here at are not fans of calling out the refs, but this was a disgrace to college officiating, or officiating on any level.

Scott Drew can’t say nor would he if he could. He has that kind of integrity. However, I don’t have to keep my mouth shut.

Baylor finished with 27 fouls to KState’s 17. Baylor is probably the largest team in the nation and pounds the ball inside, but it’s not so much the number differential. You’re supposed to have some advantage at home, right? No, the issue here was largely, or so it appears, that two of the three officials officiated the infamous Duke / Baylor game in the Elite 8 back in 2009, making a dubious charge call on a block that likely prevented Baylor from playing in it’s second basketball national title game and likely winning its first.

Mike Stuart and Doug Sirmons coincidentally were 2 of the 3 officials that night in 2009 and last night. There were more dubious charge calls in that game than I’ve ever seen. 6 by my last count. All that led to KState being in the DOUBLE BONUS (not bonus) with over 10 min left to play in the second half. At that same time, KState had not yet registered a single foul in the second half.

There was also a 5 second call on Pierre Jackson, the early front-runner now for Big 12 Player of the Year, while he was driving to the basket.

I don’t really even care about bad officiating as long as it’s consistent. The refs purposely inserted themselves into the outcome of this game and, well, Baylor won anyway. This team has MOXY!

Baylor overcame 8 TO’s in the first 9 minutes of the game and 2 10+ point deficits. For the final 31 minutes of the game, Baylor only turned it over 11 times. Not great, but not bad. Surprisingly, given Baylor’s start, KState actually committed more turnovers for the game – 18.

Quincy Acy, Perry Jones, AJ Walton, Quincy Miller and Pierre Jackson played most of the game in foul trouble. They would all end up with 4 fouls. I’m not sure Perry Jones, AJ Walton or Pierre Jackson has ever had 4 fouls in a single game in their career. Interesting…

Baylor also proved in this game that it can win in a big time environment (again..anyone remember BYU) on the road playing man. Scott Drew stubbornly went zone to start the second half, but quickly went back to man. This is the most man we’ve played in a game all season.

After the game, the biggest ass of a coach in men’s college basketball immediately called out his players and point guards. He also said they were “in control of the game with 6 minutes to go”. Oh really? Baylor led 67-64 with 6 min left on the clock, but why let facts get in the way.

Scott Drew flat out outcoached Frank Martin. There’s not a better coach in the nation than Scott Drew on the inbounds pass and we also have introduced a backdoor cut that Princeton would be proud of that we perfectly executed no less than 5 times.

Baylor is Elite. Baylor is Legit. Baylor is undefeated at 16-0, 3-0 in conference with 2 early road wins. It’s a long season, but this team is one of the most exciting in the nation to watch.

Oh and Pierre Jackson? OMG! Quicker than gossip, there’s not a player in the nation that can keep PJ in front of him.

Baylor would walk out with a critical road W against a top conference opponent and bring the all time Baylor – KState series record to 11-13 (good guys with 11).

Baylor is now 36-0 in the 3 major sports since Halloween. The #BaylorTrinity just keeps on rolling: #1 wbb, #4 mbb, #12 football.


Other notes
- Baylor had 12 offensive rebounds and held KState to 12 offensive rebounds

- PJax finished with 11 assists and 10 points

- Baylor notched 13 steals going to man for much of the game

- Pierre Jackson started the 2nd half for the first time this season

- Brady Heslip went 3-8 from 3 and had 4 steals. This kid is solid. Probably the highest basketball IQ on the court

- Baylor shot 64% in the second half. Tough missing dunks and layups


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January 11th, 2012 at 1:55 pm

Coveted 6th win: check

by TheeJack

A performance as epic as Katy Perry’s SNL performance.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier than the Texas F’n Rangers making it to the World Series, the Baylor Bears ended their bowl eligibility drought and currently sit atop the Big 12 South standings after week 8 of the season. (cue the comments please and the crying. I like how your tears taste: “the Big 12 is sooo down this year” and “the Big 12 is only good if Texas, Oklahoma or Nebraska are on top” and the New York Times articles about “Baylor Cheats and none of the Big 12 coaches like Art Briles” – oh wait wrong sport and coach).

Oh, did I also mention that, on a totally unrelated note, Scott Drew just got commitments on Thursday from 2 of the top players in North F’n Carolina? (somewhere Rick Barnes clutches binky and weeps and an aggy’s head explodes).

So yeah, we won on Saturday. We won by 5 and it should have been 30 (details below). The defense still has concerns, but they did just good enough to help us win 47-42. (and they did just good enough to ensure I won my $$$ on my bet!). Grown men wept in the stands and I heard at least 3 kids at Hillcrest were coincidentally named Robert Griffin IV.

Let’s break it down…

Offense: A

Ok so we scored 47 points. We could have easily scored 65 and won by 30 (yes, KState was gifted a touchdown when they didn’t get flagged for delay of game) if we could somehow manage to not get personal fouls for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct with 1st and goal inside the 10 and if the officials could understand the meaning of “ground can’t cause a fumble”.

Most certainly said officials received their associates degree from *insert name of any large state school degree mill here” and want to somehow stick it to Baylor for the limited career upside they have experienced from said shoddy education. We better in no way demonstrate emotion for any great play we make against UT next weekend or we will be put “in our appropriate Baylor place” repeatedly at the cost of 15 yards (signalling first down? 15 yard penalty? should we do it? no. pathetic? yes – eventually one of the top 5 offenses in America will garner a little respect, but for now, the world still thinks we’re “Same Ol’ Baylor”).

We’re glad 2008 Jay Finley is back for the second week in a row! I thought for sure he was going to go over 300 for the day but we started to try to burn clock in the 4th quarter and he probably wants to save some for the hated, arrogant Horns next Saturday. (hahahahah – Iowa State – hahahahaha. Too bad their marketing campaign with Mack Brown didn’t work last week. Would have loved for that to have been a sellout).

Defense: B

For weeks now, I’ve been lobbying for Baylor to get to play two second halfs on Saturday instead of the usual first half followed by the second half. For some reason, we’re night and day when looking at things half by half.

I’m in a state of confusion here as far as how to grade the Defense. On one hand, we held one of the best running backs in the country to 113 yards (ok maybe that’s not much to hang your hat on) but he only had 19 yards in the second half.

We sacked their QB (I can’t remember his name now because he wallows in obscurity somewhere in the forgotten wasteland of a state known as Kansas) 4 times. That’s solid.

We also gave up 21 points in the second half, but let’s look behind the numbers. The first TD was a Special Teams nightmare we were all expecting of a return for 100 yards. The second TD was on a circus play (is it only a circus play when Baylor does it??) that KState had to resort to to move the ball in the second half – still shouldn’t have happened; thank you for the run support from 40 yards away leaving the receiver wide open for a 70 yard TD). The third TD was when we basically went into prevent mode to make KState use up all their timeouts and run them out of time and retirement will just start looking better and better.

All in all, they did enough to help us win and quite honestly, if the offense doesn’t shoot itself in the foot on 3 separate occasions, we win by 30.

A win’s a win, but it would be really nice to not have to be nervous every time an opposing team is facing anywhere between 3rd and 10 and 3rd and 25. That’s auto-first down territory on most occasions with our D right now (how many more times can I endure watching a receiver catch a pass at the sticks over the middle for 16 yards on a 3rd and 16?).

Special Teams: C+

When Ben Parks is your leading tackler on kickoffs, we got problems. Ok it’s not that bad, but I’m glad he’s been watching Daniel Sepulveda highlights on YouTube.

Just when it seemed we were shutting down the #3 kickoff team in the country, a big steamin’ 100 yard turd gets layed on our newly refurbished astroturf. Since we don’t have a Special Teams coach, I guess this is to be expected from time to time, but Special Teams almost single handedly allowed KState to stay in the game. Thankfully, their defense is worse than ours.

Crowd: A-

The only reason I don’t give an A++ is the tarp should have been off for this game and I’m convinced even if sunny and 75 was forecasted, we’d have only had about 45,000 there.

For you pansie asses that left after the rain delay, you missed an electric atmosphere. The 30,000+ that stayed were loud and rowdy. I even saw a fight in the stands! The student side was rocking and they proved, once again, that if you put a good product on the field, Baylor can hang with any school as far as crowd participation and getting loud. They were screaming on every down (when we were on defense only of course) and forced a laughable THREE, yes THREE false starts in a row.


Let’s talk about Snyder first because I want to end this most excellent blog entry on a good note. Why is it that every other coach seems to be able to get away with BS that they would never let Baylor and Briles get away with. First of all, he was 30 yards onto the field complaining about how much time was run off the clock when they scored their last touchdown.

Secondly, he’s still the biggest douche in the world for his homecoming timeout call to score one last touchdown against us in 2002. I know he coaches at what historically is THE WORST Division 1 program in the country and he has to have a chip on his shoulder, but it’s a what have you done for me lately kind of world, and Baylor just handed your you know what to you Snyder. Welcome to having to play everyone in the south every year starting next year. Kansas State will be reverting back closer to their more historical norm in no time.

Enter new sherriff in town, Coach Long Sleeves himself, Art Briles. In just 3 years (probably would have happened in year two if Baylor hadn’t been decimated by injuries), he has us bowl eligible (yeah yeah yeah, we may not get to a bowl, blah blah blah – that ain’t happening folks) and is commanding one of the top 3 or 4 offenses in the NATION.

I’m glad I lived to see it because for a decade, the clueless administration made it seem it was never going to happen again. A lot of ghosts were buried on Saturday night and this train just keeps on rolling.

No we get to go play for seeding :)

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October 25th, 2010 at 7:43 pm

This Team is Blazing Their Own Trail – Colorado Re-Cap

by TheeJack

What comes after five is SIX…

First, a little pre-re-cap monologue if you will. As I pondered our “we tried to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” win on Saturday night, my mind drew parallels to Baylor men’s basketball of 2007-2008. The condescension from the media in Boulder after our win Saturday was dripping.

From basketball, I’ve learned jealous people will continue to say “Same Old Baylor” until LONNNNNGGGGGG after that horse has left the barn hoping Baylor will somehow crawl back into their hole of mediocrity. Scott Drew is well down the road in building a national powerhouse capable of winning national championships, regardless of what the media says.

Art Briles isn’t quite there yet, but in some respects, this season may very well shape up to be just like 2007-2008 in men’s basketball. The kids on this team don’t play like the Baylor us die-hards have been watching for the past 14 years or so (those teams by and large would have found a way to lose last Saturday). They have an administration that is ponying up the money to support the team with some of the best facilities in the country. The fan base is starting to believe and is largely doing their part in the stands and enjoying some excellent tailgating. Baylor just needs to get one major monkey off its back and that is its 6th win to become bowl eligible.

Few would have thought this would be a problem when Clinton took office. Baylor had a proud football program then, but we are where we are now. Last season does not dictate what will happen this season. These players are ready to step up and blaze their own trail. They have every chance on Saturday to prove they are not the “Same Old Baylor”.

Colorado Re-cap

My biggest concern in this game was whether or not our defense could stop the run. Our offense has been motoring along just fine (currently #8 in the country in total yards).

Surprisingly, the offense tried time and time again to give this game away, putting tremendous pressure on our D. I’m not going to say the D played well, no, far from it. They did, however, do just enough to give us a chance to win at the end.

This was a great test for our football team. They went into a hostile environment, as they’ve done many times in Boulder, and walked away with a win. We moved the ball at will it seemed, and once again, were riddled with penalties at the worst possible time (if I hear “Illegal Formation – 5 men in the backfield” again, I’m gonna puke). We took touchdowns off the board with penalties. We turned first and goal inside the 5 into a doinked field goal off the uprights for no points (by the way, “Stork” is a STUD!! regardless of that miss).

However, all that being said, we churned out well over 500 yards of total offense, averaging 8.8 yards per carry as we rushed for 309 yards on the speedy legs of a revitalized RGIII and a breakout performance of the 2008 vintage Jay Finley. (I still think RGIII breaks a couple of those runs he had on Saturday for TD’s his freshman year, but he still claims he’s faster now – I’ll just choose to believe him while he does what he do – ahem #3 in the nation in total offense – SOLID).

This offense is fun to watch! We should have won by at least 3 TD’s though, but the turnover (RGIII threw his 6th career interception – yeah Jerrod Johnson, that’s 6 for his ENTIRE career) and penalty bug bit us.

I was still extremely frustrated with our inability to wrap guys up and keep them in bounds (on CU’s final drive). Maybe this will never change, but in true anti-Teaff fashion, if we can get the defense to really start clicking, this team could be lethal over the next couple of years.

By the way, why is this allowed:

but this isn’t?

When all was said and done, Colorado proved once again that they are a program living wayyyy in the past and what limited success they have had in the Big 12 was built on the sand that is the Big 12 North. They probably got out of dodge at just the right time as the rest of the North teams get their come-uppance when they have to start playing everyone next year. It is going to be fun to watch that play out over the next several years.

Now it’s time to focus on sweeping the north. Saturday’s non-televised, 2:30PM Homecoming (as the creators of the Homecoming tradition, Baylor does it right with a great parade and all) game against Kansas State. Ranked #22 in the BCS???- well, I guess we’ll just see about that. We should have a huge home crowd to bring this 14 year journey in the desert to an end!

It is time for the cries of “Same Old Baylor” to be buried forever on Saturday and for this team to blaze their own trail by delivering on the field in front of a packed house anxious to see THEE BEARS prevail!

Sic ‘em!

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October 18th, 2010 at 11:09 pm